Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fighting another paranoid post

You know how it is.  A thought creeps into your brain, you hear something, then it finds a neuron to latch onto, a synopsis lights up, it finds another connection, the electrical impulses bouncing around gray matter find a path and the next thing you know your whole being is consumed by an ugly thought. One that won’t go away. It dominates every part of your brain, growing worse than weeds throughout every cortex it can find. You drink a glass of wine more like a shot of tequila and it is still racing within and throughout that part of your body you rely on for reasonable action.

Your eyes turn so white you belong in a Paul Ryan selfie, your heart races along at a clip to blow two or three valves, your nerves are so on edge just the slightest sound makes you jump; everything in your being is consumed.

Yeah, sure, the reality is happening: The Republicans are actually going to nominate Donald Trump for President. Surely this one fact alone can’t be causing all this anxiety. No, it isn’t. You hear things, read things and it just starts to add up in this hyper vigilant state your brain is functioning.

And all your worse fears start to play out at a rapid fire pace. You can’t keep up, but overall one theme dominates the process. All day long you fight it. Every waking moment is put to the effort to keep your worst fears pushed aside, yet they grow back stronger and stronger, now to the point where rational reflection of what you are thinking is buried under the rubble of too many brain cells fried from long ago. What you actually fear is coming true is more dynamic than any fiction you try to create.  The panting, the wide eyed stare at nothing is only some symptoms of the raging paranoia completely engulfing the space behind my eyes. Is there even a soul to look into at this point?

My God you scream, what are we doing? How on Earth can a rational well positioned country with the best well written idea of government ever devised by man be nominating, much less electing the most narcissistic, irrational, pseudo fascist, completely devoid of any idea of how he would run this country once elected individual for the highest office in the land? How did we come to this?

And oh by the way his competition is the biggest most dangerous corrupt politician ever conceived of in this country. She makes Richard Milhous Nixon look like a boy scout. Yes, she hides it well and the Democrats will be nominating her next week.

Oh, but, don’t let me stress you out. This is just a moment that the history books will never mention. Whomever wins will get to write their interpretation and all will be copasetic. So do not fret over me, once November comes and goes, people like me will disappear into the wild blue yonder never to be heard from again. Can’t be upsetting the apple cart now, can we?

And heck, this is the mild version of what I wanted to write. I glanced at a story this morning stating where one delegate from Virginia was in a situation with one of Mr. Trump’s campaign workers and had to ask: are you threatening me or my State?” Just who exactly is working for Mr. Trump?

And in the end, people like me are labeled the bad guys. Wake up America,     please.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

There is so much on so many levels..

..that suck

Where does a person start? I was pretty much in a foul mood before this weekend started and wow, talk about life putting so much into and normally I would say perspective, but I am to the point where I do not know where perspective is right now. So where is everything being put. Well hell in a handbasket again comes to mind.

I was going to write about Gov. Pence being chosen the presumptive VP and I will get to this in a moment.

First though I am glad I am not a citizen of Turkey. Normally this isn’t a country that is on my radar much, but from what I understood before Friday President Erdogan was consolidating power and certain freedoms such as speech, dissent, and the press were starting to disappear.  Now I am never in favor of a military coup even if it is ostensibly to bring back democratic processes as long as the country is still electing the political leaders. Yet one has to wonder were they ahead of the game or just another set of despots? Either way or no matter which side won (apparently Erdogan) the average citizen is going to be losing their political and general rights going forward. I think the general consensus his he will use this as an excuse to clamp down on any and all opposition.  Of course any military dictatorship would be doing the same thing. Just not a great time for the average Joe in Turkey.

