Friday, January 13, 2017

Hillary supporters need to quit validating Trump

And his trolls posting on the internet

Okay folks, time to face reality. I know it is easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar, but sometimes some truth needs to be told.

As an independent conservative I am none too happy with Mr. Trump. Yet the democrats have got to face some reality. And you didn’t listen to me two years ago, when I suggested you nominate her or you were sure to lose. The only reason it was close is because the Republicans nominated Trump otherwise this could have been a real ugly landslide.

First you need to understand why Ms. Clinton lost. There are a multitude of reasons and here are three.

The democrats who supported her had no idea how much people in this country never trusted her and this had nothing to do with any emails.

She had no platform. She had a mishmash of 40 years of democratic verbiage she promoted as a platform in 2016 speak. Again, there was no real platform. She communicated nothing new and everything she said especially to middle America was exactly what they did not want to hear. It was DC speak out the yahoo and Trump’s drain the swamp (which he won’t do) resonated much stronger than anything she said. People are tired of the same ole same ole.

And she had no energy. She was boring, tired, cliché, and a host of other adjectives that have more to say than her. She cannot communicate, she cannot motivate, and she certainly cannot energize. Heck a 74 year old man no one had heard of before 2016 did a much better job of talking to people than she ever had or could.

Just saying we need a woman President is not enough to elect Ms. Clinton. My wife to my youngest daughter found her to be undesirable and not exactly the woman they wanted to be a woman President. Just saying Mr. Trump and his supporters are deplorable are not enough to elect Ms. Clinton. You had to make people want her to be President and ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggg that didn’t happen.

So, what next? Well if you want to do something you will need to do something. No one really wants Trump to be successful except billionaires, the alt right, and the Russians. Most people just didn’t want Clinton. So again, you didn’t listen to me about not nominating her, maybe you will at least think about what you need to do. And actually this goes for everyone who cares about our country.

So quit whining and start acting. Write your Representative and Senator whether Republican or Democrat and write often. Write your state legislature, your Mayor, etc,,, heck run for office, but communicate to our elected Representatives anything he says should not be passed. Write and write often. Do not let them rest till our Representatives get the message they need to stand up to him religiously. Again, write the Representatives from both parties. No matter what party they label themselves, they represent you. And all you democrats who are really good at name calling, remember the Republicans remember this fact much much better than you do. So, think about that for a moment. Republicans care and show it. So, if you want some action, you need to get up and take action. So, quit whining and start doing.

As an independent conservative, there are many of Trump’s proposals I do not like and for different reasons than the Democrats so I will espouse those. I do not want to hear any more whining or name calling on the web until I see some action directed to our representatives. I will argue my case. What say you?

And another oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggg  what the hey Rosie O’Donnell you want marshal law. Be very careful what you ask for. The last thing we need at any time is marshal law, and even more so when a narcissist, head strong, valueless plutocrat is about to take office. My goodness gracious this is off the charts stupid. From the worst election imaginable, this is the worst idea to follow. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some strange thoughts on this wild card weekend

First, is it me or what, but doesn’t it seem the more technological advances we have the more vulnerable we become in our human existence and human lives?

Remember in the old days if you were fat that meant you were well off. It was sign of prosperity. Now it is the poor who are fat due to cheap food with no nutritional value and lack of education to nutrition and the rich being fit since it is expensive to eat healthy food.  Food for thought since the Republicans continue to want to cut off aid to the poor when in the long run, it will cost us more in Medicaid bills or worse since diseases will run rampant through society. Add lack of a good education to the mix and we have no people able to take on high tech jobs in this country and more and more people in prison dragging on our productivity and development.

Next, we have John Tamney writing in Forbes “All Hail Donald Trump’s Team of Billionaires” in which he tries to convince the reader that Trump’s billionaires are going to be a benefit to the country. These people will be the people who will convince Trump of public policy that will put in place great economic development with new tax cuts that are well basically for themselves. He writes extensively how their investments based on having tax breaks will lead to much new prosperity for all.

