Thursday, June 21, 2018

Don Nelson should be fired

The title is the closest to civility I can get right now. Doncic is the player you draft after you get a superstar big. We gave Atlanta a bonus from us and let Memphis get better by picking Jackson. If you move up only one or two spots you get the player with the most upside and better fits your need. Jackson should have been our guy and we gave away another first round pick too.   And worse if Nelson thinks he is bringing Dallas Cousins he is completely out of whack. I am doing my best to keep this civil, but the words in my head are not fit for man nor beast. We won’t get Cousins we lose a draft pick and two teams got better for what????? At best a minor league Manu G.   Doncic is good, but not third round bet the future on it good.    Mediocrity here we stay when in 2-3 years development and picking well we could have had a 5-10 year window of being highly competitive.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Some Dallas Sports comments

Well the World Cup has started and the US is not in it. Not much else playing on in the world of Sports other than Major League Baseball that gather much fanfare in Dallas. And since it is still weeks to the All Star game and the Rangers need a miracle, baseball isn’t dominating the headlines.

And I am coming back to the World Cup a bit at the end of this post.
So where does Dallas stand.

The good news is the NHL and the NBA drafts are next week. Hopefully two of our teams can make dramatic improvement in the draft. Also the rumor mills are producing much more volume than the American steel mills right now.
And interesting to note, the NHL draft is to be held in Dallas. This is the second professional draft here in Dallas area this year. So Dallas gets a bit of tourism dollars for all this madness.

Yet let’s start with the Rangers since they are currently in season so to speak. And that is about all that can be said for now. Honestly I am a casual fan and which I argue is different from a fair weather fan. I have been going to Rangers games off and on since the 70’s and enjoyed them all. I always have an interest and I have my friends that keep me abreast when things are starting to realistically look up. I do not know every detail about them as much as I used to for the Cowboys or now for the Mavericks. It still befuddles me though what happened. Two years ago they were contending and suffering through the Toronto series, actually two years in a row. And since then many small happenings just seem to have brought them down to barely mediocre. They just gave John Daniels a contract extension so someone still believes they have the right management in place. I hope so. Baseball is fun and going to games are fun, but it helps when they have a chance to compete. It is hard to get excited about them in May and June if you do not feel they have a chance though. And their draft completely confuses me since so much goes to minor league teams. My hope now is to hear about the prospects we have and hope they mature quickly. We had some depth in our system at pitcher for a while, yet that seems to have dissipated recently. I need to follow up. Rangers always find hitters, it is pitching that has historically slowed them down. Hopefully a miracle will occur and we can watch baseball in August and September on the edge of our seats and not in the recliner taking naps.

Also I am a casual hockey fan. I have watched the Stars since they game here, even stayed up late to watch them win the Stanley Cup. Okay so it was with one eye open, but we were on the couch watching. For a casual fan though I have been blessed with being able to see many home games over the last couple of years and hearing much discussion from all the fans at the games. My two major observations are a) we need more speed on the ice. The good teams are skating past us throughout the games. Which also leads me to b) and sometimes maybe effort is a problem. I have watched the superior teams come in here and play hard and you can tell something is amiss with the Stars. This is hard to bring up because hockey fans by and large are very loyal to their team. So saying their team isn’t putting the effort when they are winning games doesn’t sit well. Yet, in my opinion the Stars’ best players do not seem to have that hunger to win a championship. They like looking good, they like winning, yet it seems to me something intangible is holding them back a bit. They can draft the speed and better skaters, somehow they need to find some people with grit and hunger. There are a few players that have it, however, one is past his prime. Some of the stars of the Stars don’t seem to be laser focused on winning a championship. Too me you can tell by looking into their eyes, or their demeanor when they play. In any sport you will always find teams or players that have the hunger but not the talent and these teams are where you get your major upsets, but never a championship, but they are fun to watch. You see their efforts though day in and day out. The Stars are missing something and to me it is that hunger and grit. The old phrase getting your hands dirty comes to mind. The Stars like clean hands. And for hockey in general one other observation I have made and it is part of the hockey experience; when two teams play if there is a difference in the quality of the teams in many cases the team that has less talent tends to start more fights. I don’t know if this is just a Dallas thing or what, but when Dallas is the better team the other team starts the fights, when they are playing a top tier team they tend to start fights. Maybe it is just me, but that is a casual observation. I guess it is a strategy to overcome the deficit and hope for an opening from the distractions of fighting. Now sometimes teams or players do not like each other so things get out of hand quickly. The crowds love these situations. I personally prefer the obvious where there are two equal teams battling it out for playoff positioning. Those are the best games.

