Monday, April 9, 2018

Part 2 of story and some comments to get started

Things are getting hot and heavy in Trump land. I sure hope Mueller and company are right. Raiding an attorney’s office is a big deal. There is client attorney privilege in this country and I know it needs to be protected. Just because it is Trump’s attorney, doesn’t mean we can break the rules. And this may make Trump step out and fire Mueller because he may be close. What happens next actually scares me. I am just hoping this Trump Presidency just fades away into history and we avoid the conundrum developing amongst Trump’s diehard followers, potential alt right militias, some members of the government versus a large group of random liberals thinking they can fight this madness. Will the majority of the government stand by the rule of law? Like I said I would prefer he fade away, however with each passing day his attempts at policy to appease his base are doing more damage to this county. We are fast approaching a true rock and hard place disaster.

I hope everyone remembers that the rule of law and our Constitution are our government, not any one individual.

And even though Putin’s friends took a beating in certain markets today, it does not mean Putin is losing. Stock market loses only count when you sell. Putin can keep them afloat till things get better. And if Putin and Trump are working together, then they will get better. Everyone in their 401k is told to ride out the bumps, so it goes for billionaires also. Don’t be fooled.

I, first, was going to comment about a news blurb I saw before the news broke on the raid on Cohen where Trump admitted that the tariffs may be causing some farmers some grief. And then he goes on to state that it will be much better I promise. He promised. He has promised much without much to show for it except favors to the rich and corporate greed. I just don’t understand how people can listen to him promise something repeatedly and believe him the next time after so many promises to his base have not come to fruition. The press beats those promises to death every day and so do the commenters, so I do not need to list them, however, at some point people would like to see results. The tariff is going to produce results, but how long till his base realizes this is not the promise of results he made to them? I am flabbergasted.

And who cares about the story when so much is going on? Well I do since I started the darn thing. 

Part 2:

John and Mary continued to thrive. John worked hard, traveled much and counted on Mary to manage the house and household budget. She promised John she would be a good stay at home woman and she met her part of the bargain. He continually earned more money and more prestige at work, so he met his part of the bargain. Yet, as always something is missing when there is no communication.

After they lived in their first house for a few years, John wanted a larger house. He wanted to be able to entertain he said. Mary wondered when since he was always gone. They got a bigger house soon after their second child was born. They lived there for three years, then after once the third child was a year old they got a bigger house. And John did entertain. He was becoming a central figure in their Church now. The Pastor love to talk about John’s success. The Pastor reinforced his beliefs through John’s success. So, John started having Church meetings in their house when he was in town. These meetings were a burden on Mary since she had to prepare for them. John didn’t believe they should spend more money than necessary on anything. Mary would cook all day. She loved doing it which helped.

Mary really enjoyed the aspects of home and family. She did thrive in this environment. Unfortunately, her main release was to spend some time with her parents when John was away. Otherwise she was constantly busy. She cleaned, cooked for the kids, ran errands for the kids’ school, was in the PTO, did well with fund raising, everything she thought she wanted, she had.

Over time she realized John did not pay that much attention to her. She knew why. Eventually it became so common that even the Pastor realized what was going on and addressed it in a marriage counseling session. He asked Mary to forgive John his transgressions. He spent time explaining how important it was for Mary to forgive as a Christian. John never asked her, the Pastor did.

The affairs were not really affairs. John would be with women when he traveled. He never really paid attention to them. He used them to cater to his needs and actually mainly his business needs when he was out of town. Many of the people he did business with thought he brought various secretaries with him when he traveled, he had them doing some much for him. He went through women pretty regularly since he never offered them anything but handouts. Many thought they could control him and take him for their own. They were always disappointed.

Mary had always suspected. The Pastor needed John to be successful in wealth, but also a healthy family dynamic. John was always fit, took care of himself, ate well when the company paid for it, worked out, went to the doctor regularly so he looked great. One reason it was easy for so many women to be tempted by him. So Mary had to look good also. It worried the Pastor that Mary was always so busy. Too busy to smile at church when called upon to witness to the success of being a good Christian. He called on them both at the meetings of the Church Board of Directors. The whole Board was full of successful people. The Pastor and the Church founders made sure of that. John and Mary were an integral part of the visual the Church wanted to project. There were many other couples, yet John was so driven he was a shining example of God’s blessing on those who believed the correct way.

