Thursday, July 20, 2017

I have a real radical idea

And I must tread real cautiously here. I still remember 1979 and that still holds much water in how we should view Iran, nor do I say we should elevate them in world politics.

Yet I think we should start taking a neutral stand when it comes to the House of Saud and Iran. We need to maintain a strong presence in the region for many security reasons, yet we do need to make some overtures to Iran for a variety of reasons.  They need to come back and offer something in return for what happened in 1979 and I doubt they will offer much if anything, yet we need to open that door. I know Israel will not be happy, yet in the long run this may benefit Israel. There is some delicacy needed here. 

The House of Saud takes us for granted. I am not saying break relations, but they need to change some of their ways and we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the House of Saud in how they treat their people just to have their oil.

It is time to start changing the geopolitical landscape a bit and make sure we know who are allies versus who is taking advantage of us because of our self-interest.

And this post is some foreshadowing to what a person might learn when I get back to my story. The story though is fiction; this post is to get people thinking. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Just some additional comments

Let’s put some context into the statement Donald Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer is not illegal (a recent headline).

First of all, people are right when they say illegal immigrants cannot vote in our elections.  Illegal immigrants have no right to vote, there should be no argument about it.

Or think about the Citizen United decision. There should be no way foreign governments or even foreign money of any type be allowed to be donated to any organization that sponsors money for a campaign, or advertises on their own for an issue or candidate. Just like it is illegal for illegal immigrants to vote; the same rational applies to foreign money being involved in our elections. Citizen United basically opens a Pandora’s box for abuse of our elections if we cannot know who is donating to some of these funds this ruling allows. This ruling should be overturned.

And so, it goes for any discussion or information from any foreign entity to influence our election.  You have a right to hold meetings with anyone as long as laws aren’t broken. Once you entertain using foreign information to influence an election, which on a side note how can you trust, you are engaged in illegal activity. This is subversive to our national security and the election process.
No foreign body has our best interests at heart. So, whether it is an illegal vote, foreign money, or foreign influence, any American engaging to help this activity should be held accountable to the people of this country no matter who.

And why cannot the Republicans pass healthcare reform? The answer is simple. They are trying to reform the ACA which wasn’t healthcare reform at all. It moved money around and required people to have health insurance, yet it did not do anything to reform healthcare. We will not have healthcare reform until the patient is the primary focus.  Doctor’s must be allowed to put their patient’s health first and not the financial well-being of everyone else and unfortunately including themselves.  Yes, doctors should be paid well, yet their bills should reflect their services not a mountain of other people because of how dominant the insurance industry is in the process.

Healthcare is care of us. It Is care of our health when we are sick, and yet it should also be care of our well-being and preventative health. Republicans or Democrats have not done this yet. Any bill focused on the money first, will always fail. And with lobbyists from the AMA, insurance companies, for profit hospitals, and groups that represent specialists etc… competing or protecting their special interests, how is the patient going to be the primary focus of Congress?  Healthcare reform will be a misnomer until healthcare is the actual focus of any legislation.

And I add my usual rantings about how both parties are failing us. Seriously, things will not get better until we make it better. Congress has completely forgotten that the primary focus should be the people and the Constitution. Everything else should be discarded.

I will add to my story soon and I promise to pick up the pace a bit with some action. Some ideas are developing in my head.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Comments then more story

I am sure you have heard the phrase don’t cry over spilled milk, well,,,, what about spilled Crown Royal. Ha ha ha ha ha

Don’t you get tired of working with people who kiss _________ then when you point out a problem and fix it, management treats you like the bad guy.

I have seen more families fight over nothing. No one is happy and nothing gets resolved.

I am on a campaign to get people to realize there is a difference between alt right and Russian trolls versus people who voted for Trump because they are just flat our angry. Sooner or later when the deal goes down on Trump we need to walk them back to regular America or they will be prime candidates for the real crazy alt right characters.