Well Mr. Tamney I do agree billionaires do invest and do well, yet is mainly for their benefit only. This is why they are billionaires. They spend their whole lives expanding on their wealth. They do not spend much time working on good public policy for all. I am just wondering why you think they are going to have some epiphany and create a new investment world where the economy turns around for all. Mr. Tamney billionaires can be billionaires. A strong economy can benefit the majority of us, yet I do not see why these people being in charge is good for public policy. It isn’t in their nature and I do not expect it to be. There is a reason you have a Republic that is supposed to vote for leaders that take in the whole picture. Unfortunately, we, the people, failed ourselves. Please do not try to sugar coat the economic horror the middle class has self-inflicted on ourselves.

From Shakespeare…sort of

American People:
“O common sense, common sense wherefore art thou common sense? Deny our forefathers and refuse thy Constitution; or if thou wilt not but be sworn back to us and I’ll be no longer ignorant
Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?

American People:
Tis but my own greed that is my enemy, thou art thyself though not a member of the people now. What’s people? It is a worker or charity or family or struggle or any other part belonging to a society. O be some other name. What is in a name? That which we call a dollar by any other word would work just as well, so common sense would were you not called common sense retain that dear perfection which you owe, without that title common sense doff they name and for thy name which is no part of thee, take all from myself

Especially since we take it away from ourselves

And for wild card weekend….. sheesh those Cowboys better be prepared. Green Bay looks up to the task. And looking at the 7day weather forecast welcome to Texas, a few days of unusually warm weather during the week, then when the Packers arrive a bit of their weather. Only in Texas.

It is Epiphany all.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Let’s be optimistic, really optimistic

Why not? It is the New Year and we all want to look forward to something. So why not be really optimistic? Take ideas to the extreme; come up with so much new and a promise of a future that is somewhat unbelievable, or at least at this moment in time.

Yes, this will be wild, much of it will have holes in it, more than swiss cheese. This is dreaming at its best because it offers a possibility for real ideas to develop. If you feel the dream is impossible you need to rethink how you dream. This is all in fun and all in seriousness. The holes you can shoot down or exploit to try and nix the ideas, yet if you do that you are nixing what are the real possibilities even if you cannot think of them right now. So much of this is off the top of my head and some of it is crazy ideas I have had over the years so here goes. Here is humanity’s plan for the next millennium.

And how to start? I could try and put a real-time line to this or just work through it and let the time line develop; and this latter is probably easier since I am just writing to just put the ideas all out there.

So, let’s talk about colonizing Mars first. What would happen if we tried to create global warming on Mars? There are all these theories about what is happening on Earth. Why not take what our theories are here and amplify them on Mars. Does this mean we mine the heck out of coal here and build colonies on Mars powered by coal fired power plants? We would still have to live sheltered, but the long run plan would be to start putting CO2 in the atmosphere.  Once Mars starting warming up we work on outdoor agriculture. Remember plants live off CO2 and through photosynthesis produce glucose and oxygen. (The chemical formula is 6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2. Just in case you were curious)
Now solar power is possible on Mars which means sunlight could produce some photosynthesis. Working with the right plants or breeding new plants would allow us to create photosynthesis so over time could we create or synthesize a different atmosphere on Mars. Now we don’t want to pollute Mars, just build power based on CO2. We would of course build filters etc to trap particle and pollutant waste. Hey why not do it right for the long run.

One problem to overcome is the current problem of getting huge payloads off Earth to transport anywhere. There has been much discussion in the NASA realm about how to accomplish this task. Space X, other private firms, and even other countries are all working on this idea. Let’s presume we are going to have to develop something we don’t have in place or can nuclear power be used to shoot large payloads into space. Imagine the power of a nuclear bomb concentrated in a singular direction that pushes large bulk freighters through our stratosphere into space. Once these payloads reach a certain distance from the gravitational pull of Earth they can then be transported to the Moon’s orbit for preparation for long journeys in space. Colonies on the Moon would have the sole purpose of maintaining launch prep. From here we could use a variety of potential power sources to travel to Mars and then the asteroid belt.

Mining the asteroid belt allows us to start building multiple large space stations to orbit in between Mars and the asteroid belt. This may sound strange but all the colonies from the Moon to Mars to the asteroid belt can be protected with mesh nets that orbit around the colonies collecting space debris. And of course, collecting the debris also means we potentially are collecting more resources.

