Monday, October 20, 2014

Voter ID quick comment

It appears some members of the Supreme Court think they are running in a Republican primary. How else do you explain the recent decision upholding voter ID laws? I know we do not want fraudulent elections, (some of the so called reasoning behind the laws) but it seems they are in the guilty until proven innocent camp with this law. And I know that this can come back to the Supreme Court since this was a ruling affecting the last minute change in voter laws, however, I want to comment on the some of the bigger issues when this comes back (hopefully)

There are many people who feel that voting is a right so this decision affects their rights. I do feel it is a right, but I also belong to the voting is a responsibility camp. It is bad enough we do not exercise our right to vote enough in this country, but to have the one body whose sole job is to protect the constitution support inhibiting people from following through on one of the few responsibilities we have as citizens of a democracy is beyond me.

There is a reason the Supreme Court Justices are appointed to serve and not have to run for office. It is so they can be protected in their role to make the difficult or unpopular decision that protects our constitution. This is to help them not be swayed by popular opinion which at times may not have the best interests of the constitution at hand. Too many of their recent decisions seem to be more impacted by certain political or popular ideas than truly protecting our constitution. I haven’t read Justice Ginsburg’s dissent which I hear is pretty hard on the decision so if I am being redundant to her position then just count this as someone who cares also.

It is bad enough that many times voter turn-out is low, but to allow the government to control who can or cannot vote is an abomination to our constitution. Even if it is just the slightest impediment, it is a door that should not be opened. It goes back to so much misreading of the constitution by the right wing of this country. The actual amendment says innocent till proven guilty in case modern politics has you confused.

A democracy is healthy when all participate. And participate we must.

VOTE PEOPLE, and as the joke says vote often (just once each election)

And in case you haven’t read earlier posts of mine, there is a difference between right wing and conservative. Sometimes a very drastic difference.

And on a completely different note, I think Talking Heads Remain in Light is an under rated/appreciated album.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Random Comments

Cowboys 30 Seahawks 23—-Wonderous disbelief

I have mentioned this before, but it has come back to haunt us at home. Congress needs to quit screwing around and truly work on elder care reform in this country. Their ineptitude is going to cost this country so much in the long run it is unreal. It is more than social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare etc, there is so much that needs to be addressed and all they do is bicker with each other. The amount of time wasted on trying to repeal Obamacare is crazy. Yes, it is not a good program, MAKE IT BETTER, instead of wasting my tax dollars grandstanding.

Sunday 3:45PM my Mother in law passed. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She lived through at least five years of dementia/Alzheimer, botched surgery, stroke, and paralysis. Strong woman who had a terrible end of life. The individuals who cared for her in many cases were outstanding, the system and what we are left with, is insane.

And by the way, some of the individuals who are caring for our parents and grandparents are getting paid squat. You can add them to the list of the underpaid/underappreciated people in our society such as police, fire fighters, teachers, and nurses.

Mid term elections are coming up and nothing will change, no matter how much we hate our Congress. Another sad state of affairs. I had mentioned in an earlier post the challenge of voting independent and asking to confront your Congress person to see if you can get a real answer to an issue. Unfortunately due to my Mother in law passing I haven’t had a chance to follow through on my end of the challenge, but there is still two weeks. The part about voting independent will definitely be done. Proud to say it has been since 1980 that I voted for a Democrat or Republican in a major election and rarely in local elections. (and that is very local, I vote independent on the state level)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Random comments

If you can't drive a large vehicle, please don't buy one.

Dear media, a sports rivalry is built up over years usually because of the intensity of the players and fans and not because two executives on the teams get into a tic for tac media outburst. College football has great rivalries, the NFC East has some good rivalries, and there are other NFL rivalries, and there are great college basketball rivalries,but Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets aren't a rivalry just because the media is bored.

Shaving, haircuts, and cutting your finger and toenails are the most unnecessary necessities.

A rivalry is when your team is given a fourteen point spread and you still believe they have a chance. Go Longhorns!

You know fan is the shortened version of fanatic when you start to believe the hyperbole of an owner even though you know better. Go Cowboys

Why is it the meek will inherit the earth, but nice guys finish last?

And finally rain and cooler temperatures here in North Texas. I still want to go to the beach, but it is a very welcome change in the weather.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Two challanges and a bit more

These are for the mid term elections.

You are never quite sure what you hear. Sometimes you can hear a story or about an event and you have no confirmation or all you hear is empirical evidence so you do not know what to make of it. Recently I heard something where I have trust in the source so I thought we should check it out.

I would like you to try to discuss with your Congressman an opposing thought on an issue. And since they will all be in their districts for the election I ask you try to do this face to face with your Representative or at the least with their staff or campaign staff.