And for the infamous Dallas Cowboys. I usually have a real good bead on them year in and year out. I know what their chances are and usually lean to the optimistic side of those chances. This year I am a bit lost. Maybe I will get a better handle once pre season starts, yet by now I have some inkling. The main focal point for me, is how good is the offensive line going to be. If the  line comes back strong and we find three quality receivers, they do not have to be star receivers, then I think our offense will be fine. The key is the line. If Zeke has a strong running year then Dak can use his mobility to open up a successful passing game. Again the receivers do not have to be stars, just be good. Notice the use of the plural, we have to have multiple good receivers. If there are no stars then balance is our hope which is where I think we are headed. And we are talking at least three good wide receivers and a good tight end. If not, Zeke may have a bit of a struggle at end of games no matter how good the line is, if teams can focus on him only. And that is a losing proposition even at 100 + yards before the fourth quarter. And what really keeps me confused is how the defense is going to play out. Will the defensive line begin to reach some of the potential they have or will they bust again? And the defensive backs, same question. For some reason, I feel the linebackers will be better this year and that is going to be good. Unfortunately this is just a feeling. Still way too many holes in defense so hopefully training camp and pre season closes those in my mind. I will come back and make my season prediction first of September. The Cowboys are the only team good and bad that I seem to actually step out and put forth a prediction.

Maybe I can make a prediction for the Mavericks this year. I tried last year and was way off. I do not remember if I put it in print. I will be honest, I was overly optimistic. I tend to be this way with the Mavericks for some reason. Hopefully last year will teach me, but no….. Not feeling like a good student right now. Needless to say we are not winning the Championship next year unless half the teams have major injury problems. And I do not wish injuries on any player, in any sport. So, the Mavs are just going to have to continue the rebuilding process. And to that point, and I have told friends to start a go fund me page for my bail, the Mavs better keep the fifth pick and use it on JJJ Mo, or Bagley. No one else. Otherwise I am going over to the Mavs office and punching someone in the nose. Seriously, my wife better get friends over here draft night because anything else will hiss me off. We do not want to take a risk on Porter, no, not at all. There is no comfortable risk. We need players that have the most potential, but players that are going to play. The fact he had leg spasms or spasms in his hip the other day so bad he couldn’t come to his work out or get out of bed. No no no no no no, that is too much risk. Period, want an example, look at Chandler Parsons, now he didn’t have the upside that Porter does, but still too much risk involved based on just that one episode. Those episodes tell. Any GM that thinks he is a first round risk without a year to evaluate play is crazy. Maybe second round let him play and earn a max contract when his rookie contract ends, but not worth a first round pick. Someone will take the risk and I hope he doesn’t have recurring injury problems, but back surgery is just too scary for me. I hope that Mavs stick with one of the three super possibilities in Mo or JJJ or Bagley. Those are three players that can be stars with high upsides, so why take a risk? And back to the rumor mill. The headlines the last couple of days are about Memphis willing to trade the fourth pick if someone takes Chandler. Well if you can get this trade with the balance in favor of yourself (not giving up one of your best 1-3 or 4 players) then by all means do it including the Mavericks. That is a positive risk. As a Mavs fan I love it. Taking two of the three previously mentioned players in picks 4 & 5, wow. So knowing this I doubt Memphis is going to make this trade unless they get a star player back because they are signaling they want to compete now, Probably the only team that might do it is Boston and I do not know their cap space to know if they could absorb Parson’s contract. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is so I do not think the Mavericks will get this trade. Absorbing Parsons hurts us in free agency this year, but having picks 4 & 5 is an astonishing way to rebuild. It pushes our playoff dreams back a year, but it builds realistic championship dreams in a few years. I was enamored with the Fareed and 14 rumor a couple of weeks ago and would even like the Mavs to do that. A realistic rejuvenation player with a second first round pick in itself is still good to me, getting the fourth with fifth pick is Mavs Christmas in June. We get to pretend for a few more days before the real decision of who they pick 5th Thursday comes to fruition. Then the ugliness of Mavs in free agency begins. Lets hope they keep it simple this year and work towards next year with Barnes DSJ and who they pick having a year to gel together so they can go out and get the player that best fits for them in free agency. I do want to add that those three, plus these players that work out this year, Yogi, DFS, Powell, Curry(?), Motley, Doug McD, Matthews (am I missing someone) are a strong core to have, so you are just looking for that missing piece.