And then this morning more police shootings. And in Baton Rouge of all places. Now do we know if this was a targeted attack on police officers I do not know. Honestly I have been so busy this afternoon I haven’t seen a news update since around 3. I definitely do not want to jump to conclusions and the last reports I saw were people trying not to jump to conclusions.  Could this be a real attack? That is one horror we will have to deal with; or is this like Dallas where a person with some serious issues uses the racial issues to relieve the inner demons tormenting their brain? First of all, there is still much to learn about the Dallas situation and we are over a week past the original night. And then there were some reports what happened in Baton Rouge was the police being called to a developing situation. I think those reports are incorrect, however, I am not 100% sure. Last I heard though they were determining it was just one person.

And on a side note and especially since this may have been one gunman with an unclear motive and going back to the Dallas situation. We have got to do more for mental illness in this country. I do not know if it is me, yet we study everything on and off this planet, but the one biological function on this planet that is the most complex we just don’t seem to study enough. In fact, it is the brain that studies everything except well itself. I do know there are scientists and physicians that do study the brain, yet there is more going on in our heads that we have yet to even begin to understand. So again why aren’t we addressing mental illness more in this country? And that is not a rhetorical question.

And so we gather together, pray for and console the families and the survivors and our wondrous leaders speak and say wonderful words and we are back to square one. This could all happen again tomorrow.

And now I come to a point I want to make, yet doing so I give away something I want to use in my next installment of the story I keep trying to write. So here goes the general statement, there is a danger when a government that is supposed to be self-governing by the people become disenfranchised by their own inaction and allow a small set of people that have only their concerns take over the general wellbeing of said government. Obviously I am talking about the infamous 1% and our little angst and suspicions that they buy off Congress for their own good. When the people relinquish their responsibility to others then we end up with what we have today. A very disjointed country with hatreds, prejudices, an ugly history all rearing its head and all off it against ourselves. It does no one any good for racial strife to continue in this country, yet it continues fed by ignorance and hate. And when the leadership is so inclined to pay attention only to the people paying attention to them, the needs of the people are forgotten.(and people mention this all the time and it still continues) Yes, many politicians will say we need action, yet it is their inaction over decades, their lack of leadership to move the country forward instead of being self-serving that is partly responsible for the downward cycle into this morass we see now. And yes it is our responsibility, too;, for not speaking up earlier against the continuation of the past and like I mentioned before us relinquishing our responsibilities and letting others have their way, we cannot complain. We are forced to act now, but we cannot complain. If we want to continue to be a self-governing people we need to start taking back our country.

And on another secondary note, I will be starting off my next installment with a quote. I will challenge you on this quote. I want to you to figure who said this and when. I will have to leave a few words out through the couple of sentences involved so as not to tip off the time frame too easily. I hope you read and research the quote. It will be interesting to note what was said and when and how it applies to today’s world. There will be more than what I quote that will not be directly discussed, but hopefully comes out in the story. The quote is not directly related to the story. It is only a partial relationship. And I am keeping to my word and only working on the story when I actually sit down to write. I just ran across this piece while reading the other night and thought it might fit. The actual story will move directly from the last post.

And back to why I originally became in a foul mood. Okay wait stop, also as part of my driving around today I saw a very horrible accident. I am trying to type my Pence thoughts so I didn’t see the ten o’clock news so I do not know if it was reported, but it was definitely an unsettling sight.  Again if you are going to pray for the people shot by the police and their families, the police and their families in Dallas and Baton Rouge and for the forgiveness of the souls of the two men who created the two tragedies, please add whoever was in this accident. There was a completely burnt car draped over the median wall of the highway, a light pole knocked over and some other vehicles on the other side of the highway I could not see over the median wall. All in all it was a horrible day for these families also.

And as you know I am outright against Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton being President of our fair country. I, as many of you, feel we just do not have a valid choice for leadership amongst the two. I have expressed here and on the message boards of the internet news sights my displeasure with this choice. We are not choosing the lesser of two evils with this election we are choosing the horror of the results of giving up our country. How can anyone honestly feel Mr. Trump can act rationally based on what we have seen in the primaries? How can anyone flat out believe anything Ms. Clinton says at any given point? They are both narcissistic egoistic people who only want to be President so they can be President. Let’s not get into the seriously flawed what pretends to be platform either one of them is espousing, just who they are is crazy. We are about to elect by popular vote someone who gets votes based on who the majority of this country decides which opponent they hate more. Really folks this is how it is shaking out.

