Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hillary Clinton is killing the Democrats chances for 2018.

I know what you are saying. What??!!?!? Didn’t you promise you would be more positive again in your last post. And I am. Yes, folks it is time for the Democrats to give up the ghost. And I am going to give them some straight honest advice this evening.

And others of you are saying why give the Democrats good advice. I thought you didn’t vote Democrat or Republican. And I don’t. And I won’t. If God, the most perfect version of God you can think of decided to run for office I would beg God to run as an independent because if God ran as a Democrat or Republican I still do not think I could vote for God.  I am going to give good advice to the Democrats though.  

First, they must put Hillary Clinton on a shelf. They can walk by and smile or wave at her. Say hi, but put her on the shelf. It is time. I know there are many Democrats who will stop reading because I said this, yet it must be said. I know many think we should have a woman President and I do not disagree with having a woman President. It will never be Ms. Clinton. It amazes me how much tunnel vision the Establishment Democrats possess. They do not understand that many Americans really do not like her. And we aren’t talking the gossip at the Cocktail party dislike, we are talking actual dislike. Time to move on. And you are appropriately saying this is old news. It is, yet her new book is putting her back in the headlines so we must squash false hope.

Second, they need new leadership across the board. Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer etc… are dead weight. Think about this, the most exciting candidate other than Obama for the lasts twenty years is 70-year-old Bernie Sanders. He is the only other candidate to achieve any real energy level in his crowds. People got excited about him. Who else had that much excitement? And he is 70+.  As a casual observer I cannot see who is ready to step up. And the fact there is not a large amount of well-known potential leadership talent in the party right now is very telling.

Third, develop a new platform. The Democrats haven’t had a new idea since the 1960’s. I have harped on this before, but it is still needed. Clinton’s platform was a disastrous array of hodgepodge slogans.  And this is made more profound because the Democrats do not have a true base. They almost had one in the 50’s and 60’s. They have run away from this ever since.  The Republicans had a base and still have the remnants of one because Republicans are joiners. They want to be part of the club so they stick around. Democrats or what might be called Democrats not so much. The closest they had to joiners was the union members. They let Union strength die and along with it their best chance at having any consistent base. The Democrats have let down the Unions, the working class in general, the middle class, minorities, and other hodgepodge groups. They tried being the party to all the different groups instead of trying to solidify a platform that benefited all. If they had worked hard at protecting the Unions, jobs, wages, better education then they could have kept up a base. If by any chance you think they have a base, well my answer is look at wealth gap and quality of education. These should have been the cornerstone of everything they do, yet… where are we now. The Democrats need a new platform.

For example: The War on Poverty is a great idea, but their ideas to combat it are equivalent to popping balloons on a real battlefield to make the enemy think someone is actually shooting. Poverty is worse now, it is engrained generationally and if education is bad for the middle class it is absurdly lacking for the lower class. The Democrats need new leadership, new ideas, and a new battleplan. They just do.

And speaking of the Democrats, middle class, working class, America, please email the 2 Senators from your state and tell them to vote no to the new version of the Republican Repeal plan for ACA (Obamacare).  This is the Graham-Cassidy bill. Be adamant about telling them to vote no. Make sure they understand this bill will cause expenses to rise, taxes to rise at the local, state, and national level. Tell them more people will be sick. Tell them they are taking away your livelihood. And these are not just sayings. These are facts. Tell them this bill is completely anti-American dream. If they vote yes, they are voting against you. Tell them.

We need healthcare reform. Unfortunately, Obamacare became insurance coverage reform. It did not address the rising costs of healthcare. It did not address the excessive amount of drug use coming from prescriptions. It did not address preventative medicine. Doctors need to be able to treat you as a patient for years. You need a regular relationship with a family doctor so they have your history, so they can know you as a person, be candid with you when necessary. Tell you the truth, when something is needed or where there are alternatives.  Obamacare did not help you have a better relationship with your doctor. It only allowed you to have insurance to see a Doctor. Doctor’s need help also with healthcare reform so they can be your Doctor, not the Doc in a box.

