Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving

Many of us gather around a large feast to give thanks to our blessings. A few people will have everyone share what they are thankful for (some begrudgingly lol) , and for way too many families people will go about their their own ways right afterwards. The good news not all families run from the dinner table.Either way I would like to ask each family to do even more together than they normally would this weekend and throughout the coming holidays.

A culture is defined by its' values. Lets put ourselves first again. There are many great attributes to our country and who we are and have been. Yet we are losing our identity because we don't preserve it. We are a nation of immigrants ( why this holiday came about), we bring many wonderful traditions to this country, but we all share one common goal. Everyone comes here to find a better life. Lets not forget.

Lets take time to give thanks today like the Pilgrims did, but let us also rededicate ourselves to striving to make this country wonderful. This post isn't about immigration (there are some changes that need to be made and nothing on the table from either side is the answer), but rather about all the shared cultures, the longing for something better, the drive to succeed, and the great country all of us has built.

Please spend time with your loved ones cherishing the history of your family, the dreams your ancestors had when they came here, and enjoy what we have done. Give thanks to yourself and remember though what we have is special. Enjoy the whole weekend with your family,build relationships, mend fences, and dream together.

Have a great Thanksgiving, help those who need help not just today, and remember where you came from....someone made an effort for you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014

a variety of comments

Typing while walking home from grocery store and bus stop. A beautiful fall evening here in North Texas, but please don't hang me on the spelling or editing and,this street needs more lights.

To me it seems strange they are making the Ferguson announcement at night. I would like to know the reasoning. Seems more practical to announce in morning. Too many people who just want to cause trouble might be the only peop out at that time.. I think more peaceful protests would be done in the day and rational thinking would be more inclined.

Walmart is still "the borg".

Please stay home with your familt Thursday. The so calked bargains Thursday night aren't that great. Go this weekend if you want and I a.m betting many of us are still on budgets so shop, spend your money wisely and get quality gifts for the people you love. Five a break to our minimum wage worker friends.

There is a relative good arricle on the Republicans and the EPA.

The Mavs have got to win in games like the debacle in Houston the other night if they truly want to become contenders.

And I have been holding back getting excited about the Cowboys till we see December. Looks like we are here and in good shape. Can they overcome this month and themselves and really get to the playoffs? That being said, does this become the most important THANKSGIVING GAME in franchise history? Definitely not the most important game, just Thanksgiving game and if so for at least three reasons: 1. To start the process of over coming December meltdown 2. It is for ths conference lead 3. 3. It validates,Sunday's comeback 4. I am forgetting a reason I thought of early today, but I am sure true Coaboye fans can think of a few others anyway. I said start of last year ae needed a better O line. This game/ month coming could prove this has been the missing,link all along if they play well. Thursday is going to be fun for many reasons

Have a great evening and pray for those in Ferguson that a good decision is,made and those in Buffalo the weather doesn't tear them up too much.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day

Too bad this cold front came through and put a damper on some parades and ceremonies in some parts of the country.

Thanks to all who served.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Don't let the media fool you

Just because the media doesn't say there are choices beyond Democrats and Republicans, doesn't mean they don't exist. They do.

Go vote. Show the Reps and Dems they aren't representing the people anymore by voting independent. If you don't vote you are essentially telling them its okay to ignore us.

The future of our country depends on us taking action. Be strong

And on a completely different note, Romo should rest again this week. Better to let Weedon try to manage the game than risk losing Romo for the rest of the season

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Romo's back

Romo should sit out for the next few weeks. After hearing the new info on his back, it would be much better for him to sit and heal than worry about winning tomorrow and screwing up the rest of the season.
It would be better to go 1-2 now so we have a chance to go 3-2 to finish season. That would be 10-6 for year and might be a chance to make playoffs. Playing now probably will kill any chance as he gets worse as the season wears on

The Mavericks have an interesting game tonight since New Orleans is suppose to be an up and coming team with talent. The Mavs need to show them selves they are who most of us think they are. Good test of pysche and veterans early on.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

apathy is to acquiesce

I hope I phrased the title correctly.

And they say you catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar, but I don't know how to sugar coat this plea.

Elections are next week and if you are planning not to vote because you are angry at Congress, don't care, don't know who to vote for, like me and don't want to vote major party, or for whatever reason you are not going to vote; you NEED to go vote independent or third party and as much across the board as possible. Do not be swayed by people saying you are wasting your vote. In fact it is now quite the opposite.

We cannot sit back and let the dems and reps have carte blanche on our government any more. No one in our government or in the major parties is truly supporting the middle class. They will tell you they do, but if they did things would be much different. You have to look past their words and truly look at their actions.

You may say there isn't a party to vote for that does represent the middle class or are unprepared to govern. Yes, you are right. Right now there isn't one party ready to actually work for the middle class, but if you do vote you are telling everyone you are ready for change. If no one feels there jobs are secure they might actually think and do what it takes to keep their job. Or others may step in to fill the void. Now we have to pay attention to make sure we put the right people, yet this effort is needed.

So please vote. If you don't know who to vote for, then if liberal vote Green Party or if conservative vote libertarian. Neither party is perfect, but at least you can vote your political leanings with one of the parties.

So again, if you are not planning on voting, this country really needs you to vote to show those in charge, they aren't in charge. And all this money be damned, vote independent.

Have a great evening

Monday, October 20, 2014

Voter ID quick comment

It appears some members of the Supreme Court think they are running in a Republican primary. How else do you explain the recent decision upholding voter ID laws? I know we do not want fraudulent elections, (some of the so called reasoning behind the laws) but it seems they are in the guilty until proven innocent camp with this law. And I know that this can come back to the Supreme Court since this was a ruling affecting the last minute change in voter laws, however, I want to comment on the some of the bigger issues when this comes back (hopefully)

There are many people who feel that voting is a right so this decision affects their rights. I do feel it is a right, but I also belong to the voting is a responsibility camp. It is bad enough we do not exercise our right to vote enough in this country, but to have the one body whose sole job is to protect the constitution support inhibiting people from following through on one of the few responsibilities we have as citizens of a democracy is beyond me.

There is a reason the Supreme Court Justices are appointed to serve and not have to run for office. It is so they can be protected in their role to make the difficult or unpopular decision that protects our constitution. This is to help them not be swayed by popular opinion which at times may not have the best interests of the constitution at hand. Too many of their recent decisions seem to be more impacted by certain political or popular ideas than truly protecting our constitution. I haven’t read Justice Ginsburg’s dissent which I hear is pretty hard on the decision so if I am being redundant to her position then just count this as someone who cares also.

It is bad enough that many times voter turn-out is low, but to allow the government to control who can or cannot vote is an abomination to our constitution. Even if it is just the slightest impediment, it is a door that should not be opened. It goes back to so much misreading of the constitution by the right wing of this country. The actual amendment says innocent till proven guilty in case modern politics has you confused.

A democracy is healthy when all participate. And participate we must.

VOTE PEOPLE, and as the joke says vote often (just once each election)

And in case you haven’t read earlier posts of mine, there is a difference between right wing and conservative. Sometimes a very drastic difference.

And on a completely different note, I think Talking Heads Remain in Light is an under rated/appreciated album.