Needless to say, we have created an enormous amount of new jobs. There you go Mr. Trump, we can still use globalization, American ingenuity, American companies to make America greater. We just need you to start the process to acquire some investment here at home. Now where does this money come from? It cannot come from taxpayers. Maybe some, but not the vast majority. So why don’t you get Congress to step up and start offering incentives for companies/Wall Street to invest all the money they are hoarding or throwing away in mergers to work with inventors and entrepreneurs to start working on each step. People do not like throwing money away so public policy would need to encourage long term investing and still allow them to continue to work on actual profits. I am using the term “actual profits” meaning companies make money from products they create. They are not manufactured profits through accounting tricks or tax breaks or trading, but from real goods. Real goods, mean real trade, means real jobs, means real economic development. And by the way rich people can still be rich, they just end up being productive also.  Some people may think I am being sarcastic here and I am and at the same time being completely truthful of what we need in our country to continue to be great. And we can take the whole world with us.

People who are inspired have less time to be destructive. This goes especially for removing ignorance around the world and start educating people more profusely than we ever have before on planet Earth.

And all this is just the start.  So, we find ways to move large payloads off the Earth. Massive amounts of jobs especially high tech and manufacturing created. Now we need people to build. People in space. This is going to take large amounts of education to train these crews. So now we have high tech and low tech teaching jobs available. Where do these people come from?

Well back on Earth we have been working on solar power, desalinization, new agriculture in the deserts maybe using green houses, developing new ways to transport large amounts of people such as high speed trains, (there are some new ideas being developed already) one such idea I read was the use of tubes similar to the old drive in bank lanes where the small tubes were sent from your car to the teller. This is farfetched, but hey, that is what this is all about isn’t it? As we develop these ideas, we can then transition them to the Moon, Mars, etc…. Everything we learn from these developments we now can use to teach people to make the next steps in space. A high-speed train on Earth is now possible on Mars. Especially since nuclear and solar power would be reliable energy sources on Mars. Both have their drawbacks, yet both are possible.  Mining the asteroid belt gives us the resources to build cities and infrastructure on Mars.  (I still like my coal fired plants just a bunch of work to get coal there. If we can get the large payloads going though, it would be a great start to building more atmosphere on Mars)
And if we get started now in 2 or 3 hundred years all this is starting to come to fruition.  Boy that sounds like a long time. Just remember it whether you believe in new Earth or old Earth theory homo sapiens have been around 10,000 + years. (there is an interesting coincidence around this time frame. The Bible says more than evolutionists believe and more than New Earth people believe. How does that work? hmmmm)  In this time we have come from being hunters and gatherers to space explorers. The last 150 years have produced technological advances in leaps and bounds. There is no reason not to expect we cannot continue this development.

So here we are in the year 2400+: Mars is colonized, ships transport goods between the Moon, Mars, the Asteroid belt and Earth. Unfortunately, everything we know about Venus says we aren’t going that way. Too much to overcome.

So now what?

Well it is time to begin the plans to develop interstellar travel. Why you ask? Well because it is there to quote George Mallory. And there is a reason it is there. And with our curiosity, need to grow, and the inevitability of human growth means we need to go there. So how do we start this process. Unless we discover the worm holes of science fiction or some other types of portals we basically start the same way we colonized Mars. We start building orbiting space colonies outside of Pluto’s orbit. Once we have built the supply lines from the asteroid belt to these colonies we start building the ultra large vehicles that are needed to move large populations across the galaxy. We will be mining resources throughout the solar system as we move to the outer orbits. And isn’t that what we do well, exploit found resources and build new technologies. So, we don’t change as humans, we just become better at doing it for the benefit of all.  And everybody gets rich. (more or less)

So, there you are folks, in a thousand years the beginning of interstellar travel. So, got any better ideas for humanity for the next millennium?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A quick New Year’s thought

I hope today finds you feeling well.

To start this New Year I was thinking about people. There are people who do well. We can applaud those who are successful, who make great discoveries, create, work hard, and accomplish all types of wonder.

We can hold people up as examples of success. We can teach our youth the importance of success.

We can never judge people. We never know who has reached their full potential or in the process of trying or maybe not knowing what their full potential maybe. Some may never find their best. Yet in no circumstance can we say one person is better than another. All people have the same value. Many may give more and yet all have value. Some person’s value or contribution may never be known and not even by themselves. Some may be lost. Many may feel inferior, yet they need to overcome. Humility or being humble is good. It is good to be successful and not acknowledge it. It is good to be acknowledged for your success. It is okay for someone to acknowledge your efforts. Just remember it is all fleeting. Enjoy accolades, yet staying humble will win you greater respect, however, if ever you feel you are better than another person; have more worth than another person; then you are demeaning your own worth.