One of these days people will realize the Democrats have nothing to offer anymore. Nothing. Republicans have the responsibility of Trump and yet Democrats won’t win because there is nothing inspiring about them. Think about it. Clinton and Pelosi were the leaders of the party for a while. And it is not about them being women, it is about they just do not have a clue as to leadership, nor do they have any ideas to move this country forward. And ask yourself this: who do you think are the Democratic leaders? Especially on any type of youth front?

Now the story continues______________________________________________________________

Samuel had called the clinic and was told they could handle a patient for a few days. The problem was and Samuel had forgotten this, someone had to register and be responsible for the patient. This meant there would be a trail to follow. He had tried explaining to the Doctor the need for privacy and quiet, yet the Doctor would need to explain to corporate management what was going on, if they found out. Samuel again was glad he ran a local hospital and had large amounts of autonomy.

Daniel walked into Samuel’s office. Well, he asked when are we moving Greg. Samuel said he was still working on the details. He got an idea and called the clinic. The doctor there agreed. Basically, anything and everything that would be used from a band aid to medicine to any emergency procedures would either be replaced by the hospital or would register as done in the hospital. He could then bill Greg’s government insurance through the hospital and bill as a hunting accident. This much was already in the system. This allowed him to show Greg as a patient while in the clinic and if anybody checked on him at least all the bills would be coming from the same entity. He could rectify with the clinic later and the doctor agreed.

Now how to sneak Greg out of the hospital. He needed to load him into an ambulance quietly. The SUV was still in the back of his mind. The night admittance employee knocked on his door.

What? Did they show you ID? How did the FBI find out about Greg? The employee said he didn’t know and they were at the front. Daniel went to check.

He asked them for ID. They told him they were FBI and had heard a prominent person had been shot. Daniel asked them again for ID. They said they would be back and the FBI didn’t have time for local hacks like him.

Daniel knew they were not FBI. He had worked with them before and knew this was not how FBI agents acted. Now Daniel and Samuel felt a real sense of urgency. Did someone tap into the computer system and get the information that a hunting accident victim had been admitted. They had not entered his personal information yet just because they did not want the locals to swarm the place. Now they really wanted to keep his info private.

Daniel walked around the hospital and saw no signs of any SUVs on side streets or the couple of local restaurants near the hospital. He didn’t feel reassured.

Samuel spoke to Sandra about moving Greg and the need to be ultra careful.  He told her he didn’t feel comfortable about the Greg staying there because it may cause a stir either with the press or the local community that would make it difficult to run the hospital. He did not say anything about the so called FBI agents.

Greg was moved very carefully through the back of the hospital. He was taken down a freight elevator to the back door. Samuel had briefed the head nurse and a couple of others they were moving Greg and he needed their silence. They willfully agreed. Greg is still very popular.

He also had called the nurse that knew Greg from their youth and she agreed to meet at the clinic. He was glad she would meet there. Better to have less traffic in and out here. He was ahead of himself now. He was moving Greg before he really took over what he needed from the hospital, yet the urgency of getting Greg to the Clinic was paramount. He called and orderly to a different floor and asked him to load into one of the vans some equipment. The orderly knew something was up but agreed to quietly load half the equipment from the room. Samuel asked him to wait about thirty minutes then bring the van to the food loading area and load from there. It was late now so most of the kitchen staff would be gone. The rest probably wouldn’t care so better not to say anything to not peak their curiosity.

The back of the hospital had employee parking and behind that some side streets without much development, a few doctor’s offices and a pharmacy. Mainly the streets leading away from the back of the hospital could be easily viewed. Daniel left out the front door and got in his car. He headed away from the front of the hospital headed west, made a wide circle around town always checking his rearview mirror and then patrolled the streets behind the hospital.

While the sheriff was driving, Greg was taken down the freight elevator, and brought up to the loading zone entrance. The sheriff called the ambulance driver directly. The ambulance also left from the front of the building, turned back and entered the emergency area. The shift nurse had been watching from a room on the top floor. She did not see any vehicles react to the movement of the ambulance and let the Doctor know. He called the ambulance driver and then this time he very quickly went around to the back of the building. Greg was loaded into the ambulance in less than a minute and the ambulance drove off towards the streets behind the hospital; drove for a bit; all the while the sheriff watched from a distance then followed. No other car or vehicle moved. The ambulance made it to the clinic and circled once before heading to the back entrance. Greg was unloaded into the clinic, however, because the doctor was by himself and still not sure what to do it took some time. The sheriff never actually went to the clinic, just kept a watch around the streets near the clinic.