Anyway you know my feelings there, sorry to bore you with them again. Like I said I am in a foul mood. And so you ask, why are you upset about the Pence choice? Well maybe you didn’t ask, but what the heck I am going to answer anyway. Yep I am in a foul mood.

So Mr. Trump capitulates a bit and chooses someone who seems a compromise candidate to the hard right Republican base. Is he giving in? Is he showing he can work with people? I really don’t care. What happens now is the possibility of a brokered convention is weakened. And yes I wanted a fight on the convention floor so to speak. Now we have to be careful, I am not talking about real violence, but a good hard core political fight. Lots of votes, lots of accusations, lots of finger pointing and a result that leaves Trump out of the race or at the very least a split party where only his hard core base is left supporting him. Anyway somehow some way we get back to even though I detest the thought of what is called a lesser or two evil choice type candidate as the Republican nominee.

Does this mean I want it to get so crazy that it lets Ms. Clinton get handed the election? NO! I want the Democrats to look at how bad of a choice Ms. Clinton is and that enough delegates take a good hard look at the Republican convention and decide that doing the right thing is the right thing and blow that convention up (metaphorically speaking of course) sheesh got to be careful in today’s environment, but I do want to say how strong of an action I would like to see. And it gets crazy, lots of floor votes, lots of political infighting and the Democrats produce a detestable, but salvageable lesser of two evils choice.

And as you know I hate the lesser of two evil choices, I feel us choosing this route is one of the reasons we arrived at where we are today politically, but hopefully this time we can slow down the ship before it falls off the cliff to maybe buy us the time to actually learn something from this year and do something better in 2020.

By choosing Pence the hope of last minute rationality creeping into both conventions is now weakened and we are now stuck with horror being elected President of this country in November. I did see one article today that mentioned how it may be still possible, still far fetched, but possible that a third party candidate could get on the ballet. Two problems, still no one anyone wants to vote FOR has materialized and two there would have to be much court action to override some of the State deadlines for getting on the ballet. If only, if only, if only………….

Well enough said, it is late, this has gone long and I always want to be positive and nothing about these past 72 hours even portends to be positive. And I didn’t even talk about Nice in France. WOW.

Long live the Constitution, the Constitution is dying.   Please let this be a nightmare from which I can wake!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


It seems strange that the people who most should be vested in improving this country overall seem to miss out on what is going on.

And you can see this at many levels. I know I rant and rave how the Republicans and Democrats have failed this country. And yet there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people over the years who have worked countless hours for both parties honestly trying to make things better. I forget that I do not want to lump these people in my rants, for it is the leadership they cling to year after year and uses them that is the source of my wrath. And I know I sound like I belittle them over and over again, yet I do not know how to separate them from what has happened within the parties.

I know many people who work for campaigns, ideals etc… but in the end after forty or fifty years why hasn’t the world improved for all their efforts. We work so hard to rely on systems and processes, but these very same processes are backfiring on all the good so many people have tried to implement or create.  And I am no better. Sometimes I spew some verbiage that probably upsets and irritates the very people I want to communicate my ideas and hope they see that their efforts are not the problem, it is the path they have been misled that is the problem. It is ironic that the people I want to help change the world for the better I probably spend excessive amount of time insulting in a backwards way.

And then it is ironic to me, that I have no idea how to wake people from this slumber of missed dreams and nightmare of the disaster this election year is foretelling. I can understand that if you have committed your life or your ideals to something you have been told is the right way to fight for what is right, one person is not going to automatically create a political epiphany.  So I rant on hoping to maybe hammer the nail enough times that it starts to stick. Probably not the most productive way to change minds.

Yet I also wonder after so many decades why more people aren’t questioning why this hasn’t worked.