Anyway the above madness is just good ramblings on a hot sunny day here in North Texas. I hope all is going well for you.

And finally I have always thought the NCAA’s March madness and the World Cup are the best fan sports experience month there exists. People will say so much about American professional playoffs, yet there is nothing like the fan intensity these months bring out. Even in group play for the World cup each game matters. And for the fans, entire years are made or lost. I would love to know some fans of Iceland right now. Taking Argentina to a tie in a World Cup game must be immensely overwhelming. I didn’t get to see the game so I do not know the details, but I do have friends that are serious Argentina fans and they are unhappy. Some act like Argentina will move on so no big deal,,,,,,yeah right. It matters, just like it matters to fans and alumni of 64 colleges in March. And because it matters so much just watching any of those games or the World Cup is exhilarating. And that is what truly makes sports great.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Some comments on a few of the many things going on

Everyone is complaining that LeBron is getting more attention than the Warriors. Probably because people pursue the unknown more. Most people pretty much expected the Warriors to win the NBA Finals. The only question was 4,5 or 6 games. And after game 2 that dropped to 4 or 5. People like to speculate, so where LeBron is going is more fun to read than the Warriors just won. It is the old adage: tell me something I don’t know.

And what is more important to LeBron? Is it money or rings? I think he may have to give up one or the other to have the one he wants most. At this point in his career he needs help. Talent is part of it, but also just as important drive to win. I am not sure many of the Cavaliers were as determined to win as he. I can’t say for sure because I am not them, however, their efforts at times seemed lackluster. I will write again about desire to win a championship more when I do my Dallas Sports update soon.

Just exactly where are we as a county? Trump’s infamous American First attitude was on full failure mode this past weekend. I try to be positive, and yet as a human I fail at that. I want to just do something positive and ignore the anger welling up in me as he throws our country down the swamp. Hard to ignore. So in my attempt to regain a positive attitude and I am reposting the link to write your Senator or Representative. The instructions are easy, you can find who you need and take just five minutes to write Congress.

Or there are other sites. If you are up to it, please send them an contact email on well what happened at the G-7 summit, net neutrality, the Summit with North Korea, trade in general, the country in general, your favorite ice cream, but let them know how you feel. It is a failure on us as citizens of a Republic not to communicate with the people that affect our lives. There are so many topics and many are important to you. Take the 5-10 minutes to let them know how you feel. I guarantee some of the people that like Trump write regularly. You cannot let them dictate the discussion, nor give Congress the impression that people are happy with what is going on.

If you need a couple of ideas:

If we are to lead the world, we need to move towards the future. If we want new jobs, we need to move to the future. If we want new industries and new opportunity, we need to move to the future. So why not write Congress and let them know how you feel. Trump giving favoritism to the Coal industry is just another way he controls the dialogue. We need to retake our country and push for renewable industry over coal. Write Congress. Even the states that rely on coal need to write. Sooner or later the change has to be made. Get your representative to get development help to rebuild your economy.

Scott Pruitt is the complete embodiment of everything wrong with the Trump administration. Greed, corruption, supporting industry (and industry that hurts) over people, lack of scruples, cronyism, incompetence, the list goes on, so write.

It is one heck of a hot and humid summer here in North Texas. The type of weather that is only survivable on a beach. Just no beaches here. Please get out and enjoy some summer recreation. Be careful. 

