Thursday, May 28, 2015

Random 2016 +

I’m only committed to the issue as much as the next voter I speak to is committed to the issue. Someone somewhere said something similar, I just cannot find it or at least Google can’t find it.

Is Rand Paul getting into goose step to win the primary? He didn’t say the above sentence he just seems to have jumped on board recently.

And will there ever be a scandal that brings down the Clinton House of Cards? Boy it looks like never.

And someone must have pissed off a rich American for so much of FIFA to have fallen so fast to “American Justice”. Everyone seemed to know all the problems, but only the US seemed to want to do something. Or were they just encouraged to get involved when someone didn’t get their wish? It is always money on one side of the coin or the other. Blatter probably survives for now. If he ends up a hero doing his own investigation now hmmmmm………………….

I like soccer/futball so hopefully some good will come of it.

Monday, May 25, 2015

More 2016

I am somewhat impressed with myself. The same day I posted “2016” the New York Times also ran a story about the Marco Rubio vs Hillary Clinton scenario. Even though I discuss that Democrats need to be wary of assuming Hillary is going to win and be careful of Rubio, the Times article goes into much more detail as to why the Democrats need to worry about Rubio. So if you don’t think what I am saying is of concern for the Democrats here is the link to the Times story:

Yet for me I am still trying to figure out how to move people to look at more alternatives. I am still with the belief that neither Hillary, Rubio, nor any other known Republican or Democrat contender is what this country needs. Well, okay there aren’t too many other Democrat choices right now, however, the Republicans have given us a smorgasbord of options. They just aren’t the right choices, or at least any potential to do us any good choices.

I fight a Don Quixotic battle or it must seem so to many of my readers. I disagree with my own statement here. Democracy thrives on growth. Even if no one listens, there is still a good fight to be fought. I cannot sit back and let the country be hijacked by a few. If I sit quiet I fail in my duty to my country. If I lose, I lose, but I lost because my message is not strong enough, not because I am wrong.

We need new leadership. We are not getting this from our current two major parties. And one drag on changing maybe the perception that people, including myself, always talk about is “third” parties. So let’s try saying we need to replace the two major parties with new ones or at least have a new major party. Change comes about when people accept the inevitable and sometimes they just need the change put into a language they can accept.

There may be too much talk about the idea of third parties so people do not relate that to being a main stream change, but a peripheral group that is just tolerated. I propose to change the verbiage going forward that we need new major parties. When the old die, let them pass away with grace. And that time has come. I don’t want to speak ill will of the dead, but let us acknowledge what is dying and find the new born for the 21st century.

It isn’t that our values and our ideals are changing, it is finding the people/vehicles that can keep them fresh and responsive to our present. The current two parties have lost that ability. My goal is to open the eyes of a reader and hopefully engage them enough to help spread and activate this message.

So if you are afraid to change I give you this quote from Mae West.

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

We are already going off a cliff with the current group in office, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to hand over the steering wheel to someone else. They may actually make a turn.

Friday, May 22, 2015


To tell you the truth, I am very unexcited about the candidates and potential candidates for 2016. There is not even one I can enjoy hating. They are all so bland.

These are dangerous elections. Are we going to settle???? The Democrats still seem to be settling on Hillary. And as I have mentioned before this is dangerous for them.

I saw one article that stated there are 18 potential Republican candidates. And the same article pretty much said there were 3 front runners and that Rand Paul was the dark horse as the fourth possibility. One of the front runners mentioned was Marco Rubio. Still of the whole bunch no one excited me or even came close to making my blood become temperate, much less boil.

Another piece to this puzzle that is building is the Hispanic vote and that some Republicans are backing Rubio hoping to “court” their votes. If the Republicans would wake up and become an inclusive conservative party, they wouldn’t have to “court” this vote. The term Hispanic encompasses more than most non-Hispanics realize and most have conservative values and principles. If the Republicans would quit being idiots they would actually have a whole new base to work with and for. The opposite side of the coin is the Democrats cannot just expect the Hispanic vote to fall to them just because of the immigration issue. They are lucky right now because most hard core Republicans won’t give much on this issue so by default Hispanics are voting Democrat. Truth be told though, their values line up more with a conservative view point (not necessarily Republican view point). Something the Democrats need to be more cautious and aware about.

Back to Rubio: I read an article today and the link is below. And before some of you go oh it’s a fox news article it is not worth reading; you are exactly who needs to read this article. First of all, it is well written, second it makes a strong case of Rubio’s growing chances. The author is stepping out and saying Rubio will get the nomination. I am not saying that now, but his points present a strong case as to why he might win.

Hillary vs Rubio is not the shoe in the Democrats may think it is. For me though, neither excite me and it worries me that we are not moving forward as a country. Rubio will be used by the Republicans and they won’t change and Hillary is complete validation the Democrats do not have a damn new thing to offer.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A rose is a rose by any other name...or is it?

I was trying to post the comment below to this story, however, for some reason it just wasn’t going through, I am still trying though. Anyway some thoughts for now.