For all the need to improve the middle class, shrink the wealth gap, bring back innovation and creativity in all aspects of our life, improve education at a much greater level than improving standardized test scores, everything that would combat and defeat so many of our problems facing us today, this very same middle class sits and stares at everything with inertia. The reality they need to be more involved with their community, their government and more than their peer group passes by them like a dream they have forgotten once they have woken up.

And I am as guilty as everyone else. It is we see one windmill and spend our time trying to defeat it, yet, there are so many we either ignore or run away from. When I was young I use to think I was better if I found someone that was a bigot or racist I would not associate with them. I thought I was being the better person by distancing myself from them. This was the worst path and I fear there are many like me. It is ironic I ran from one of the very problems that needed to be addressed head first. Instead of solving the problem I ignored it, maybe like many others. And so it continued to fester and today it is like we are back to square one of the 50’s and 60’s. And in some ways probably worse because other problems have grown such as poverty, education is bad for the middle class and much worse for the neighborhoods left behind even more so. The separation of which schools are the “good schools” is definitely following along social economic divides. This is exactly what we do not need or even more importantly what we should not want.

Everything we dream of, everything we value, we cherish, is still available to us, yet we are more consumed by consumerism than drive. The exact things that should be bringing us together such as community involvement, church, sports and entertainment, only bring us a brief respite. We go home and our ignorance or our hatred or are indifference continue to thrive. There are times when we do exhibit being great; when our country does show that this historically youthful concept of self-government is something to behold. And then we let the parts of us, our humanity, that we should strive every day to conquer be consumed with what is wrong with us. The small minority that live by the hate, that do not want others to succeed because they feel so insignificant that others’ success tear into their soul that they lash out and do harm to others. I am not talking about the one person who is suffering from mental illness etc, but the person who can be rescued, but has sunken so far away from humanity that he or she tries to drag everyone down around them. And in doing so finds the others they can manipulate, they can feed their anger, and send another person spiraling down into an ugly abyss.

It is these people we need to confront. We can say all the right words, but without the right action we are fighting an unnecessary uphill battle.

It is ironic that we spend so much time working to do what we are told is right, we miss the true battles. We do not see the real enemy and it is not us, yet us.  Tomorrow you and I will get up and go about our daily routines. We will see the same people we see most of the time. Some of us will interact with different races or cultures or religions regularly some not so regularly. We will smile and be polite. Some of us have friends that do not look like us, yet do we still notice. And quite frankly it is okay to notice if we notice for all the right reasons. Can you enjoy learning new things, trying new foods, listening to different viewpoints? Dropping these barriers are noticing the right way. It is when we notice for the wrong reasons, such as they are taking something from me, they are depriving me of something I think I have, they are ruining my advantage in life (and many times this is an imagined advantage).

Yes, without question there are people that have more than others. And quite frankly some people have a much better opportunity at the very moment of birth than others.  This is because of money, this is because of color, this is because of the exact spot and time they were born. Starting ahead though does not make you a better person. As said by many before you are a better person when you make others better. Someday I hope to be a better person until then I will continue to rant and rave and hopefully through my folly I can learn what it is to be better with you.

So it is ironic that we, the people of the United States, at times produce and create and become one of the greatest nations in the history of the world and simultaneously we strive to destroy our own dreams our own ambitions by ignoring ourselves, ignoring our own hopes and dreams by letting a minority of hate and self-loathing become the dominant player in our world. I hope tomorrow you find that moment each of us has each day to bring out what is best in you and in others. Somedays it may not be a pleasant moment, but we have one each day. You do not have to fight a war, just win the one moment. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Downtown Dallas was all blue last night

The Dallas downtown skyline was all blue last night. Every building that could change its nightly colors changed them to blue. The Reunion Ball, Bank of American building etc…. all were blue.