And try bringing up the opposite view your Representative is espousing even if you agree with their platform 100% and plan on voting for them.

I heard that people were not given opportunity to discuss or staff members would even berate the person for trying to bring up issues or an opposing view. You have to wonder if this is true since approval rating for Congress has been so low. A healthy dialogue is important for democracy.

And since the approval rating is so low I have a second challenge for you if you do not want to vote for the incumbent. I have posted this thought before, however, now I would like to make it a direct challenge. And this goes double for people who don’t want to vote for any Republican or Democrat and feel any other vote would be a waste.

If you aren’t happy with Congress you need to vote. Vote independent, vote third party but vote. We will never get change unless people let the powers that be know we need change. As best as possible find a candidate close to your beliefs. For example if you are conservative vote libertarian and if you are liberal vote green party or see who is on the ballet and make your best decision based on who is available.

And you will not be wasting your vote. If non major party numbers show up it will do one of two things. It might spur more people to get involved if they see others are as tired as they are with Congress and not being represented. And maybe get lazy _______ people like me to work a little harder and try to create a new party that does speak for the middle class. Or it might be a wake up call to the two major parties that people really do want better representation and they actually respond to what the people of this country need. It will take votes though. So the challenge is don’t be complacent and go vote.

Some Dallas stuff.

It has been great fall weather here in North Texas. And that means you should head over to the Great State Fair of Texas. Yep you can eat more fried food in one day than you should eat in a lifetime. Seriously though, the Fair is a great time, come enjoy.
The Ebola news is crazy. The diseases is horrible, but we are getting so burnt out by it. People are complaining about hearing about it all the time, yet I bet if it wasn’t on the news people would be pissed they weren’t hearing about it. Either way I can’t believe we are the first place to have it land in the United States.

Can the Cowboys show any consistency today? It would be nice to see back to back good games.

And finally a media comment. I don’t know if it is me, my ego, or what, but there is some much news out there and so many news sites that really aren’t saying anything. It drives me crazy, but it seems I read so much material from paid journalists and writers that seem more amateurish than my stuff. Too much flash is on the web and not enough content people, please produce something better. This just may be one of the many reasons we have a disconnect with our government.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ego vs. Fan

A person can always make a prediction based on their interpretation of the facts at hand. Last year I predicted the Indiana Pacers would win the NBA East. They didn’t and so I had to placate my ego by saying if they hadn’t imploded I probably was going to be right looking at how badly Miami did against San Antonio. I know the Pacers aren’t the Spurs, but I think Indiana was overall potentially a better team than Miami. And since I am not a Pacer fan it didn’t matter to me except for a bit of a bruised ego that my prediction didn’t come to fruition.

It can be extremely different though if you make a prediction of a team you are a fan. And if you are a mega fan of the team the prediction can weigh heavily on you every day. And usually fans will make overly optimistic predictions. This year though I didn’t have much faith in my beloved Cowboys and am predicting they will go 5-11.

Now though they are 2-1 and our superstar owner is telling the whole world to “give the Boys a glance”. Yep the wonderful Mr. Jones is on his overly optimistic horse and wants the whole world to focus in on him, oops I mean the Cowboys. So am I riding that horse with him?

Lets take a look at the situation.


When I said the Cowboys were going to go 5-11 I counted the two wins they have right now towards my prediction of 5 total wins. And in some ways they were lucky to get the second win. I felt all three teams in the East were better and their out of division schedule was tough. I felt like they were going to be in some games, but unless there was improvement on defense they would lose close games in the end therefore only end up with about five victories. I said if they were going to have any chance at all the offensive line and running game were going to be a big part, but for the line to be good for the whole year it would be a huge step forward for them to gel this year. I felt the line has a chance to become a really good in the next couple of years if they are kept together.
I was worried about how good the defense was going to be. And even though they have made some plays I still think they have a ways to go to become consistently good.
The Washington New York game suggests Washington may have some problems so the Cowboys might pick up a win I wasn’t expecting. And even though they are 2-1 I haven’t seen hard evidence they will have a drastically better record than 5-11. I might be a bit off and they may end up with 6 or 7 wins, but I don’t see any drastic upswing at this time. I feel good about my prediction.


Can you believe these Cowboys? They are already 2-1 and wow wasn’t that a great comeback last week. Our offensive line is turning out better than expected. And our defense is making plays when they need to. Romo hasn’t looked great, but he is getting better each week.
So with our running game doing well, Romo getting better, and a better than expected defense the Cowboys have a legitimate chance of doing something this year. Maybe Mr. Jones is right and we should give the Cowboys a bit more of a glance.