Mary let the Pastor know she forgave John. This made the Pastor happy. He knew he had this in his information in case someone questioned what was going on between John and Mary. Another example of a strong Christian family. Mary resented that John never asked her, yet as a good Christian she did forgive him. The Pastor asked John to be a better Christian. John toned down his activities and made sure he was more discreet. He didn’t tell the Pastor. He felt if he was blessed there was no reason to change. Everything he believed about God now was based on his success. God blessed him because God favored him. That was what the Pastor taught and that was all he needed to know.

Her forgiveness though was more because of the teachings of a different Pastor. She relished going to Church with her Mom and Dad. It was a smaller Church and there weren’t the large activities for the children John and her Church had, yet it felt more comfortable.  The kids enjoyed it the same as the larger Church, well as much as any child likes going to church. She was pleasantly surprised that her parents had gone back to church. They had gone for years when she was younger, but over time had quit. Something about her getting married had re-inspired them and she was happy for them. Also, the Pastor there taught more of what she remembered when she was young. God was forgiving and kind, yet he expected you to do more for others. It involved more than just saying you believed, you had to show God you loved by your actions for others. John and she gave to their church. John made sure Mary gave every week so when she didn’t go to the larger church, she would drop a check by the church office. John saw the amount each year for their taxes and was quite pleased Mary was giving. It was always ten percent, no more, no less. John was pleased Mary knew math. Mary was also good at budgeting so there was also more to give to her parent’s church. John didn’t know, which was okay. Mary had been budgeting well for years so she always had something to give when there was a need.

When John went to Church he heard: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) and believed if God loves him then he wants him to have more. Mary understood that Jesus knows everyone, and that the thief are false prophets who will take you away from Jesus. That having it to the full is the fullness of life with him.

For Easter John saw the Easter egg hunt the Church put on, everyone in new dresses, kids playing, and much food. The next week, while John was out of town Mary went to her parents’ church and prayed for souls to reach heaven. Her parents prayed for their parents’ soul. Mary remembered someone from her youth and heard he had cancer and died recently. Even though he was a trouble maker and had gone to jail, she prayed for his soul during the prays after the service. She felt the cancer was punishment enough.

When it was election season, John heard the Pastor talk about what issues were important, which candidates supported those issues, and to get involved. John had Mary give a bit extra to the Church and called the Pastor to support the candidates that supported the correct issues. Mary heard from her parents’ church the importance of leadership and what values does a leader hold close to their heart.

In Church John heard: “You do not have because you do not ask, said James. Even though there is no limit to God’s goodness, if you didn’t ask him for a blessing yesterday, you didn’t get all that you were supposed to have.” Mary understood that “You ask and do not receive because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions” (all from James 4 various versus) Praying with selfish motives can contradict God’s will so if you ask and it is not God’s will you will not receive. You can work hard and achieve success, yet in our hour of need it is God that provides and that is not always material possessions.

John asks why aren’t all Christians rich if they believe and ask? The Pastor says maybe it is not their time yet and reminds John about Job. Job had to wait, yet it paid off.  Mary understands that Jesus was never rich, and he was without sin. That what Jesus offers is more than what we ask for.

To be continued.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

What??? Another story, here we go again

Every now and then I get an idea for a story. Some quirk in my brain goes off and an idea develops, and I do not know what to do with it. So, I piece meal together a story through this blog. I write on it when I am in the mood or have a thought for the story. This creates stories that have some holes in the story line. I care and maybe someday I will go back and edit with serious intent these stories to make them flow better. I actually like some of my past ideas, so I hope to do something at some point. That involves work though and work is not my middle name.

This story will not be different. I have an idea of where it ends because OMG there might be a point behind this story. The point only exists if I can get there. I hate making judgments, but if this ends the way I want, I will be making judgments on something. I will let you decide if you want to follow through to find out if I succeeded in making a point.