Tell me again why I want to invest in bitcoin etc…

The World Cup starts soon. Too bad we are not in it. I know the America First Trump supporters will act like we shouldn’t be in it. Unfortunately for their thinking we need to be active in it since it is one way for the World to come together and enjoy good times.

And since Trump is hating on our neighbors I will say for the World Cup: GO MEXICO. I don’t know how much of a shot they have, but hey I can be a good neighbor and support them.

The operation is over, yet I am not doing what the doctor said and rest so hopefully these stitches will hold out as long as needed. I am starting to worry about myself.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

It is time for change. Real change

For far too long the Democrats and Republicans have failed to put together rational public policy, relying on old ideas, piecemeal products and now are completely unable to work together for the common good. We are well into the 21st century and their policies are still 20th century. There are new problems to face and for us to lead the world in the 21st century we need to tackle those head on and set the bar higher for all of us.

So here is my current rough draft of policy ideas to propel us forward. And all the while knowing that common sense, working with neighbors and allies, treating each other with respect, knowing and respecting our enemies, improving our health, offering opportunity to our children is the way of the future. Business, opportunities, growth, relationships will fall in line once people see genuine ideas with values put into practice.

Some factors to consider. Values cannot be legislated, nor morality legislated, but a society that has them thrives. Education and strong families are the foundation for strong values. That said many of the policies help families to thrive and promote better education for their children. Values are the stones on which we should continue to build our society. Our Republic needs a strong middle class. And that needs policies that support the whole of the country, not just a few, nor can any group be excluded.

I say often that the majority of this country is moderate to moderately conservative, yet policies need to reflect what will work best. Sometimes progressive ideas are needed and other times we need to pull back and regroup, this is why I support the development of two new parties. My thinking will lean to the conservative side; however, our country needs to push forward so I encompass progressive thinking couched in conservative pragmatics.  Eventually I would like to see the creation of two new parties to replace what we have now to continue the give and take of conservative and liberal principles to move this country forward. Right now, I am writing for the development of a new major party that represents the majority that exists today and the need to rebuild the vitality of the middle class.

This is a rough draft and for a change I hope to avoid long verbose commentary. Many of the ideas I will mention here I have written previously. This is a draft or framework pulling from those ideas. I will continue to refine my ideas from time to time. For now, I may reference something from my past writings, so some detail will be missing. Please bear with me and if you want more details email me and I will respond with where to find earlier posts.

And I am open minded. I offer my ideas as a starting point, however, if better ideas to achieve the same goals come along, I am all ears.

Here goes:

I do not believe in term limits and have not written much about campaign reform, but my top of the ticket policy for the new party will be revamping use of money in politics. We need a complete overhaul of what the Citizens United decision did in hiding money from public view. We need to address what can be given and why. I do not think you can dictate a dollar amount limit, yet you can limit the need for excessive spending. Transparency and accountability in every election is key. And fortunately, via social media candidates do not need as much money as they did before. Yet content on social media will also need to be addressed.

Second. We need to rewrite tax reform. What was passed last year was an abomination against the people of this country. It is a wealth grab and blatant attempt to wrest control of this country away from the people. I have written many ideas on tax reform previously and would incorporate those ideas.

Third:  We need to overall the infrastructure in this country. One reason Trump got traction because he flaunted this need. He is right. He hasn’t shown any productive ideas or policies to get it done, but it needs to be done. The aforementioned tax reform that was passed hurts the ability to improve infrastructure so the tools to achieve these two goals should blend together. One idea I mentioned previously to help these two goals leads into the fourth policy

Fourth: We need to strengthen and revamp the social security especially for retirement. Granted most people should shoulder responsibility for saving for their retirement yet having the system in place we have is a benefit. It should not be discarded or watered down. It is more than a safety net, it is a foundation that continues to bolster the strength of the middle class. A strong society that allows people to have living wages plus is needed so people can save for their own retirement, is also a society that realizes things do not always go well. The combination of public awareness and policy and people’s own efforts make us stronger not weaker.