In today’s world, many many people will disagree with the above. I know this. It is still correct. I have posted similar before. With the New Year, though we need to be reminded of the simple things. We are all equal in worth, in value, no matter how great we succeed or how little we do. If we fail, we fail ourselves and the world, yet at any given time anyone of us can succeed and again we may succeed at any time and sometimes no one may know what is the success. Still no one is better than another person. If ever a person says to you I am better; ask yourself are they saying I am a better businessman or better athlete or artist, yet never ever let them say I am better than you as a person.  If they say or think such, please quietly go on your way. Do not let this ever affect you as a person.

In the grand scheme of things no one is more important than another.

You are a person and you are blessed.

And on that note I hope the New Year brings you great blessings. Just remember to be grateful for all you do receive.

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Constructive criticism

Well maybe not…

Just read an article (actually yesterday) that talks about the incoming administration and the transition. The article is: “Who will really be the next President of the United States?” by David Rothkopf and can be found on Foreign Policy Magazine online.

I wanted to comment on this article and make some of my own comments on the transition based on this article and other thoughts I have. Instead of trying to break it down piece by piece I am going to just go through my usual running dialogue style. You might want to read or peruse the article to help get an idea of some of my framework or make sense of some of my comments. And I promise this won’t be in a constructive well written format that follows a set pattern. Yeah… it is me writing.

To start I am going with my first criticism. Republicans have always touted they want to reduce federal spending. Well looking at Trump’s burgeoning team, this should be a problem for any real spend thrift conservative in Congress. I truly believe that as a conservative we can and most definitely should find a better way to spend our taxpayers’ money and still maintain an effective government where needed.

What is developing, according to the article, in my opinion is Trump’s administration is going to fail on both counts. The article discusses large development of overlap of many of the executive administrative functions. So first off, more bureaucracy is going to cost more. And more important with all the competing elements this article describes the effectiveness of policy is in serious trouble. (not that I want Trump to be effective) If the many elements discussed are put in place who truly is going to have the President’s ear? And if all these different groups are fighting for his ear how much is he going to hear that is honest. With Trump’s ego needing to be fed at a constant rate, people will be skewing all sorts of information that any decision Trump makes will be seriously watered down in its effectiveness.

How many “yes men” does a man need to succeed?

Imagine a major foreign policy development that needs an immediate response. There were at least five different organizations mentioned that will be vying for their idea to be the dominant one within the sphere of influence, yet with that much competition how can we trust he will be getting a truly holistic assessment of the situation.  And if Mr. Priebus is the gate keeper for contact with the President, what happens when he is overwhelmed with the situation. His experience is kissing the back end of people to become the head of the Republican National Committee. How does this play out when various interests are trying to convince the President what needs to be done when Mr. Priebus’ loyalty is to all the people that helped him along the way.

And does Trump’s closest confidants bypass Mr. Priebus so no one has an idea of what is being said to the President. He, by action, is already proving what works for him comes first. Unfortunately, what works for him by far is not going to be best for the people, and maybe not even much of his own administration.

This problem is growing daily and he is not sworn in as President. And even by chance if some of what is being told to him is effective policy, how much buy-in will he get from the competing factions within his administration. At some point, someone must implement.

And back to cost…. Not only do the taxpayers have more bureaucrats to pay, more computers to buy, more telephones to be bugged, more emails to be hacked; we should worry that there is no flexibility in policy so if everyone is going to bend his ear the same way so they can be heard, what message is sent to Congress, the Press, us, to assure us the best option is in place or at least one that can be managed and evaluated. Do you think anyone in his administration will listen to outside opinions? Will we be ramrodded with one sided policy that our Congress will be ineffective in blocking?  What cost then?

I know we always have partisan politics. That is one cost that we hope and pray someday we can actually overcome. Imagine this problem on steroids.

I am a stout believer our federal government is way too large. There are too many overlapping agencies etc that can be meshed into something more reasonable and still achieve at the very least what they do know and maybe with some streamlining more. Yes, less is more and this really applies with the Titanic that is our government. To be effective in the modern world we must be able to act and react very quickly. Adding layers upon layers of people that touch the problem only adds to the problem. And as discussed above gets in the way of a solution that is somewhat effective for our country.