And luck was with everyone. By chance a person was there who needed a ride to the hospital. He had been waiting up front so had no idea of Greg arriving. The doctor asked the ambulance driver if he could give the person a ride. The ambulance driver agreed, but called the doctor and let him know what was going on. The doctor was glad because if anyone saw the ambulance drive from the clinic they would see the person get out and enter the hospital. The patient was showing signs of having a heart attack, yet if one, very mild. The ambulance will be able to arrive with lights and siren thereby causing quite a distraction and maybe might flush out the SUV guys again so he could get a good look at them himself.

Also, while this was going on, Sandra and the daughter could ride with the orderly and the equipment.

Greg knew he was going to have to stay at the hospital a bit longer and he both hoped the SUV characters would come and not come. He didn’t need any more anxiety about this situation. No one showed.
Soon everyone was at the clinic that needed to be there, the doctor agreed to stay till Samuel arrived and he also generously allowed Sandra and her daughter to use his office couch if they decided to sleep. The nurse and the doctor were going to be up all night.

Daniel drove around for a few more hours then went home to sleep for a few hours. He knew tomorrow was going to be a long day and better if anyone was watching for him to act like nothing was wrong.

The two black SUVs were parked at a motel in a nearby town. Two groups were debating if not fully arguing if they made a mistake when one group of them had entered the hospital. They were not one hundred percent sure Greg was there. They never found him, but they didn’t know the terrain and they had no idea if they had even hit Greg. The uncertainty had put them on edge. The sheriff being at the hospital led them to believe Greg might be there, but no idea if any injuries existed or the extent of them, if anything at all.  They could not spend too much time looking for him because there were hunters walking through the area throughout the day. They did not know he was found by the one person who could keep something like Greg being shot quiet. He had stumbled upon Greg almost right after he was shot and called the sheriff. Unfortunately, he also picked up Greg and carried him to his truck which aggravated Greg’s injuries. He rushed him to the hospital and was met at the door by the Doctor and a nurse and was rushed upstairs to the first room immediately. Hardly anyone realized what happened.
For Greg, outside of getting shot, his luck was with him in keeping his assailants unknown to his condition and whereabouts.

The two groups were to the point of fighting. Their assignment was to assassinate Greg, make it look like an accident and be gone. So far, they had no idea and now the possibility of some of them being on any hospital security cameras, which they were, ramped up the tension. The tension jumped even higher when Paul’s (his real name?) phone rang. He looked at the phrase unknown number on his phone and answered. Everyone went silent. All he said was “ongoing”, no other comment; listened for a couple moments more then everyone heard the click of the other line, even though the cell phone was pressed hard to Paul’s ear. Paul looked sick. Everyone knew this was a very delicate operation and they were picked because there was faith they could pull this off without leaving a trace. Now they knew the people on the other side were having doubts. And they feared for their own lives. They needed to give a better answer tomorrow than ongoing and then leave. They had to confirm or they would be gone by now, not worried about success, but their own hides. And quietly they all started worrying about the local sheriff. He also got a good look at them. They all wondered how good security cameras inside and out were at that hospital. Only one group had gone, so the other group felt slightly better. Yet not much since their employers knew them. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Read me a story Grandpa.. read me a story Grandpa

As regular readers know every now and then I attempt to write a free style story on this blog. Most of the time it comes in parts and sometimes I add other commentary on the same post. I do not know if anyone believes me or not, however, I write this as I feel at the time of the writing. I usually have some type of concept or a beginning or ending, yet the majority is based on me just sitting down at the time and working on it. I do not go back and rewrite it. I just sit and type whatever portion of the story is next and then move on.