As I mentioned I have written on the topic of ideas two through four. We need to learn to create public policy that incorporates many needs into one plan to help reduce the size of government and bloated bureaucracies. Systematically improving policy will create the secondary benefit of smaller government, reduce taxes, and make it easier for citizens to hold the government accountable to what was promised.

Fifth: We need top to bottom education reform. I have written extensively on the topic and truly believe it is time we make drastic changes to our public education system. The ideas by others abound. There are thousands of papers published on child development, how children learn, learning types, the list goes on. We still use models developed in the 1800’s. How can we expect to thrive in the 21st century when we cannot help a child speak our own language well? That is the start. There is so much more from basic math to civics to theoretical physics that our children need to be exposed. At some point every child should have a taste of what is available, and the schools need the tools to help children find where they will thrive.

Sixth: We need to reduce the size of our federal government. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. It does not have to be overnight, but a systemized plan of combining departments and normal staff reductions by attrition can accomplish much rather quickly. After that prioritizing what is needed for our country helps to determine where resources are allocated.

Seventh: We need welfare reform and in the spirit of combining policy, this is one area where different programs can be combined, and I am not talking combining social security. I should mention that should be reallocated into a stand-alone entity. Welfare reform is not welfare cuts. It is the determination that we want to move people off welfare and improve the standards of all Americans. We have generational poverty and generational welfare families through no fault of their own. A misguided system has created this problem, yet a dynamic country should strive to correct this mistake. I have written about this before and still stand by my ideas. It will take work, yet the work it takes will be the tools to help make the changes along with the previously mentioned education reform.

Eighth: Unfortunately, the Trump administration has created a disastrous foreign policy that attacks our neighbors and friends. This should not be such a high priority, but it has become one. We will need to rebuild trust, trade, and reaffirm our values in our foreign policy to stand up for the oppressed and help build a better middle class for the world. Historically we have spoken these words, but our actions have been inadequate at best. It is time we stood up for our values and show the world what leadership truly means.

Ninth: Economic development and renewable energy. We need to put into place a policy that helps us transition from oil to renewable energy. Oil isn’t going to go away overnight and new technology takes time to develop. The government’s role is help with the transition, so the overall health of the economy continues to grow, and no one becomes displaced or left out as we make the shift. Historically when there are shifts in energy etc., the country that takes the lead in the change is the country that thrives.

Tenth: Our society is ill. We need to determine who we want to become. Words like racism and misogynist are symptoms of a deeper problem and one we should have overcome many years ago. This goes back to the value of the strength of the family. Strong families that have hope, are educated, create opportunity teach strong values and respect for each other. We lost that. We had the opportunity to show the world something special. We need to regain the idea that respect for another person is first and foremost how we interact. You cannot legislate morality and values. Yet, we must teach them. And it starts at home. It has help with an education system that incorporates well rounded ideas and ideals for all. The home is primary. This means families need to know they can go to work and bring home enough not just to eat, but to live. To enjoy their homes, their neighbors, their children’s activities, their towns and cities, the arts, culture, sports, and more is a goal and more than a goal. It should be.

Our Founding Fathers incorporated the phrase: life liberty and the pursuit of happiness not as an individual mandate to be selfish, but as a goal to grow as a people. They gave us the greatest document created by man. We need to step up and put it into action. We no longer can abdicate our responsibilities as citizens. We, the people must act. This is our country and our lives, and no one should take it from us.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Promises promises,,,,,whoops sidetracked again

And you know me, I promise a post then bam, something else catches my attention. I still plan on posting my 2020 fictious party platform and no I am not actually working through it to produce a real post. It will still be my running verbose style, I just have my ideas jotted down. I could say it is also a run up to 2018, however, it is too late to produce a party for this election,,,oh well.

So here are random comments on a wild variety of topics. Also, another promise; in the near future I am going to do an update on my opinion on the Dallas Sports scene and things just aren’t pretty right now for the home town. Us homers are crying in our beers.

Where do I start?

Yesterday was Memorial Day and I wanted to do a respectful post and wish I had. Unfortunately, the pretentious left has decided to blow up on President Trump’s tweet for Memorial Day. And yes, he should be more respectful. And yes, I still do not like our President for a variety of reasons. I need to touch on some fairness though, but before that.

