Monday, December 5, 2016

I really want to know this…

or do I?

The answer may be more trouble than I should get into

Yet……..have you noticed how everyone, okay not everyone, is cow towing to Mr. Trump now that he has won the election. Of course, this was made extremely infamous with Mr. Romney’s picture having dinner with Mr. Trump. And there are many others coming to pay homage to him and presumably being considered for various positions within his administration.

Just seems weird.. is it because we are so shallow that we drop all our values and scruples because we have to be associated with a winner? Are all these Republicans now going with the bandwagon without any thought to who they are as a person?

Or?.... did Mr. Trump just have something on everyone? Is there so much garbage out there he can control people at the drop of a hat because they are now afraid of any bombshells he may drop in the media about them?

Boggles this person’s mind as to how fast people are changing their tunes about Mr. Trump since he won. And Mr. Trump is acting like this is the way it is suppose to be. Something strange or shallow in Mudville folks.  Either way it is a sad state of affairs that so many are crumbling under his victory. No wonder people have no respect for D. C.

And on completely different note and I do not know how this is going to come across, and yet I was not expecting what I saw. I need to be honest and follow up. I recently went to my first WWE event.  And the audience was much more diverse than what I expected. And again I do not know how this may come across, but you have to be honest with yourself. I was very impressed, well except for the fact it was WWE.  People really enjoyed going; that is a definite fact. Kind of strange to see how excited people get including tween age girls. They were making just as much noise as everyone else. Quite a few families were there so all ages of children were represented. Some were too young to care, yet most were very attuned to the event and had their favorite. Anyway the diversity threw me off, good to see especially in light of the many events in our country where diversity has become an issue. So strange that we can all come together for sporting events, yet the more important issues do not seem to get the same attention.

And our first real blast of winter is going to hit us this week. Going to be a bit different around here in North Texas. Unfortunately no snow………drat

Saturday, November 26, 2016

If an angry man yells in the forest….

does anyone hear him?

Ah yes, a bit of sarcasm for myself on this wonderful fall day here in North Texas.

And I need to find ways to entertain myself as I look at the political landscape for our country.

One can never say anything definitive, eventually it will come back and haunt you. And yet I feel this need to wonder why we haven’t done better.  As you know I believe in a different conservative philosophy than what our current Republicans and Trumpites believe.  I still hold onto the view that we can have a strong free market economy; rich people can be rich, even the same rich people; yet have a much broader, more diverse world that everyone can participate.

I find it very difficult to hear so called conservatives tell me making billionaires richer is a conservative policy. They can be rich on their own efforts, not through economic manipulation, tax breaks that only benefit them, laws written to their advantage, a Congress that spends more time with lobbyists than with the people and here we are with a so-called outsider as President, bringing more of the same old lie of trickle-down economics on steroids with his other malfeasance.

I am a believer in the free market. I am tired of the lies that trickle-down economics helps the free market. I believe if you make the best product, treat your workers and consumers with respect and that they matter, then you have every right to be successful. This is how capitalism works for society. When you take away opportunity and hoard money; you destroy the very engine that made the current rich successful. And yes, they can do what they have done over the last few decades and think everything is still good. Unfortunately, the piper needs to be paid and sooner or later most of this planet will pay their price.  ‘cause you know the rich aren’t paying their bills….. too much to ask of someone who has shown no respect of their fellow man historically to suddenly wake up and go oops we just threw everything great about the U.S. and the Constitution away.

If you want to make America great again, you can. Need to rebuild the people first though. Does anyone think the rust belt is going to be rebuilt with phrases, no we need to re-educate our entire way of thinking for awhile? We need to create new industries so there are new jobs. We need to come up with new ways for general education and not use the same basic models that have been around since the 1800’s. We have learned so much about child development, yet it is never used to enhance if not completely overhaul how we educate our children. We need to reeducate many adults since we left them in the lurch with weak systems over the last few decades.
All the “conservatives” talk about how people do not want to be successful on their own, they rely on government handouts, yet they do not want to do anything to improve the situation. They only throw stones at people who they ignored for generations. If you do not teach people, how can you expect them to know?  And the “liberals” hold onto the lie of: we know more than you so we know better. Well, how come there isn’t better? Nanny state, oversized bureaucracies haven’t prevented or can solve the morass that you are just as responsible for creating.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, great mantra, but until you have an educated workforce, educated populace, a government responsive to the true needs of our people then how can anyone expect the Country to grow and thrive, to lead by example in the world, and to find the best answers for what lies ahead in our future. This is part of what can make America great again; not phrases.