I also try to write stories from start to finish that are rewritten or reworked to actually flesh out a theme, point, or just the story. I wrote my first one years ago and put it on Smashwords. I have other stories and other ideas I would like published to see if I can make money. Unfortunately, to get on Smashwords where it will sell on the Kindle type devices it takes some cover art requirements that I just cannot seem to manage to produce. Every now and then I crawl out of my shell and try speaking to people to find someone who might work on computer graphics. Hopefully my last foray into asking someone if they know anybody will be a bit more productive. For now, though I just post these free style stories on the blog just for fun. I hope you enjoy.

And a couple of secondary comments before I begin. If you make a mistake while driving such as missing an exit or turn the wrong way or get in the wrong lane, please do not inconvenience half the world and try to fix it by doing something horrendously wrong. Too many accidents are because someone just made a mistake then tries to correct it at the expense of others. Yes, it may take you three minutes to go somewhere and turn around, however, that will save you and thousands of others hours by not having the accident. Better to arrive late than dead.

And working downtown I see much pedestrian activity. So, if you cross the street against the grain of traffic/red light you have no right to yell at the driver who just slammed on their brakes to avoid killing you.

People just think they are more important than other people.     Where on this wonderful planet do they get that idea?

And now to begin the story

The sheriff entered the hospital room of a lifelong friend. He looked at him laying on the bed; tubes everywhere, machines bleeping, lights dim, what family he had in the waiting room for the time being, and for the first time felt fear. He did not know why. There was no reason for Greg to be here, he thought. No one was sure what happened. Best guess so far was a hunting accident of some kind. Maybe a stray bullet from someone else who didn’t realize Greg had been out in that spot of the woods. Truth be told, he didn’t like that answer. So much so that he immediately decided he wanted Greg moved to a different hospital and moved very quietly. How could he arrange this right now?

The Sheriff went and found the Doctor in charge. Luckily for the Sheriff it was another lifelong friend, who also felt some dread as to what happened. They all grew up in a rural county. Everyone knew each other and all the boys had grown up hunting together.  This is one aspect of the accident that bothered the Sheriff. Everyone knew Greg and knew he had come home to vacation, which always included hunting. His wife and daughter were at the family home when they got the news and had rushed to the hospital. They were both very distraught and were more worried about him surviving than what had happened. The sheriff wished he could think the same. Greg had always been a great friend and a blessing to the community as whole.

Greg had started his business right after graduating from the University, He earned his business degree and did the usual search for a job right away. Greg discovered he didn’t want to work for anyone else after trying to bullshit his way through a few dozen interviews. He had done well and had received many offers. He just didn’t find a company he liked. So, he came home and within a few years had one of the county’s most thriving businesses selling and financing farm and small construction equipment. Everyone loved him and he did well by his customers. His business grew to the point where most of the western portion of the State was a customer of his in some way or another. He had met his wife in college, yet when he brought her home she was just as loved as he. His daughter was prom queen in high school and was currently attending the same university as her parents. He was the American dream and he heard this all the time.

A few years ago, he turned fifty and decided he needed to do more. He had come to the Sheriff, an old friend to ask his advice about running for a political office. Daniel joined the sheriff’s department right out of high school, eventually went to the community college, then attended a small college at night while working with the County Sheriff’s office. He was as liked as Greg and as soon as he graduated college he ran for the office of Sheriff and won. He had held the office ever since. Daniel was about the only person Greg knew that had run for office. Greg had put so much time into his business he had never given any aspect of politics any thought. He didn’t even know what office he could try to win. Daniel and Greg had talked for hours and Greg left still unsure as to what he wanted to do. The memory of that night was haunting Daniel since he had encouraged Greg to run. He knew Greg would be just about the best representative the people of their county could ever have. He was hard working, successful, always gave money and time to the local charities, fair in his business, and flat out just a high-quality person. Daniel had joined the Republican party because he thought he needed to be in a party to run and he felt he was conservative. Daniel himself was someone of good character and very community oriented. He didn’t need a party, he just joined one. Everyone knew him growing up, just like Greg and the other boys who played sports for the high school. As a team, they were well rounded and loved. More than a few local hearts were broken when Greg left for the University and worse when Greg came home engaged and got married soon thereafter.