The pretentious left needs to focus on more important issues with our President. I say this knowing one of the reasons I do not like President Trump is because he is a disrespectful person. Yet, “blowing up twitter” because he tweets another self-absorbed statement is becoming old. There are bigger issues at hand that need to be attacked or defended. Part of it is the Russian thing, but that Russian thing even needs some realistic approaches.

Little Donny’s meetings and other shenanigans in the election are not real collusion. The issue that needs to be investigated and probably what Mueller is investigating is real collusion. A long-term plan that involves the President actually conversing with Russian contacts about him running for President and receiving help. We know the Russians played patty cake with our election in 2016. That needs to be addressed. Also though we need to get to the bottom of any potential real interactions maybe even years ago that developed into a plan of action. That is convictable treason. And this may never be found even if it happened. All of us need to be prepared to accept that reality. We know President Trump’s team is working hard to deflect which gives a thinking person a reason to speculate about what is going on, but real proof is what we need. So, the pretentious left needs to start working on a plan for post Mueller to bring this country back together or accept we are in real trouble. I do not think they are up to the task and that is why I wish I could get more people on board with creating a real party that represents the moderate to moderate conservatives. And again, I say they are most of this country.

And now back to my fairness statement about the pretentious left.  There were many people not named Donald Trump that didn’t show proper respect for our country yesterday. I happened to be at a concert yesterday where the performer decided to raise his glass and salute our veterans. Now for this tour the singer had a drink to the audience moment planned into every show yet tried to use yesterday as a special moment. The performer was doing a fair job with a standard speech and then said something to the effect: and I know if they were here they would want us to live like there is no tomorrow; all said under the presumption of meaning party like crazy. Not exactly an honorable tribute. I’m sure the fans may try to spin it differently, but no. It was a party toast and he had been talking about “being crazy” or “being wild” up until that moment. Yes, not as bad as the President’s self-serving tweet, but still in the wrong context. It seems the true honoring of our fallen heroes is now just a one-minute story about a parade from each town or cities’ local news. That is sad.  We should shut down the country for Memorial Day and have a Day of Silence to honor them. Don’t elect me President because I will force that issue down the Country’s throat. It will be much more than laying a wreath.

Okay a bit too heavy for my normal ramblings, but it had to be said. No one deserves a monopoly for Memorial Day criticisms, even me.

On a lighter note, I saw a story about dictionary dot com jumping on Rudy Giuliani’s attendance at a Yankees’ game and the infamous Bronx cheer. Seems the old phrase see such and such’s picture for the “term” in the dictionary has a modern social media take.

I complain about both the pretentious left and the alt right and neither to me are doing this country any good. I do believe though the pretentious left is hands down better at political satire than the alt right. There is no contest. Yes, there are some conservative comedians that are really good. Unfortunately, there are barely a handful. They can hold their own with any liberal comedian. And not all liberal comedians are good or effective. All in all, though the left is astronomically better at political satire. Even their rare attempts of satire of the Clintons is far above what the right has produced.

And going back to the picture in the dictionary thinking and comedians, Samantha Bee is one of the pictures you find when you think pretentious left. She definitely epitomizes left wing pretentiousness. I have tried watching her show and it just hurts. There are comedians that are nonstop Trump bashers that pull it off, but she is sad. She has a soapbox that needs to be cut out from under her. She is not funny, not engaging, and I know her fans will blow me up, but seriously outside of her fans it doesn’t work. We need satire, but bashing to bash isn’t satire, nor funny. In fact, it is some of what the pretentious left says the alt right does. Hmmmmm

Okay I am all over the map today. Must have something to do with the after-surgery drugs I am feeling. Which means I am way past lying down to rest time.

As you know we need real healthcare reform in this country, but that is a topic for another day. Just having the problem of it shoved down your throat personally can be tough to take. Both the better half and I had separate health care issues today and cost is killing us. Overall though must thank the Surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, staff etc for getting me through. (I need to rest so it will work). The people in the healthcare industry are not the problem. I have met many great doctors, nurses, staff etc… over the years. It is the system that needs to be reformed.