The truth can be very elusive, but we might get a good glance at it in a few hours. The Saints Cowboys game may actually tell us something.
If the Saints hand it to the Cowboys tonight then I feel good about my pre season prediction. The Cowboys may have their moments this year, but overall it is going to be a struggle.
If the Cowboys lose a very close game and especially if it is low scoring because the defense plays well then that might bode well for an 8-8 or 9-7 season and my ego will have to eat a little crow.
And if the Cowboys win tonight then the fan inside me is going to be impossible to live with tomorrow morning.

I will step up to the plate and take my swings, I am still worried about the outcome tonight and the overall season. I want to be wrong, I fear I am not. And that is the problem with making any prediction for anything you have an emotional attachment. It only works when you are overly optimistic and the team performs better than expected. That is a rare day.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A news/media point

I love going to Yahoo since it pulls stories from many different sources. There are times when you can see completely contradictory headlines on the same story or topic.

This just shows me why our politics are so screwed up, how badly we need to teach critical thinking in public schools, and too many so called news sites pander to their audience instead of actually reporting news or investigating issues. Friggin amazing. Yet even when its obvious we still don't get it. If you only read one news source time to reevaluate what you know.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

There is too much..... and some NBA comments

There is too many cameras going in our society. I saw the article with the video of the Atlanta Falcons game where this girl reaches down and apparently grabs the crotch of the man beside her. There is a head of the fan in front of them blocking the exact activity, but the article alludes to something amiss going on.
First of all, there are tens of thousands of fans at this game. Are there this many cameras going that all activity can be seen? Or is there too much time on someone’s hands who can watch tons of video just to find something this inconsequential and try to make a story to post online. Either way pretty scary,
So it begs the question, who is the real big brother? Is it the government, corporations, the media, or social media? Personally I think the corporations are going to win in the long run, but if someone ever gets to the point where the can manipulate all four we are going to have a big brother on steroids like nothing George Orwell could ever imagine.
Again pretty scary that for whatever reason someone found this 10 seconds of activity on video and managed to convince their boss this was something relevant to post on a prominent website. It is pretty sad that we can no longer have a bit of fun without being demonized for the whole world. And worse someone got paid to be this juvenile. Us paranoidists are already sure big brother is around the corner, but it is sure manifesting itself in strange ways.

I worry a bit that the players in the NBA aren’t sure what they want anymore. This past offseason was a bit weird. Everyone was trying to be in the hip town on the superstar (like Heat)team, but nothing ever came of it. Yes Cleveland may have come close, but overall most “Stars” stayed put. No one could figure out which town and team was going to be the next “Heat”.
The Heat gave everyone a notion that if you threw a bunch of stars together you were guaranteed a championship. The Heat were talented and lucky. The East is weak and San Antonio threw one series away. They beat OKC because basically their stars were better than Durant and company. Coaching or team play were not the dominant factors in that series.
Anyway now all the players are looking to be on the next team. The next victim to fall for this misconception is Eric Bledsoe. Too bad for Phoenix, they were looking like a team on the rise.
And another sad note is the LA Clippers might have become a super megastar team if they could have done something in the off season. The Sterling fiasco really hurt that team. And for the rest of the West it could have been a disaster. Doc Rivers is a much better coach than Miami’s coach and so the Clippers could have truly dominated the league for awhile. They are still a good team and Doc a good coach, but now they are competing for second seed unless SA takes a step back. Imagine if they got Gasol or Melo, the balance of power would have definitely shifted.
So hopefully team play will become important again for the future and players will once again try to become stars by trying to win with their team. And maybe Minnesota will get to develop all the talent they may put together with draft picks and prove this point. Lets hope they emulate players like Russell, Havlicek, Reed, Frazier, Bird, Magic, now Duncan, and Dirk. Stars in their own right, but also stars for what they did with their teams. This definitely makes for a better NBA.

If you look up fans in the dictionary one synonym should be overreaction. I was reading the reader’s posts about Tyson Chandler’s comments about what Phil Jackson may have said about him.

Knicks fans were mostly complaining how he was no good, didn’t contribute etc and Maverick fans were treating his return well as the second coming of Chandler. As always there is a truth. I don’t want to comment on the Knicks fans because I don’t follow them too close. For the Mavericks’ fans though a bit of a reality check. It is great to have Tyson back, but remember he his older, had a few injuries, and for all his great defense in 2011 he had help and that help as moved on. Shawn Marion was just as valuable to the team as Tyson. The Mavericks can be better, maybe much better than last year with him, but we still need to fill a couple of roles before talking Championship. If things go well maybe Crowder will fill one of those roles, but we are on a wait and see for that.
And actually I am one of those fans that have to temper my expectations for this year, they can be better, just help my find my reality glasses before the year starts. Ha ha ha ha