Everyone always complains about Benghazi, well part of the problem was no one wanted to take charge of the information because of: A) accountability B) who defines the decision maker) C) who contacted who and host of other problems not associated with the actual scandal of what happened.  This had something to do with Ms. Clinton since she is the top, but it also had something to do with the whole labyrinth of our government. And now a “Republican” is going to add to this problem. And yeah, he is the decision maker of ……”his brand” The “brand” comment is from the article and I agree he will spend more time creating the brand of his Presidency, but what product do we get from this brand. There is going to be a cost to this that has more to do with the size of the federal budget.

The article also talks about how people coming into a new administration set themselves up for success. There was a bit of history in the article that made for some enjoyable reading. We need to learn from this history to get an idea of who might be the major player(s) as the administration takes shape and takes off. Of course, as I say this, I know there will be people watching for this so they know who to go to for their own benefit.  Again, who is the gatekeeper and are we sure it is him? Mr. Priebus is new to the inner circle of Trump.

And I have made some outlandish statements in the past as to why people seem to be so beholden to Mr. Trump. If anything comes close to my paranoia posts, who is going to stand up to him when it matters? Or even if I am wrong, given Mr. Trump’s history for self-appreciation who will argue a counter point if Trump historically shuts down. As previously mentioned partisan politics is bad enough… here we really go.

Overall the article makes some good assessments and points about the transition. We can only hope he (and I) are way off the mark…..or the cost of fixing post Trump is going to be much more than the cost of his tax breaks to the wealthy. Oh yeah, you know the people he is putting into his cabinet.

If the middle class is the backbone of democracy, then we can all start singing Don McClean’s American Pie……. “bye bye Miss American pie, I drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry, them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye singing this will be the day that I die…” the music is fading fast on our country, our values, our people, our Constitution.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dallas stuff, insanity, garbage and well….

Just another crazy unproductive day at work. And yet worked hard all day….mostly

The better half and I were driving around Dallas this past weekend doing some shopping, eating, and running around. We drove past some places that bring back memories; unfortunately, many long gone.  Does anyone remember Abbey Inn by the old Medallion Center? I was definitely craving a hamburger after driving by where they use to be. Keller’s is still nearby, but an Abbey burger, boy those were some good times.   Did a bunch of driving around middle east Dallas; just one memory after another. The Village had all the trees lit up along Southwestern. Long time apartment area primarily for singles and young couples. This area has been around forever. Old Town is nowhere near the same, yet still relatively popular. Dallas’ first Fridays was in Old Town and there has never been a Fridays like it since.

Northpark is still one of the prime retail areas in Dallas, but you know you are a true Dallasite if you remember the Orange Julius there. Or even better, the fact Woolworth use to have a shop in Northpark. Now sheesh   people would have a heart attack if someone tried to put a discount similar store anywhere near the place. Heck, there just isn’t a store like Woolworth’s anymore.

I haven’t looked at the news,,, did the electoral college vote. I am pretty sure Mr. Trump is going to be President even with all the hoopla.

Only real concern is if the Russians did hack the election why are so many alt right and conservatives more concerned with their egos instead of realizing we do need to find out. Just friggin insane. You know I don’t want Ms. Clinton either, but you must be sure. Or just think: Putin got Trump to do his dirty work with China, and will probably get better relations with China once Trump blows it completely and Putin leaves him out in the cold. Too easy to think of all the disasters facing this country if Putin is helping and or benefiting from a Trump Presidency.  And yet our most wondrous so called patriotic people are all on board for Russian supremacy via a Trump disaster. Can’t the electoral college still vote for someone else besides Trump not named Clinton…. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And still upset about corporate world trying to tell me how to be a customer. At some point there needs to be a consumer response to being herded like cattle into corporations making more money and giving inferior service. It is my money till I spend it, yet most people except that the corporations want them to spend it their way. Once upon a time we believed that businesses had to earn your money with a good product and good service. “the times they are a changing”   and different from what Bob Dylan meant. Hell, treating the customer as number one priority is the only swamp that is being drained under Mr. Trump.   

And back to Trump,,,,,,,, I hate saying I told you so when I said he was a false prophet and would only really support his billionaire friends, but look at his cabinet choices and well I told you so.

Go Cowboys, still impossible to believe.

Go Stars, hang in there and

Well Go Mavs, please hang in there