Wish me well and have a great evening

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Well at least the Democrats are trying

As you know one of my biggest complaints about the Democrats is their lack of cohesive policy development. Today I read an article about a policy and a platform the Democrats are putting together for 2020.

They are trying. My issue for them is how progressive it is becoming. The majority in this country is moderate to moderately conservative. The farther to the left they drift the more they lose the exact people they need to win in 2020. Yes, they will attract some young voters, but that won’t be enough to win.

I suggest you find it and read it for yourself. I didn’t make a note of the website where I saw the story so I cannot help you there. I admit it had more going for it than I thought it might when I first say the headline. In my opinion it moves the party more to the left. I hope you find it so you can make your own determination

The Democrats did include one idea to help many people. The overall idea allows the post office to offer banking services which would hopefully bring many low income people back to basic banking services. There will be many services all with low fees. This includes offering short term loans to replace payday loans

I do like part of this idea. I am very against payday loans and what they are doing to many people in this country. For example and I have to be careful. I do not like giving away too much information about myself for many reasons, one being I would prefer the reader focus on my ideas and not me. This example comes from my work so I am minimalizing the details to stay anonymous. Imagine a care giver for a person using the ID of the person they are responsible for to obtain multiple payday loans for someone. Yes, the person needs a caregiver, but does have a job. The person can maintain it and has for years. The caregiver ran up quite a few payday loans putting this person in heavy debt. All this person’s hard work was going for naught. It is a very sad situation. And the payday loans themselves are a sad entity preying on poor people.

I did not complete the article. Of the majority of it I read, this was by far the one idea even responsible moderates and conservatives could support.  There were other topics and yes Medicare for all was one and there was some alternate options behind this discussed in the article.

And I saw this after making some notes myself about updating my own policy platform. I wrote a very extensive and verbose platform for 2012 for my desired fictious new major party. Since then I have added policy ideas and fixes to problems. My goal this week is to update the platform (hopefully a bit more succinct than I am normally) and with one high priority item at the top of the list. I have never treated campaign reform as a top of the list item, yet more so than ever I think we need to find a way to get money out of politics. Maybe a tall task. It must be done. And you are going to see I am going to make it harder to accomplish with my plan of action to get it done. I feel though this will over turn decades of bad decisions and hopefully restart us in a more positive direction.

Finally, I did want to remind you of the organization Unite America. It is making some progress with their goal of getting independents elected. If interested, please catch up to their work. As you know I am an independent conservative, yet to get real policy developed I believe you do need a working coordinated program and platform that a party is able to accomplish. You need the numbers in Congress and State legislations to pass your program. I hope you help me in making sure it puts the people first.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

I am just curious.

And this is based on curiosity, yet I may throw some of the paranoid post thinking in for good measure.

And so much is so different for different people.

I understand a bit of why Roger Stone supports Trump. He has been with him for quite awhile, but some of the others, it baffles my imagination as to why they stick with Trump so vehemently.

And how many people do you hear say Trump is innocent? Trump says no collusion, it is all a witch hunt so in a way he is saying he is innocent by denying the central reason for the investigation. Everyone else that I hear spends more time trying to discredit the investigation versus attempting to help Trump prove his innocence. In my mind, and in many others I have read, that makes a big difference. I must be honest, I do not watch all the Sunday morning shows or Fox regularly, nor read everything ever printed on this story yet I have not seen a large demonstrative voice of innocence. Trump and all his allies spend more time discrediting than anything else. If I was innocent, I would want the investigation to be completed. I would fight for it. Alas I am not a President being charged with activities that if proven true may be construed as treasonous so what do I know about being investigated.

So, what gives for people like John Kelly or Devin Nunes? Why do they spend so much time defending Trump? Yes, I know Rep. Nunes was with the Trump campaign. Is he fighting an honorable battle or is he protecting his own skin? Is John Kelly solely in it because he believes in Trump’s public policy? Which also baffles me because Trump always says one thing, then does another. The man cannot be trusted.