The Doctor, also of the same high school group, was not an athlete, yet everyone knew he was going to be something special. He was voted most likely to succeed and people said he was going to be a doctor. He worked as the team manager, yet spent most of his time working with the local doctor when someone got injured. He came home to practice after finishing school, internship, and residency because he was quite shy and practicing where he grew up was quite all right by him.  Many others stayed, some left, yet all kept in touch. When word started getting out, Greg wanted to do something it didn’t take long for everyone to tell him what to do.

The local Republican party jumped at the chance of having him run for office, however, Greg wasn’t too thrilled about Party politics. And because Greg was so popular, he pretty much won by acclamation as an independent. Yes, in just a few short months of campaigning Greg garnered enough support to win the District for House of Representatives in D. C.  And he never campaigned in the traditional sense. He just talked to people that wanted to talk to him. He was and still is a political neophyte. The culture in D. C. was a shock to his wife and him. Yet he managed to grind his way through his first term and now was in his third term. He was both liked and hated in D. C.
And very well respected. Since he was an independent his vote was courted on just about every issue. At this point in time Congress was just about evenly divided. His vote meant something. He heard from the Democratic and Republican caucuses, the lobbyists, people back home that needed something and even people who just came to visit D.C. In some ways, he was put off by all of it and in some ways, he loved it. He knew he was in a unique position to affect legislation so he worked hard to study the issues and vote based on what he thought was the better idea. Sometimes his constituents applauded him, sometimes that got upset, yet he had so much respect he was able to work through it all and win handily each time he had run.

There were a couple of other independents, however, they were different people from different parts of the country and they had very specific agendas. He did not always socialize with them, however, in the press and in the party machineries they presumed all the independents acted in a similar capacity. This was far from the reality. Each of them were very independent and if the national press and everyone else had really paid attention they would have seen the disparity in their voting records.

Even though the Doctor felt something himself, Daniel didn’t know how to really address his fears. Was he just overly concerned and once more information came to light the story would become complete? He didn’t want to tell Sandra, Greg’s wife, that something was bothering him. He was trying to figure out how to convince people they needed to move Greg quietly somewhere else. Daniel looked out the window and saw a few people outside the hospital he had never seen before. Could the national press have already heard something and were down to check on this situation? He hoped not. He figured this to be a high possibility. A Congressman was a national figure and people do keep tabs on them.  The Doctor addressed Daniel. You seem overly worried about something. Daniel was silent on purpose. Even though he was Sheriff of a rural county, you eventually had to do investigative work and he knew being silent was the greatest way to find out things. The Doctor kept wondering aloud about the type of wound and even the bullets that were taken out of Greg. BulletS. Daniel heard that and hadn’t realized Greg had been shot more than once. He looked at Samuel. Samuel continued. There were three entry wounds in the upper left shoulder from behind. One barely touched the heart, one punctured a lung, and one grazed through the top of the shoulder. And the Samuel mentioned it was probably someone chasing after a deer running and had stopped to fire through brush. There were traces of leaves and such in the wounds. Yet Daniel was thinking that is serious coincidence that all were so close. Yet he and the doctor knew if it was a hunter and had fired quickly, yet what type of rifle did the hunter have, to fire that quickly to put them all in the same spot if trying to hit a deer running through the brush. They both discussed the hunter must be from out of the area. Not because he hit Greg, but the conditions of the accident were of someone who did not know the area since where Greg was found was a known trail and most people would not shoot in that direction. Most people would be headed to deer blinds and other spots from the direction Greg was found. Daniel looked at the Doctor and said I want to move him. Now!

Samuel was perplexed. At this point he had no reason to believe anything other than an accident by an out of towner who should be beat publicly because this was Greg, but just needed to be found to clarify what happened.