And in Dallas the sadness and shock will last for quite a while. And it will be hard not for it. In any city, someone always knows someone that is a policeman or deputy or other local law enforcement person. My wife and I know quite a few. She has texted some condolences and we hope to see a few of our friends this week. I also know members of other local law enforcement agencies through work and will get to talk to them next week. I do not know what I will say at any given moment. These will be personal conversations.

To what happened though we need a much broader dialogue. The original rally/march was to protest the killing of two individuals by police officers. I do not know much of the circumstances around the original killings that took place earlier in the week. Obviously there is some concern about them hence the protest that took place in downtown Dallas. By all accounts the organizers and the police had met and had made preparations for the rally and march to take place. These meetings are always a helpful beginning to make sure a normal exercise of free speech accomplishes its goals.

The shooting of the police officers though is a separate incident from the rally and I hope people realize this fact. Hate has taken over too much of our country so people want to place blame based on their hate and ignorance. This only makes the problem worse. Hate begets hate, ignorance begets ignorance. We need to stop these cycles or the whirlpool into the cesspool of evil will continue.

I went to the service they had at noon on Friday the day after the shootings. It was very hard to hear due to the noise of the news helicopters whirling overhead. Ironically I eventually I had to listen to much of it from clips and news stories. Everyone though seemed like they want to do something. Some speakers made very impassioned speeches and prayers. The big question is will we finally follow through on what was said.

And following through will be very difficult. Once you have something as large and engrained as the bigotry, ignorance and hate that permeates throughout our society, it cannot be changed overnight. We have generations of work ahead of us.  I just hope this is the time we find the will to make this work or everything this country stands for will waste away because of the hate and ignorance.  The misguided anger the shooter directed at people protecting the protesters is our future unless we, who understand, the problem start the real work.

It can start with words and prayers, but it needs action and action now. Even if we take baby steps at first it is our time to start. The tragedies will only multiply if we don’t and we may unfortunately have to fight through some more tragedies even if we start making the right steps forward. That will make it even more difficult.

And yes all sides in this endeavor have a responsibility to work towards a better country.  There is a horrible history and nothing can change that, but for the future to work all need to get involved.

We have to fight through the ignorance created by generations of ignoring what was developing that is leading to these moments; these shootings either by the police and now at the police.

This is a large country and everywhere you go there is going to be someone who should never have the role or job they own.  Sometimes it is people in management who have no idea how to manage people, sometimes it is a doctor or lawyer who somehow got by on the tests, but are unable to practically apply their knowledge and yes sometimes it is a person who has been given a job that possess a firearm that has years of ignorance bred into them about their fellow man and makes the ultimate mistake. At whatever level we cannot accept the factors that lead to people being placed in responsibilities they are not prepared for or not understanding of their role and how it affects others. Am I trying to lessen the police shootings by these examples. I hope you do not feel that way. I am trying to show we have to do more to make sure the higher the responsibility the more we need to prepare the person or learn they are not the person for the job whatever it may be. This takes more education, this takes more awareness of who we are as human beings and our failings and more positively what we can do as well.

An ignorant person filled with misguided hate has no business being a police officer. What are we going to do as a society to learn how to address these issues in the hiring and training process? And what are we going to do as a society to help a family understand there is a family member that needs help. Something has gone wrong in their brain and it needs to be addressed no matter how painful that may be or difficult because the family member is not going to cooperate with addressing either their misguided hate or mental illness that causes a person to do harm to others.

And what are we going to do to start working together to begin the real process of attacking the weeds of hate and ignorance that permeate through our society. Digging out weeds means getting to the roots of the problem and getting it all so it does not grow back. As always many people have spoken and spoken eloquently. I have heard Friday from those here and throughout the country. Everyone knows killing police officers is not the solution. Everyone knows we need to protect each and every citizen of this great country from being a victim. Unfortunately, I fear, who of us knows what to do next.