Conservative, moderate, liberal, extremism, etc.. I think we have come to the point that are all political labels don’t line up very well anymore. If we want a moderate, what does that mean? Who are conservatives? Liberals?

To me liberal thinking in the 1700’s should now be conservative thinking in the 2000’s, and some “extremists” so called “conservatives” espouse this, but their actions are totally contrary to their words. Liberals are using big government to accomplish their agenda, but big government in the 1700’s was not liberal. Very simplistic, but I have to start somewhere and so in my opinion we are all struggling with our political identity.

We should work to decide what are the best policies for the country and let the current labels fall to the wayside. Some people have some good thoughts below, but they are all framed with the current verbiage. I think by changing the actions the verbiage that best describes who you might be, will evolve.

These are just some quick thoughts on one reason why we cannot move our country forward politically right now. There is definitely much more to be examined. Right now to me the real goal is to prioritize what is most important for this country and find the best solutions. And under the current model of the two parties we have that is becoming impossible. And the discussion in this article is another pressing reason we are struggling.

I am completely amazed that the development of new parties is not moving forward. I think new major parties are needed. This article is just the tip of the iceberg of the problem and I am surprised this is being treated as new news. This has been growing exponentially since the early 2000’s. I do know new parties could fall to what is happening currently, but at the very least a shake-up of the power structure will help us evolve for potentially a couple of decades especially if the people drive the change.

For an example go back to T Roosevelt and the Progressive party of 1912 and you can see change is possible, it just takes work.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moments in life

Well I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. The better half enjoyed hers, along with the daughters who are now Moms. Mother’s Day is actually the end of a few family events so it has been hectic around here this past month. All went well and all is well.

And this bit of life got me to thinking. And strangely about my grandparents. One set of my grandparents were Church of Christ members. There always seemed to be conflict between my Mom and them. My parents divorced when I was very young so my Dad was out of this picture. Long term though they always seemed to want what was best for everyone, just be in complete control. Once my Grandfather passed my Grandmother did lighten up extensively. All this is fine and good, but what I was really thinking about was how they lived in retirement compared to what my generation wants out of retirement. Honestly I do not know how they handled retirement. They came from the generation that worked through the depression so all they knew was work. Times were tough for them, but they got through and eventually retired to (drum roll please) …..Florida….. bet you could have guessed that one.

I do know my Grandfather fished a tad bit, but I do not know otherwise what he did to fill his days. My Grandmother of course spent the day cooking and cleaning and well she cooked and cleaned and cooked and cleaned and you get the picture. We always ate well when they visited. Looking back I am at a loss as to what were his expectations from retirement and well maybe his whole generation’s vision of retirement. Everyone went to Florida and went crazy I think.

My generation is obsessed with what we are going to do in retirement. Some still have the historic protestant work ethic in our bloods so retirement may be difficult, but otherwise I see a whole different set of insanity developing (not considering the Tea party). I still have a few years to go and can hopefully save back some of all the retirement money I lost in the recession. My goal is to travel. And hopefully I will now and in the future.

Overall there is a whole marketing campaign to people my age retiring. Some ad companies are making a fortune off of what they perceive we want. And I am sure they are at least partially right.

The internalization of what went down for my Grandparents is difficult to put my finger on. I wasn’t old enough or it was not important enough to talk to the Grandkids about life. When my Grandfather did spend time with me, it was to show me how to do household chores or tell me why I shouldn’t be a Democrat like my Father. If you said Hubert Humphrey around him, you could trigger a heart attack.

I was trying to link this thinking to now starting to watch my Grandkids grow up. What do I tell them to spur their development in life? As a grandparent, what expectations should I have? Yes, the whole family knows I do not like Democrats or Republicans and they hear more than enough they need to become independent. They take me with a few grains of salt. And actually though they are struggling with party identification and I do not think it is my influence, but they see the same things I see that cause my frustration. They are just seeing it through their lenses. Not sure, but I am thinking this.

Anyway, I always talk about what we need to do to better our country. Sometimes I forget, where should I spend my energies or prioritize my life. If I sit back and wonder about my Grandparents, am I going to leave my grandkids in the same boat? I hope not.

I do have to admit, the better half and I try to create a fun family (it is not perfect by any stretch), but we try to engage them and keep them whole in spirit. This past month has been good and hopefully the kids and the grandkids remember these times and realize that life is to be enjoyed. Yes you have to work hard, but there is more to life than just work. And hopefully one day I can find ways to fill my days that are productive in many ways for myself and my family. And maybe that will lead me to talk to my grandchildren about life and more importantly they will listen and want to talk with me about life also.

Rambling thoughts on a wonderfully cool evening here in North Texas. Much different than the last week here and all the storm destruction. Keep all the families who lost loved ones here and in the Amtrak disaster in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Contrarian Conservatism

I never know what to title my posts, but it seems this title fits some of my overall thinking.