A nurse approached the Doctor and said there were some people in the lobby who were inquiring about any accidents that may have happened and if everyone was okay. Daniel asked her if she had answered and she said no. She didn’t like the looks of them and told them today was just another routine day. Samuel turned to Daniel and said he is in very critical condition and waited for the nurse to walk away. He had asked her to continue to keep the news quiet so the hospital didn’t get overrun by too many well-wishers. The nurse knew Greg and thought this was a good idea. Neither man tried to let on to her the amount of apprehension that both felt grew dramatically. Samuel continued. He is very critical, yet stable. I know a small emergency clinic that is not too far. It is more of a doc in the box, but they can keep someone stable for a few days if necessary. We might be able to move some equipment over there also. We could load a small truck first and set it up. I know the doctor there. I will call him and ask when he shuts down if we can bring a patient because the patient needs quiet and the hospital has too much traffic. He is from out of town, but is a pretty good guy. We might be able to convince him to stay quiet. I am not sure though if some of these people or if press start asking questions what happens. Right now, it is our best hope for movement. I can call another nurse to stay the night with him. You might remember her, she was a few years behind us in school. She had a huge crush on Greg so she could be trusted to keep quiet.  Even though there were quite a few girls that liked Greg Daniel knew immediately who is the nurse and immediately worried that Sandra didn’t find out about this girl from high school. Sandra was going to need to stay the night also he figured. He hoped they didn’t talk much.  

Daniel looked out the window. The SUV and the men that were there earlier were gone. He decided to drive around the hospital and the block just to make sure they were gone before moving Greg.

Samuel went in and looked at Greg. He was scared to move him. He didn’t tell Daniel that Greg was barely hanging on. Barely. Yet for some reason he didn’t like that Greg was shot and now there were strange people hanging around. It could be the national press. Or maybe it is another hunter who may have realized he shot someone and is trying to find out something without giving away he was the shooter. The Doctor’s fears subsided a bit. That would explain much, yet he still decided till we know and especially if the press, better to keep Greg's injuries quiet. Sandra still struggled a bit with D. C. so she would not tell anyone unless it was absolutely required.

Now how do we move him? He ran the hospital and knew everyone so he knew the staff would keep quiet. Thank God, we are where we are.

To be continued….

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Some quick thoughts

So, the EPA wants to roll back some protections for waterways, including some that lead to sources for drinking water. The Republicans are working hard to remove Medicaid recipients over the next ten years. Is there a connection? Hmmm…. Poison people slowly then let them suffer with no way to seek health care. Yep that is one way to lower the need for government handouts.  Maybe not, that is pretty deplorable.

And quite frankly, I am not sure the Republicans can think that creatively.

Oh boy the Koch brothers do not want to give their money away if they cannot get their tax breaks from the health care reform.

And in the mode of being fair and unbiased, there was an article or an op-ed piece that says Nancy Pelosi was helping the Republicans to win. In a pretty straight forward way, I agree. The Democrats are clueless. They keep thinking they are going to win the mid-terms in 2018. I am wondering how.  One way might be to start campaigning on the notion to elect us and we will make Obamacare better instead of what the Republicans are doing.   And there are many other platforms they could jump on to attack what is going on in D. C.  oh,,,maybe they aren’t that creative either.

So, are the Rockets better with Chris Paul?   Personally, I think this is a weird pairing. And just exactly how did everyone know CP3 wanted to go to Houston so much so that the Clippers could get him to opt into his contract to make the trade. Hmmmmm…. Overall, I am curious as to what happens in Houston with this trade so I hope it goes through. And no, I am not a Rockets fan.

And is there really a Paul George trade in the next few days? Does he join a superteam? Does he create one by getting teams to work out deals? Cavaliers? Celtics? Lakers now? Exactly who is running the NBA? And maybe it is the players. Which is very good for some and not so good for many. Will we see true competitive basketball across the league in the next few years? Or just four teams that have the best talent for a few years and then when the luxury tax hits the team, players reform onto another team. Can young players develop in this environment? Either the NBA figures this out and the talent level spreads more equally or it could get ugly for too long.  And on a secondary note, if you want Carmelo Anthony to join your superteam, maybe he should take the pay cut now. Otherwise he will never get his ring. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two separate topics…...politics and basketball

Update to below. I started writing this last night before the results were in and didn’t get a chance to finish, yet I am not changing anything (even though it probably needs editing, but in a hurry last night and right now) since it is mainly about the Democrats and their failure to have a resonant message.