If ever there was a time for a country’s leaders to take action it is now.  And sometimes what we need to do may not please everyone. This will be the sign of real leadership. And again unfortunately we do not have the leaders in our current system that want to address the true problems facing us. Some will say the right words, but actually following through in our current self-serving group of political leadership will be interesting to see if it happens.  There are many individuals that will make the effort to do the right things. I feel very confident about that statement. I just hope the people that need to get out of their way do so we can support the right leaders in moving this country even more forward than we have already come.   

Our forefathers and Fathers did so much for us, let us continue the good fight and right this wonderful ship and bring back a sense of morality and respect for all life in our country. Each person is a wonderful human that needs to be nourished to succeed. That to me is one of the first steps we need to implement. Respect for yourself and others is what we have been given as the first step to greatness.

God bless everyone and I pray we do not have to see what happened 07/07/2016 again to move us in the right direction. I hope this is the date we truly start changing.

On secondary note, I am frustrated with some people who call themselves conservatives. Remember the root word of conservative is to conserve. Our country was founded on the principles and values that life has value and that we need to let a person flourish in life (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). We our charged with the opportunity to self-govern, that means we have a responsibility to make sure all participate with the ability to make good decisions for the common good.  If your thoughts, words, and ACTIONS do not follow through to meet these principals, how can you call yourself a conservative? It is time we continue the fight for our values here at home.

On a more extraneous secondary note, I am going to finish my story. Unfortunately, in letting myself go with the flow when I write, it is gone on a path I wasn’t prepared. I still have my ending that I originally planned, however, I may need to guide it back to this ending. I should be able to finish in one or two more posts. I have found I enjoy these bits of story writing without purpose so I hope to add a few over time. I am still working on my other stories where I do spend a bit more time developing the story. One of these days I will figure out how to make a cover fit Smashwords requirements to get included in their broader publishing so hopefully some of you can read these stories also. (and yes make a penny or two)

And finally I have been working on this throughout the day, doing a little bit here and there. I keep hoping in my humble way I might encourage you to begin the start, yet we went to another service dedicated to the slain officers, we come out and now there is a lockdown or something going on at Dallas Police headquarters. Also I just read a headline there is a shooting in San Bernardino with three killed including a 9 year-old boy. I ask again, can we make this the time we start making the changes needed?


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Open letter to Mr. Cuban

and then some un necessary advice


Mr. Cuban,

Please start today, this year with a new mantra. I want a great team. Please say it again and again, I will help you. I want a great team. I do not need the flashiest free agent, I want a great team.

I do not need the flashiest free agent; I want a great team.

If you start now, maybe by next year you will be better prepared for free agency July 2017.

Yours truly,

A fanatic and concerned fan

And now for some unsolicited advice to someone who has more skins in the game than I can imagine, who has 2,000,000 to the 2,000,000th  more basketball knowledge than I. I just wanted to suggest to Coach Carlisle that at times you might be able to still consider #41 a starter, but have him come off the bench against certain teams. Think about times when you are playing bruising power forwards with weak benches. You can start Powell at the 4, let him go toe to toe with the 4 and then have Dirk come in and light up the score board off the bench for 20 or so minutes. Yes I know this won’t work for most teams, but this might help manage some of his minutes for the next two years so we get the most out of him come April, May etc….

I am confident you will be able to guide this team to another playoff run. You always do so well with what you are given. I am hoping we might find a wing player that is real strong on defense to help Matthews and then as described above with a few games off preserve Dirk as best as possible throughout the year because unlike others I feel if a few things were different we would have had better opportunities in the playoffs lately and I think if we get another strong young wing we have good potential going forward. I think Matthews, Barnes, Anderson, and Harris to back them up give us a solid base; I just ask you kick Mr. Nelson in the shin to get another complimentary athletic player for the wing.  I know you need a good third point guard for the mix also, but if I may be so bold the wing player would be a great addition

I see 60+ points from starters and 30+ from bench, we just need to hold other teams to less than 100 on a regular basis. 