Before I begin a couple of side comments. For my previous post about how people interact in large activities. The people who have a full cup of beer and decide they are going to walk down the stairs is also amusing. Soft drinks always have a lid on them when sold by the vendors. Beer, however, no and that makes for some interesting visuals as people try to maneuver down the steps trying not to spill. Even more fun if they have two. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they don’t just take a large sip or two before heading down, especially with two. The second beer is usually for a date, so it should be cool to take the sip. More gets spilt walking down the steps trying not to spill than the possible amount sipped.

And if you know of some, my bank account could use some vitamins. Shoot, we have a cabinet full of vitamins that is suppose to keep us healthy. One for the bank account would be great.

Here we go

John is a good guy. At least he thinks he is and John is happy. He found the girl that wants to be a stay at home Mom, understands he is the man of the house so he decided he would marry her. He asked. She said yes.

John wants to be successful, so he works hard. He knows he can be a good provider for his wife and kids. He is very excited. Mary, the girl he is going to marry wants to get married in a church. She feels it is important, however, neither of them attends church. Mary thinks attending church will help raise good children. John and Mary start asking around and eventually John finds a church some of his co-workers attend. It is a non-denominational church, yet had Protestant roots, so this isn’t an issue for Mary. John and Mary start attending the church and soon meet the Pastor. The Pastor is young, and the church is successful, so both feel this will be a good church for them. The Pastor encourages them to attend marriage seminars he hosts through the Church for preparation. They pay the fees and attend. John goes and spends his time on his phone whenever he can reading through his work emails. He feels this is more important for Mary and he cannot let anything slip by, if he wants to stay ahead of the competition.

John works hard to save up for their marriage. Mary’s Dad pays for the wedding. Mary’s family is of modest means, so the wedding is nice, but not the wedding John thought they should have had. He doesn’t complain. He, however, is not impressed with his future Father-in-law. He feels the man should have been prepared for this moment.

The Wedding day comes. John finds the message in the wedding very good. This is what it should be, he thinks during the wedding. The Pastor talks about how God rewards you for your efforts. The marriage is a good foundation to find God’s reward. John likes his Pastor.

The Pastor quotes Luke 6:38 “Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will they give into your bosom. For with the same measure you measure it will be measured back to you.” The Pastor explains, how giving to God means it will be given back to you tenfold. Mary’s Dad remembers it differently from his childhood teachings, wasn’t this more about forgiveness he thinks than reward. He thinks maybe he should go back to Church to better understand what his daughter is learning. Mary’s Mom silently cries with tears of joy for her daughter, hoping she is as happy with John as she is as happy with her husband.

The Pastor finishes the wedding speech. He exalts the couple to strive to be successful, to be bountiful and to give to God so blessings will rain down on them.

John and Mary attend the reception, eat well with family and friends, then begin their journey as a married couple. The spend a week at a beach side hotel in Florida. John budgets the honeymoon and Mary does a good job of following through. John feels he made a good decision in marrying Mary.

They come home to the apartment they will share. John tells Mary how they are going to save to buy a house within the year. He tells her he must work hard so they can add to the savings he already has to borrow as less as possible. The next year John works 70 hours a week and the only real time they spend together is at Church. John likes the Pastor and what he says. John gives generously. The first year of the marriage comes to an end. They have a wonderful anniversary dinner. John feels Mary deserves one because she has worked part time till they have children to help save for the house. The first Saturday after the anniversary they begin house hunting. This is a joyous time for Mary because John is very involved in the process. They look at many houses. They both have certain goals in mind for their house and thankfully they want much of the same. John and Mary both want a large kitchen with space for a table along with a separate dining room. Mary knows with children there will be times they need to eat something quick so loves having the convenience of an eating table in the kitchen and a separate dining room for special occasions. John wants a large dining room because it looks prestigious.  They never discussed why they wanted what they wanted. It just worked out they had similar ideas. It never occurred to them to understand the reasons the other had.

The house hunting went on for a few months. Finally, they found one they both liked. Actually, John loved it and Mary was satisfied with it. They made the offer. And within a month they were moving in. Once they moved in, John stayed busy at work and was climbing up the infamous corporate ladder.  

Two months after they bought the house, Mary became pregnant. John worked even harder and the only time they spent together was in Church. John really liked the way the Pastor reaffirmed what he was doing in his life. Mary felt something was missing and when John would go out of town for business she attended Church with her parents. Her parents loved having her over and now especially with a grandchild they were even more happy. The weekends with her parents went well and at times she would volunteer at their Church. When John was home, she attended Church with him and was happy he enjoyed it. She felt good he attended Church as much as possible.