First, they voted in Georgia’s Congressional Special election today and the count is currently close. I have not followed real closely, however, from what I have heard they both tried to move to the middle a bit and avoided this being a referendum about Trump. Basically, this is what it used to be before let’s say 2008.

Anyway, I am not talking about the election, but why the Democrats can still drop off a cliff in 2018. I do not think they have learned their lessons yet. The National party has not developed a platform for 2018. And quite frankly they need one desperately. Hillary lost for two reasons, one no one likes her and two she really did not have a platform most of, many of Americans relate. She may have won the majority, only because her opponent was Donald Trump. And he won because enough people hate her, especially in the Midwest. And Mr. Trump put together what he touted to be a platform which in reality was just verbiage that spoke to many Americans. So much so, that enough voted for him even with all his shortcoming for him to win.

And this is where the Democrats are failing. They still do not have anything in place that speaks to most Americans. They are so busy speaking to their base and trying to cobble together enough individual groups to form a majority they have no idea of the electorate they are alienating. Trump can win again because the Democrats have no idea why people voted for him.

Most Americans just aren’t as socially liberal as the Democrats keep trying to make us believe. You cannot force change. I always say the best way to move the needle forward in any endeavor is to educate people so they know why your idea(s) work or are better.  So, you would think education would be at the forefront of their agenda. So, I ask you dear reader, have you heard anything from them on this topic. Yet they keep expecting us to follow along, like little ducklings because the elite of the party knows what is best for the country. I have said this a hundred times, either in the blog or on other posts, people do not like being talked down to. They want respect. People work hard for what they have and to be told they do not know what they are doing is political suicide.

I am going to address two issues that for die hard democrats or maybe more so for the party elite are deal breakers, yet these are examples of deal breakers for them.

One is the bathroom issues for transgenders. Democrats are trying to push this issue hard as part of their cobbling together various interests to form a majority. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are not comfortable with these bills. They may not come out and be vocal critics, yet they are uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or race, or even if religious. People are uncomfortable with the topic. Some democrats go along, but still are quietly worried. One example of the worry; I am a Father of daughters and Grandfather of granddaughters. I am not comfortable with the idea of men no matter their feelings about who they are, going into a public bathroom with my young female family members. And you may say that is you, if so, you aren’t paying attention. Sorry there are too many psychopaths running around for me to give blanket permission for men in women’s bathrooms. Or you may say you are missing the point, that is not what these bills are about. Well, goes back to the way I feel, not the way the bill reads.  And Democrats don’t see this, they prefer to force my social liberal way instead of realizing the country just isn’t as far along in this path as they think they are.

Or illegal immigration. Now is what Trump wants the right thing to do. No, yet he is onto something. People are upset about illegal immigration. I read an op-ed today and the writer had the right idea and used facts to back his points. Most polls, and again ethnicity and race don’t affect the results, show people do not support illegal immigration. This isn’t a bunch of white trash trolls yelling at the TV set. This is the majority of Americans. Democrats could take this issue away from Trump in a heartbeat by coming up with a real plan for immigration reform. He has no plan, just verbiage and an executive order he is touting as action.  People want some action on this issue that says, hey this is my country, can you do something about this. Now, can we come up with a rational sensible policy to address this issue? We can, however, neither party is trying. Trump is noise and Democrats are headed off into a direction that makes no sense and politically ignorant.

Let’s talk NBA and well Mavericks.

I would say it is a foregone conclusion the Mavericks are going to take Frank Ntilikina. I would say that; however, nothing is a foregone conclusion. Maybe inevitable, yet even that doesn’t work. And if the Mavs take him I am working on nicknames, so how about French Frank or F squared or Fryman since you know French Fries.   Yep, they suck

The Mavs have shown great interest in him.  And the Knicks some interest and they pick ahead of the Mavs so who knows.