Usually I like to discuss general issues that I think will benefit our society as a whole. I focus on education and the economy for most of my ideas or support for better policies. I feel if we improve our country for the whole then the other issues are easier to tackle. I think this is especially important with education. If you want a strong democracy, you need an educated populace. There are times though when I observe something and I feel it needs to be discussed.

I have been saying I am trying to give up posting on the all the news stories because they are just too hyperbolic, argumentative, and downright nasty. Well like most New Year’s resolution, this has fallen by the way side. Lately I have made a few posts on the major liberal sites like Huffington Post, Salon, and Thinkprogress. I am trying to enter subtle conservative thinking into the blogs. I get tired of the idiotic right wing diatribe calling itself conservative so I am trying to show the liberals there is rational conservative thinking in a small way.

As a reader knows, the liberal and conservative websites are going to have different priorities for their stories. This is obviously issue based. One issue I have noticed that is lacking on the liberal sites and which is shocking to me is the lack of discussion of race relations recently. I know I do not read them all the time, but I do read them pretty regularly and have seen just about nothing discussing what is going on in our country with the police shootings and riots. I would have thought there would be more discussion and especially some ideas on how to improve this situation.

As mentioned before I am a big believer in education and I feel that education in the long run will help to overcome discrimination in our society. I also feel an improved economy with equal opportunity for all will help improve this issue. The current problem shows we are regressing in our society. I do not think issues with a person’s race is a problem for everyone, but enough of our society is affected that this should be moved up to a national priority.

One of the problems is the large amount of endemic poverty and ignorance for large sections of both Caucasians and African Americans. Again education will help alleviate this problem, but the situation is so bad even an immediate improvement in education for all will take about 2-3 generations for race relations to show real improvement. We need to start implementing ideas to find some common ground to get started or the regression in race relations will only get worse. And this may come to a shock to some people, we do not want this to happen.

If you want to be a conservative, then you need to think how I conserve our values. One core value is the idea that all men are created equal and how we accomplish this is to give equal opportunity to all. Liberal in the 1700’s, something to conserve now.

And coincidence of coincidence, the better half showed me this video while I was typing this post. It is not about the specific issue mentioned above, yet indirectly it is very relevant. It is a humorous video from another perspective that depicts some of the problems ignorance plays in a multi-cultural society. Try this link and I hope you enjoy. or

I use to read George Will regularly. I still do every now and then. Recently there was an article where he called Gov. Huckabee appalling. Check this link out.

Also in the article he mentions Adlai Stevenson as a reference point for one of his points. I have always thought he was one of our last great thinkers in politics. Yes, I know he is a liberal, but he had a good grasp of some ideas our country needed to tackle at the time. If we had, maybe things would be different. Also I plan to post about another liberal soon, as a conservative someone I don’t always agree with, but someone who represents the last of the era when some politicians actually did work.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Continuing a few thoughts--updated

Regular readers know I will get on a soapbox about education every now and then. Recently in local news there has been more criticism of Dallas Independent School District’s Superintendent from the school board. Historically the school board has spent more time finding something wrong with the person they hire than actually spending anytime improving the education of just one child in Dallas. I haven’t searched for a follow up to the story since this happens all the time here so I don’t know what happened, but hopefully he kept his job and is actually able to do his job.

“Youths are to be regarded with respect.
How do you know that their future will not be equal to our present?” Confucius

As you know I feel we do a horrible job of educating our children. I have suggested in the past that we need to completely rework how we educate our child and model it closer to child development. There is so much research out there about how children develop and learn that it is a shame these models aren’t even discussed in the mass media and in school boards around the country. There may be some examples out there I have not heard of (and actually I hope there are), but right now I am not seeing any and since I keep an eye out for these types of stories I am worried about the future of our children and country. If you are interested there are some previous posts with rough draft ideas of how I envision this could work.

For all those who like to make fun of the Republican candidates for the Presidency in 2016 making statements like I see the clown car is filling up again etc from around news stories posts, I give you this quote:

“The problem with political jokes is they get elected” Henry Cate VII

Wish I had said that, but more importantly for all the elitist leftists and pseudo intellectuals that think none of the Republicans have a chance; be careful who has the last laugh. And if you think it is impossible, see comments about education in this country. I get so tired reading comments from people looking down their noses at the masses. Their complacency and ignorance about what is really going on is very scary.

And continuing on the same note, I wonder do the liberals realize having a large federal government be in charge of solving all our problems only gives the fascists the government and bureaucracy they need to make their job easier to control our lives. There is something to be said for State governments to solve some of their own problems. One means less reliance on an overly centralized government and even more important if we could elect better state legislators we might have some creativity in problem solving. Some local problems are best solved by locals and this also gives us a database of ideas to adapt to other localities to solve their problems. I do agree there are problems that need to be managed at the federal level, but not all of them.

The term State’s rights does have some bad connotations, but to turn it around in a positive way where State’s actually do something productive would benefit the country as a whole. It does go back to elect the right people though. Just because a government is large does not make it great, much less worthwhile. There is something to be said for efficiency and moderation.

And then there is this:

There are people actually doing something more than me just babbling away. Thank goodness