To be continued.

Monday, April 2, 2018

People amaze me

It is amazing to watch people at sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, just about anywhere where there is a crowd. They just don’t pay attention to what they are doing.

How many times have you seen someone following too closely behind someone with a full beer or something and boom the person in front stops and wham spilt beer on everyone? People are always in such a hurry they have no idea what is in front of them or just don’t seem to care.

You will watch someone run up the steps at an arena or stadium never once looking at the top of the stairs. And then you have the people standing and talking right at the top of the stairs, not realizing people are coming and going. Boom person running up stairs doesn’t look up till last step and people standing there oblivious and there is a wonderful explosion of food and drinks going everywhere.

People going around corners too quickly, same thing. Don’t cut through expecting no one to be on the other side. Or,… well, …you will be eating their popcorn. And people never seem to realize there is another person on the other side of a curtain in a theatre. And that is usually the wine crowd and they are always so put off like it wasn’t their fault. Uh, yes, you decided to go through the middle of the curtain without looking or slowing down so, it is your fault. Red wine decorates white blouses so well.

Now I know most people do not fit into this description, yet enough do that it amazes me. And each time the person that is at fault is so annoyed. You can always tell the people who think the world revolves around them. Maddeningly funny, but unfortunate for the innocent bystander who was just trying to ask directions to their section or something.
People look up and slow down. If you are running late, don’t inconvenience everyone else because you have no respect for others or are unaware of your surroundings.

Anyway I had to get this off my chest. This is one of those stupid things that bug me to death, yet I know better and should let it go. Hopefully posting it, will exercise this from my brain.

Spring seems late getting started this year, so hunker down everyone, it is coming.

And somewhere in the back of my brain I have more ideas for campaign reform. As you know, we are way past due for some changes. Here are a couple of more ideas.

I already mentioned shortening the time frame for elections and getting rid of Citizens United and making donations transparent. I think reform of the parties is next. The people who do support the individual parties need more say in who is chosen to run. It seems way too much is decided at the National level. Much more needs to be worked on at the local level. And the parties should have limits on how much money they receive in donations.  My brain is still bantering around some more ideas, hopefully I can piece all this together into one succinct post. Hopefully ha ha ha

Have a great week everyone

Friday, March 30, 2018

Just taking a moment

Today is being celebrated by various religions for different reasons, so let’s take a moment to remember some things.

At some point we need to remember we are all on this planet together. We did not choose to be here, yet we are here. And the key is we are here together. We may have different beliefs, ideologies, politics, apathy, yet we have each other and it should be for good.

This planet is beautiful and at times so is humankind. At the very least, focus on the beauty this weekend and find in your heart respect and love for your fellow mankind.

And if you are like me and spend too much time letting the news of the day dominate your thinking, time to get away and remember what is truly important.

Wish your family and friends well and have a great weekend with them.

And for those that it matters:

Have a blessed and joyful Easter
or have a wonderful Feast of the Passover

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Random madness and assorted comments

I was going to talk about Trump threatening a veto on the spending bill being him just trying to bully his way into getting more money for his wall. That was yesterday, and this is today. He signed it yesterday and quite frankly for totally different reasons I wish he had vetoed it. And not because of Coulter or Ingraham. Rand had the best reason: no one has had time to read it. Seriously folks a 2000+ page spending bill printed one day before a vote, passes Congress and then they go on “recess”. This is a totally irresponsible way to govern a country. WE NEED NEW MAJOR PARTIES. The two we have on the National level just don’t give a flying flip about anything, but their own self preservation and they are doing a horrible job of that, much less governing. Please what does it take to get people to wake up, this needs more than “fixin”.