The draft is less than 36 hours away, however, the landscape of the NBA has changed dramatically over the last 36 hours and the potential for more to come is still great.  The big news as you know comes from Boston and Philly flipping picks, plus other pieces; and the Lakers trading with Nets, which is a net gain for L. A. and a net loss for Brooklyn. Why would they even make that deal? Maybe I should apply for the GM job in Brooklyn, I could do worse, but I would have to be really trying.

Speaking of the Knicks, will they really trade KP, and take LM? I am not looking them up just for the spelling. I think you know who I mean. Someone other than the Knicks could become very fortunate. Why is it players that are proven aren’t worth more than draft picks?

Dwight Howard’s life just turned upside down. It would show him to be a real stand-up guy though if he plays well next year or at least gave the Hornets his all.

And back to Mavs, sort of. DeAndre Jordan may be on the trade block because, well Blake and or CP3 may be leaving. Wasn’t it Blake specifically that barred the door at Mom’s house when Jordan may have gone to the Mavericks. How does Mr. Jordan feel right now? And if Blake heads somewhere else in free agency, where does he go? Or Chris? And if Chris goes to New Orleans does Anthony Davis stay? Or does Ainge find a way to wrangle him to Boston?

I am not sure if the next 48 hours then free agency can top the past 36 hours, yet the potential is there.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Maybe it is time for Joy

I originally had the idea for this post early morning a few days ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t write it then because of the shooting of the Congressman and others. So, I do want to wish everyone that was injured a speedy recovery and hope that whatever drew this person to commit this heinous act can be spoken about so this does not happen again. Everyone knows I am not a Trump supporter, yet we still need to deal with just the issues and lose the hatred that permeates in parts of our society now.

Back to the original idea. I always hope that I can find joy just in everyday living, yet there are times when having a significant amount of extra cash is wonderful. Sure, I want a nice car or house. Yet, what really drives my desire for extra money is traveling. The wonders of our world both manmade and natural everyone should be able to enjoy. One of the reasons I seem so dedicated to my political beliefs is that every human has the right to enjoy life. And yes, sometimes going out costs money. I do not think everyone wants to be rich, nor do I believe it is a right for wealth. It is a right to have the opportunity to be the best person you can and to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. Our Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution spell this out much better than I.

To achieve the best possibilities for ourselves, we must continue to strive to be better as individuals and as a society. And to experience joy, we need the opportunity to fulfill ourselves intellectually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and with each other. When these opportunities are taken away from us, we lose as individuals and as a society.  Additionally, we can experience joy through living life and experiencing it at every opportunity. And that is one reason I like to travel. And not to mention eating tons of new food.

Traveling allows us to meet other people, learn about various cultures, and as mentioned just see and behold what exists on this planet. Not to travel is not to embrace our humanity. Or as a much better writer than myself once put it: “The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page". And this quote is attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo who, if he made this quote, wrote this when most people didn’t have the opportunity to read as much as we do today. Interesting.

So, I hope to continue to write about better ideas for us politically to hopefully spur in us the need to make a better society. Maybe mine might work, maybe you will find better. Either way we must expend the effort to improve our education, improve the current national dialogue, close the wealth gap and many other endeavors so people have opportunity. Failure to continue to improve from generation to generation is, well…. just failure. 

And traveling gives joy. It expands our horizons. It brings us closer together. We should look at each other, square in the eye and see each other for the wonderful humans we are, faults and all. Nothing is ever perfect, yet not going out into the world deprives us of everything that has been given to us.  So, pick up your knapsack, backpack, suitcase, carry on, make up case, shopping bag, and yourself to head out into the world. If you go with an open mind, you will be rewarded beyond your belief.

Additionally, the better half and I experienced a wonderful moment and received a gift of a plane ride around Dallas recently. I included a couple of pictures to hopefully spur you to be a bit more adventurous.