Economic development ideas abound, real ideas that say hey we got problems, the world changes, yet we have solutions; we can adapt. We can thrive. There is no future living in the past.

Instead we let lies, hate, ignorance, despotism rule the world. More and more countries are become tyrannical; leaders are less responsive to needs and more responsive to greed and narcissism.

And the greatest irony of all……it doesn’t matter who is at the top…

It doesn’t matter who rules the countries or have the billions of dollars, it only matters what they do. The exact same billionaires still can be rich; we can have the exact same leaders for all I care. All they need to do is put the whole first. Yet that seems to be impossible. I read of so many solutions, ideas, policies and yet we, the people, ignore all this to accept that same pile of crap in different wrappers over and over again.

The answers are out there. Many people know them. Our leaders have decided not to listen. So, to all the Dimons, Kochs, Bushes, Clintons, CEOs, Putins, Trumps, Royal Families, Revolutionary Councils, Khomeinis, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Despots, Kims I hope that someday if you do not change, that the amount of sewage you are creating on this planet eventually backs up into your houses and you must live with it. The smell and waste so permeates your lives that you realize that you took away something wonderful and it is your own fault. This seems what you want for our planet.

And to everyone else I know you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar so thanks for letting me vent and hopefully we can find ways to overcome the lies etc…. to march forward on a path to make America and the rest of the world great.  “nothing good ever came easy”   

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

It is time we remembered the wonderful life we have and no matter how much or how little we have, the most important part of our lives is we have each other.

This includes our families, our friends, and the many people that make up this planet we live.  So take a moment to remember who we are and that we do better when we work together.

I hope wherever you are you enjoy this day and all days.

We are blessed with an absolutely beautiful fall day here in North Texas. Some of the family ran the Turkey trot this morning so we are proud of their accomplishments.   Salud!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thank you Mr. Musk for putting your money where my mouth is

I am still amazed that we do not do more in moving this country forward. Here is an article I just read on Tesla:

I have been saying for years our economy would go through the roof if we led the way in creating new energy and new energy technology. 

And we just elected a President that wants to help the coal industry. Yes I know there are thousands of coal miners that need jobs. Let us find the political leadership to help them get jobs for the future, not the past.

Boggles my mind that we cannot look ahead.  Thanks again Mr. Musk

Saturday, November 12, 2016

This is sad on my part, plus some other info

Well Veteran's Day was yesterday and I didn't do a "shout out" or post to celebrate the day. This is sad because many members of my family are or were Veterans. This includes my brother, one of my nephews, my Dad, my Granddad, Uncles, Great Uncles, and it goes back much much further in our family history.

So a belated acknowledgment to all those who have served our country so well. Many thanks for what you have done.


I have started a project to help you and I out. I am working on a reference page. This is becoming much more time consuming than I thought it would be. I have to read the post to remember what it is about so I can place it under the category(ies) I have created. This is under pages, not posts. It is ongoing. I am making it available to read now even though it is no where near complete. As I work on it I discover I may need to make changes, yet at this point I haven't. One change that may be coming right away is I think I am entering each post under too many categories. I have to think about this some.

Anyway you can watch it build over time. The first few posts I wrote are entered. I am working on it from the time I started to present.

I haven't commented much on the election. I do have many thoughts. I am not going to complain or protest. I didn't like either major candidate so I feel we lost both ways.

I do want to try and work forward positively so I have a post I want to create for the Democrats for their future. And they need to be open minded if they read it. This is going to be a difficult post to write because I want to offer some constructive criticism for their future and yet to do that I will have to be somewhat critical of what they did this election cycle. And it is going to have some elements that might sound like I am saying I told you so.

To write this post though I wanted to bring up some comments I made in posts two or so years ago. One reason I started my reference page. Again not to say I told you so rather to show there were signs that change was needed going into this election. The Republicans did some soul searching after 2012 and had some good ideas. This year though they decided to go with the win now approach and nominated Mr. Trump and threw their blueprint for the future out the window. That is another post for another day.