In Texas the other day a four-year-old child accidentally shot a 7-month-old baby. I’m saying this, damn the repercussions because I know I am right. The owner of the gun needs to be charged with a felony and their rights to own a gun need to be taken away. When you are so irresponsible that you cannot keep your guns out of the hands of small children you have no business owning a gun. This is not about rights; this is about common sense. The NRA etc… can scream bloody murder this is about taking guns away from people. NO! This is about common sense. No one in their right or left mind can even begin to accept this as a way to own a gun or argue about gun rights. I propose that all states enact legislation that makes it a felony that if a small child injures anyone or causes damage no matter how inadvertent or accidental the owner needs to be charged. I don’t care if it never happens again and this is a one-time event. The legislation needs to be created and enacted. A lower level felony or what I do not care, but a felony.

And the above is different from background checks for gun purchases. We need to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Yes, this will not solve all the mass murders in this country. Again, though this is common sense. People who are unstable and proven to be such do not need guns. And this does not take away anyone’s rights. Trump took away more rights when he made his statement about taking guns before due process and all that got was someone whispering in his ear later, maybe you need to rephrase that statement, no backlash for that insanity.

And speaking of enacting legislation; we should cut election season down significantly. I propose that you cannot file to run for office no earlier than nine months before the general election. Independents and members of the different parties all have the same start time. Independents can start gathering signatures and campaigning immediately. Members of the various parties can hold primaries four to six months before the general election. Yes, this means all states will be holding primaries around the same time and even in Presidential years. Local elections cannot start campaigning till 30 days before the primaries. Presidential candidates can begin 60 days before a State’s primary. And guess what I will also propose serious spending limits on how much a candidate and campaign can spend and the complete abolishment of what was created under the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.  Another words you cannot buy excessive TV time or other ad time. You must campaign. And to prevent the internet abuse, only certain ads can be displayed and bought for the internet. The one positive change is the National government can create a channel or use time on PBS for the Presidential Candidates to have speaking time. The would be allowed up to an hour a day for each candidate, major party, minor party or independent of direct talk to the voters during the primary season. (Okay some criteria will need to be applied for who can speak). And then once primary season is over, there is no campaigning till 90 days before the general election. Yet with any party can have a National Convention in July or August and this can be covered by the media and the party can buy campaign ads during the convention, but after that, nothing till 90 days before the first Tuesday in November.

All other elections, city, county, state and Congress follows the 30 days before the primaries for campaign ads and campaigning and then 90 days before the general election. Hopefully local governments would also allow public television access for candidates up to one hour a day. And in Presidential years the local candidates could also advertise during their National Convention times.

A person cannot file, cannot announce till 9 months before the general election. People will find some way to say this is unfair. The only unfairness is to the independents and that is why they can start campaigning and gathering signatures starting at the nine-month marker. Otherwise the party apparatuses should be able to get their candidates up and running since the party already has a machinery in place.

I see some problems with this, mainly because it does put some power in the party machinery, but we need a break from constant campaigning. Congress and other elected officials need to stay in their work seat more often and actually govern. We must seriously lower campaign contributions and make public who is giving to who. And we help compensate by giving free air time for candidates to speak on public or other designated TV and radio stations. Hopefully this forces candidates into telling people more about themselves and more about their policy initiatives.  This is a framework, so it can be tweaked, but the general gist needs to stay with limited campaigning and limited financing. Something like this is long overdue, but Congress being in constant recess and Trump announcing his candidacy the day after inauguration for 2020 shows how desperate is campaign reform needed.

And we need some accountability by corporations or internet entities for data breaches. (not just facebook)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Madness begets madness..or is it just another Monday

First, I would like to remember Dr. Hawkins. He was a remarkable individual and not enough is being said about him as a person or what he accomplished in science. He needs to be held up higher to young people as an example of overcoming obstacles and still thriving. Headlines are not enough and there aren’t even enough of those. We need to dedicate much time in the media to him. He is a man all of us can be proud.

Okay before we start discussing the madness; there is better madness going on and quite frankly my bracket is busted so I am crazy for all the upsets. I support each and every team that is lower seeded in a game. Too bad Buffalo lost, yet there are many other upsets to cheer and as I write this UMBC is playing Kansas State close. Hopefully we will have a 16 seed in the sweet 16. I do hope to finish this and post this before the game ends so no update forthcoming.