Have a great summer

Yours truly

A fanatic and half glass full fan

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day. Let us remember we are celebrating 240 years of a group of people saying we think there is a better way to be governed. Their ideas still offer us the best chance to move humanity forward and do the best for all. Again let us remember what we are celebrating. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

There is blindness to a cause,….

And then there is blindness

As you know I am a Mavericks and basketball fan and with free agency about to start I fear the Mavericks are about to blow it again. As a fan I have high hopes. I can turn my eyes away from the past and hope somehow Cuban and the gang finally find the elusive top free agent(s) and the Mavericks become relevant again. As a fan I can believe.

And as a fan I can be rational and be mad at Cuban for blowing the last five years. He has a coach who is a great team coach. Coach Carlisle is probably better coaching a really good team up than having one superstar and a team trying to compliment the superstar. You may say he did that with Dirk in 2011. Really though that was a very good team with a superstar that focused on being a team. This is Carlisle’s strength. Too bad Mr. Cuban seems to be unaware of what he has in his Coach and how he should be finding players for him.

And there again I can believe. I can turn a blind eye to the rational and cheer when free agency starts hoping that somehow this is the magical year and we get Whiteside and Conley. We find all the right complementary players and Dirk and Dallas acquire another championship. Go Mavs.

I can do this because it is sports. Yes, if it doesn’t happen all us MFFLs will be disappointed, mad, frustrated etc, but the world goes on. There will be next year and the next year and sooner or later Dirk will retire and we will wait years for a team to hopefully rebuild. We lived through the nineties.

When you are so blind to the cause that you have lost complete rational thinking, when you believe only what the cause wants you to believe without ever looking at the whole picture that is a dangerous blindness. And this is especially dangerous when your blindness prevents you from realizing that the cause you are supporting is death to much more than a sports team or some other secondary entertainment in life. This is the problem both Trump and Clinton supporters own.

Our country is in trouble. Yes, we have had bad or non-descript Presidents before. Pretty much anyone after Lincoln till 1900 doesn’t make the radar for great American Presidents. We lived through it. Now though our Country and the world are a different place. And what both of these candidates represent is the worse in America and American politics. They are horrible for different reasons, yet they are both horrible.

You cannot tell their supporters anything. They both have a core group that is blind to the truth of either one. And add onto this the group of people who have such hate for one of the candidates they are willing to be blind and vote for the other candidate. Another dangerous blindness: hate.

And here we are about to enter into the general election to choose one of these individuals to lead our country. And if we were just some third world country who has suffered through horrible dictator after dictator maybe this would only continue our personal misery. No, this is the United States and whether you like it or not, we are way too involved in the world for this to be good for us or the world.

If you tell a supporter of one of the candidates we need someone else, you get overrun with an unconscious vitriol about how you know nothing and that if we do not elect their candidate horrible things are going to happen.  And when I say someone else I mean telling them someone other than the opposite candidate, they still ramble on about it is their candidate only who has the answer. Now to be honest and fair, the Trump supporters do possess a bit more emotional rhetoric, yet the Clinton supporters spout off in the same blind way as to the greatness of their candidate and there is no need to look at anyone else.

And while both candidates offer at the very least nothing of substance to the Country, both in their worst actions could do potentially irreversible harm to our country. And add on that Mr. Trump is probably doing irreversible harm to the Republican party. I wouldn’t mind so much since I am not a fan of either party except the fallout from the Republican demise may create a somewhat viable true right wing party that could be dangerous and even obtain some power in our country. This is not what the world needs now.

Anyway being blind to one of your favorite sports teams is well maybe not good and does only harm to your expectations. It plays out in the game and you can pick up the pieces of your emotions at the end of the year and hope for better next year.

Blindness at the level of the Trump and Clinton supporters is something ugly, scary, and dangerous. There could be no next year.

With basketball or any sport or hobby at least you can admit the truth in the back of your mind and still hope for the best.     And yes I am hooked for the Mavericks and I love basketball and sometimes this song says it all:

Part four of the story will be coming shortly