I haven’t trusted Trump since the 90’s. I did not know much about him, but the little bit of news that trickled down to Texas about Trump was never good. I kept wondering why he was so popular. He seemed to be a very shallow person. And then the Apprentice came along and my opinion didn’t change.

Back to the collusion business and I have mentioned this before. If there was collusion, it started years ago. And this may be hard to find. Mueller may find hints of it, but actual hand-written notes from Putin are not going to exist. I say that and laugh at myself, Trump seems to the be the kind of person who might actually keep one, even though it says specifically on it, burn when finished reading. I know they do not exist, but the thought bounces around hoping beyond hope he kept one. Putin is smart, even if he planned this ten years ago, Trump would not be the direct point of contact.

So how far potentially does this go back? Which might answer why there are so many people bound and determined to fight for Trump. Who is Don Quixote in this story? The liberals or Trump and his allies. The liberals trying to bring Trump down at all costs and there is no collusion? Or Trump et all defending crimes against the American people fighting windmills with all his witch hunt deflection activities.

Could this have started about the time Obama became President? It always bemused me that Trump was such a loud and prominent member of the birther movement. I always wondered what was in it for him. Now I think he may have been testing the waters. Of his own volition? Or someone else’s? Why was he so energetic to bring Obama down? Is he just a basic racist pig and nothing more? Or?

Whenever Trump points his finger or makes accusations, it usually comes back to him. So, his comments about the deep state really worry me. Where does this come from? Most normal paranoid people are worried about the government spying on them. It is how we lose hair. Seriously though, thinking there is a large cadre of government employees out to get you personally is some serious paranoia.

The government would have to have serious reasons for a deep state to develop against one man. That is large scale paranoia. Or is it large scale deflection? The paranoid posts say the deep state is people like John Kelly, other people like Hannity and some members of the military and law enforcement biding their time waiting for the left to make a huge mistake and then pouncing declaring martial law, bringing up various right-wing militias, his own version of the brown shirts, and shutting down the government. Poof there goes the Constitution and we are stuck with a second-rate human being dictator controlled by a foreign government. All the while Trump waiting on the Oligarchs to praise him for making America great again because their greed has so consumed them they go along to get along making billions. Now that is some paranoid thinking to be proud. Trump wants to be the most popular billionaire in the Country Club. No matter collusion or not, I feel Trump really wants to be Mr. Popular. I think that is obvious in everything he does. And that is scary, because people that desperate for attention can do crazy things.

So, what gives? Am I crazy? Right? Somewhere in between or is Trump pathetically embroiled in either one of the most Machiavellian disasters to face any country, a complete baffoon, misguided beyond a normal person’s comprehension, a pawn of the cancer of greed consuming our country, or what?

So why do so many people sail on S.S. Trump and fight so hard to keep it afloat? Could there be something in it for them? And what would that be? A rational person seeing the way he treats others would have great pause to get involved with him. Yet, so many people are on the attack to protect(?) Trump. His public policy is fair at best, he can muster up vocal support of some masses with his attempts at populist conservatism, even that though is weak, and he doesn’t follow through with it except vocally. Most of his actual policy is opposite of what he promised. How long can people accept this madness?

Shoot I didn’t want Hillary to be President either, but how can you continue to support someone who isn’t supporting you? His hold on his base also confuses me. There is nothing there to hold your hat onto.

So why do Nunes, Cohen, Stone, Hannity, Giuliani, and so many others work vehemently to attack this investigation. Something must be up, because there is way too much energy being spent deflecting something that is hard to prove. The secondary crimes are going to be easy. And maybe the alleged Russian money laundering will lead to the alleged collusion connection.  Who knows?

Nothing Trump does favors the whole of the country. In fact very little of the country benefits from his presidency so far. So, if someone isn’t benefitting from something that helps them why work so hard. I do not see many people helping others especially in D.C. D.C is more the capital of ulterior motives not generosity. Something gives and I do not see the why, but the why I do see is very ugly.

Anyway, these are not new thoughts, but I am curious as to what gives. Motivation is an interesting creature. What originally motivated Trump and what motivates his allies? We may never know the answer. I just hope we at least know what happened.