I wrote last week that the Trump administration is unfixable, yet he seems to find ways to make things worse overnight. It is impossible not to run to a newspaper or click on internet news each morning worrying about what madness is staring you in the face. You think how can it get worse? Somehow Trump finds a way not too disappoint and I wish he would. This country needs a break from what is happening to us. The pro Trump anti Trump verbiage is picking up heinously and civility has been lost completely. Can we find some people in this country to step up to the task of bringing rational discourse to our body politic? I say that knowing historically we have had moments of some pretty ugly fights before, yet this isn’t ugly; this isn’t name calling; this is pure hate being spouted on both sides of the fight with no real end in sight. Our forefathers are more than rolling over in their graves.

At some point Trump is going to be found innocent or not. Quite frankly if he is innocent, he is an idiot. Someone on his side needs to take away his twitter and any microphones until the investigation has run its course. Everything he says and does screams he is guilty of something. Guilty of what and how much some are waiting to see, but his words and actions are of a man who is backed up in a corner with no where to go. So, if he is innocent, he needs to shut up because he is hurting his own cause and destroying the effort of our country to go forward post this debacle.

If he is not innocent, then all hades is going to break loose. His alt right supporters are not going to believe anything he can be charged and will work to destroy any efforts to bring him to justice. The amount of hate coming from the people who think he is guilty will only add fuel to a fire that will burn very bright.

And Putin wins. He wants us to self-destruct. If we self-destruct, Europe has no chance against him with the new nuclear weapons he is building and possible nerve agents they say they don’t have being unleashed on civilian populations. What is left of the world Putin will try to consolidate under him. China won’t care if Europe and we are gone. They will be completely absorbed with Russia on their northern border to care about what happens to us. He can destroy OPEC’s oil output and produce all he wants.

From the paranoid posts: For those thinking Mueller will find collusion, forget about it.  Putin never told Trump run and I will help you. This started before 2014. Putin had his oligarch buddies telling Trump how great he is and how great of a President he would make. He has been planting this bug in Trump’s ear for a long time. Putin doesn’t care about Trump being President, he just wanted Trump’s madness thrown into our political discourse, so we would self-destruct. Trump winning is a bonus for Putin. He knew if Trump lost he would still be sowing the seeds of discourse by just who Trump is as a person. And since Trump has raised up all sorts of racist and alt right groups in the background this is all the better for Putin. Putin probably supports in the background these groups along with the troll farms he created or had someone create for him.

Trump keeps talking about a deep state against him. What I have noticed is when Trump accuses someone of something, he is usually hiding that about himself. I worry that there is a deep state, yet one that is heavily armed and is in some areas of government that supports Trump, not because they like him, but because they can destroy democracy and run this country themselves as a plutocracy or dictatorship where they benefit at the cost of most Americans.  My question: are the economic oligarchs of our country in it with Trump or will they have to decide when they realize Trump is solo and will try to overcome them all? Any thoughts Mr. Tillerson? Mr. Dimon? Mr. Cohn? In some ways that might be our best hope. The Democrats/liberals still do not understand Putin as much as they think they do and as I said before they are clueless when it comes to public policy. We cannot afford them, yet we cannot afford them losing the 2018 midterms if Trump is guilty. Anyone read Catch 22?; because you know …. Sheesh!

Heck I worry just writing in this blog and as an American, I shouldn’t.  Anyway, let’s hope I am wrong, cheer for the underdog through the Final Four.  

Have a wonderful week

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Comments of a random nature

A Judge in the dark is not the same as blind justice.

Remember when people would talk about you could put a bunch of monkeys in a room with typewriters and they would eventually be able to type out Shakespeare?

Well maybe we need to find those monkeys. Everything in Washington D. C. is so sordid and crazy we need to fire everyone in DC above the paygrade of Congressional page, White House busboy, and bureaucratic janitor. Then put those monkeys in the room with computer keyboards and eventually they are going to type up better policy and legislation than anyone doing it now.  Maybe have a citizen’s committee to pick and choose the better policies and then implement. Yes, I have lost my mind, but it has nothing to do with this idea being crazy. Sanist idea going right now. Think differently I am all ears.

And have you wondered why Microsoft or other programs have a circling icon while you are waiting for a page or something else to load. Well my conspiracy theory idea is the circling icon is constantly hypnotizing you for all sorts of selfish and mind control reasons. Why else would rational people do stupid stuff?