In the near future I want to write about the Democrats. And you may ask I thought you are an independent conservative, and I am, why are you wanting to help the Democrats. I have two reasons. One I believe in a balanced view. There are times when we need to push the envelope and move the country forward and there are times when we need to reign in ourselves and conserve what we have. As you know I believe neither party is truly liberal or truly conservative. They are just beholden to verbiage to make their bases believe what they want. Both parties at the National level are self serving.  And the second reason is my Dad was a democrat and a true liberal democrat. So as a young teen I was into the Kennedy mold of what a Democrat should be, however, by college I was becoming more and more an independent conservative. Yet in my Dad's memory I would like to see the Democratic party act more upon certain beliefs than the current version.

There is much to say about what is happening in the Democrat party. I am just going to wait till I get all the info together. This post may not happen for awhile which may be better since it seems the Democrat party is having a hard time accepting some truths right now. One immediate concern is they are making the Trump supporters look awful smart right now.

And one thing I want to say right away is not everyone that supported Mr. Trump is alt-right and Ms. Clinton made some serious mistakes by lumping all Trump supporters under that umbrella.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And the votes are still coming in…

I saw a t-shirt today that read:


Well it looks like the Cowboy fans are supporting Dak overwhelming over Romo. And on this Romo t- shirt I didn’t see a Cowboy insignia.  hmmmmmmm

Anyway I said before Clinton even declared as a candidate the Democrats better find someone besides Clinton and it is somewhere in my blog on a previous post way back so I know I have it in writing.

I actually thought when the Republicans nominated Trump she might have a chance and it was her only chance, however, the hatred towards her runs deep even among women and top it off with the hatred of the establishment (including yours truly) and well Trump won.

I did vote independent as always, but little consolation today.

My thoughts about Trump are already out there so let us see what happens.

And hopefully the Mavs are starting to figure it out and the slow start doesn’t hurt them at the end of the season.

And speaking of seasons, is it now November still weeks before Thanksgiving…. Already the Christmas decorations are coming out. Please stop this madness also.

Have a great evening

Sunday, November 6, 2016

This won’t come as a surprise and yet..

Well we all know the election is this Tuesday. And in case you want to vote for President and do not want to feel like you need a shower afterwards or worse here are some options.

First I am throwing Gary Johnson out of the picture. He had a chance to make a name for the Libertarians on the National scene and he just blew it. To quote Trump: sad. His complete lack of understanding the world around him was incredulous. And I know there are many esoteric people in the Libertarian Party, but if they wanted to further their cause they need to enlighten themselves.

And yet in my humble opinion you can vote your principles and not be bullied by everyone who says you are wasting your vote. In fact, I believe that everyone voting for Trump or Clinton is wasting their vote, but they won’t hear of it (and yes I know one of them is going to win. It is still wasting your vote.) I just cannot imagine a world run by either of those two megalomaniacs. They both lie about each other so much it is beyond the pale. They accuse each other of so much that neither can keep track of what they said. The only time either is telling the truth is when they are calling the other one a liar or a crook. So if you want to vote FOR someone to be President and not vote against someone here are two potential choices

If you are a liberal the Green candidate Jill Stein shows some semblance of being a real person. I do not know much about her, but she isn’t blowing it like Johnson and the Green party carries a consistent message.

Not everyone can vote for the conservative choice, however, he is on the ballot in 11 states and you can write him in on the ballot on 23 more states. Evan McMullin is the conservative choice. He is still a Republican in some of his policies and yet he does offer some credibility as an independent.  Unlike Trump his conservative credentials are real.

I voted early for the first time in my life. I always felt proud to vote on election day, however, this year has scared much more than the crap out of me so I wanted to get it done. And yes I have gone over thirty years not voting for a Democrat or Republican in a National election and this year was no different. Since I claim to be an independent conservative I guess you know which candidate received my vote. Just remember your vote is your business only. You do not have to tell anyone.

Finally my advice to you is to vote as early as possible in the morning if you did not early vote. I still see a rough day at the very least and if you read my hastily written last short story you know my deepest fears. Headlines about the FBI are not helping.

This country is still the greatest. I just hope we find a true way to keep it such.  

Dak v. Tony???????????????????????????????????????????????????????. And the weather here in North Texas is just beautiful right now.