So, either the Democrats can step up and create healthcare reform as part of their new platform based on my comments above; or the Republicans can, or an independent group can; either way I do not care as long as someone actually creates healthcare reform. For now, we need to TELL our Senators to vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill. I do not care how much you love or hate Trump tell your Senator to vote no. This bill is not for the American people. For the life of me I cannot tell who it benefits. Some say it is a tax break for the wealthy, it maybe I do not know. In no way shape or form, does it address healthcare. Contact both of your Senators and TELL them to vote no.
Here is the link to look up the information for your Senator:

Copy and paste the info above and you will find the contact info. Some you can email, some have websites you can make comments. It is probably too late to mail them anything, yet you certainly can try. Do not delay, the vote will happen very very soon. Your first hint I am right is they are trying to rush this through. When someone doesn’t want you to think about it, it usually isn’t in your best interest.  This ain’t.

I have contacted each of my Senators by going to the States tab on the website above and clicking on my State (Texas) and going to where it says contact. I did and entered my message. Please do so also. I suggest being polite or at least professional. Ranting and ravings usually get ignored.

Do not take this lightly. The part of the Republican base that wants Obamacare repealed will be contacting their Senator. They do this regularly so the Senators’ staffs know some of these people. You must make the effort and it only takes about five minutes. And pass it on. You do not have to agree with me about much, yet I implore you to make this effort because this bill does not benefit you or me.

And I will be coming back to my story soon. I was out of town for a while so I lost track of it. I plan on rereading through it to catch up and then move forward. I do know where I want it to end so just got to flesh it out.  Have a great evening and again call, email, comment, mail or however you want to contact your Senators, just let them know, to vote no.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A bit of true populist conservative Social Security and tax reform

Good afternoon one and all,
You can tell summer is coming to an end since the days are definitely shorter than they use to be, not because of the temperature around here.

I used to brag I would keep this blog positive and work to post positive comments. The last few years have been rough on the ole psyche, yet we must keep the faith. The last post was a bit critical, yet I still stick by it. The press can criticize Trump, just stick to what he is not doing or failing to do as President. Some of the other petty articles we should lose. Anyway, so as not to criticize I have decided to go back and try to add ideas to solve issues facing our country.

These are two short thoughts on topics I have suggested ideas before. Awhile back I wrote a lengthy description of a broad-based plan to help keep Social Security solvent. Today I want to suggest another way to help that can be added in conjunction with my previous proposal. And it includes a bit of tax reform.

First let’s drop the income tax rate a bit maybe 7-10% for working and middle-class earners since they are the people that can primarily benefit from Social Security anyway. We take a portion of the 7-10% and switch it over to social security. So, the income tax is reduced 7% of which 2% is added to the amount withheld for social security and to help small businesses out and all businesses out, there is no corresponding increase in how much the employer should contribute. For now, workers have 15% added to Social Security from which 7.5% from employee and 7.5% from employer. Now the income tax rate is reduced and some of this is added to Social Security making the employee contribution 9.5% for a total 17%. If needed, you can increase the wage amount that social security can be withheld a small amount also. The employee and the employer’s tax burden is not significantly impacted and Social Security receives the extra income for future generations.  And the income tax rate is dropped 5% and even though a small drop allows more money back in the people’s hands now and in the future.

And going back to one of my old ideas where corporate taxes should not be reduced till they do something to earn a tax break. Employers that increase payroll receive a tax credit for the amount they increase payroll. It is a wash for the employer basically, some cost may exist, however, the working and middle class receive extra income which along with the income tax reduction for them helps the economy. The increase in wages also increases the amount going to Social Security especially when you add the extra 2%.

I am against corporate and higher income bracket tax reductions till the wage and wealth gap is reduced. I cannot justify in my head tax reductions for these groups till we see a corresponding investment in our economy and our people.  It is time we put the horse before the cart for the one percent. Most of our large corporations rely on customer spending anyway so you could make the joke this is now trickle up theory.  Yes, really bad joke. Or you could say what goes up, must come down. Stronger economy means more corporate profits which makes it easier to continue the  upward wage trend coming back down to the working and middle-class. The bugger in a plan like this is inflation so hopefully the correct groups can use their tools to balance the growth vs. inflation pendulum.

We need to increase competition also. Customers will need to make sure they spend money where they are treated well so there is no attempt at price increases to double up on increasing income for corporations when they raise wages. People will have to rely on themselves to make this work since we do not need socialistic price controls creating more bureaucracy creating a need for more government. I am a smaller government conservative. This means we, the people, need to take on more responsibility. To help, we can spend money on better education. This is an investment that benefits society as a whole and helps the people make better decisions to support these ideas.

You can play around with it yourselves if you want to create a budget since Congress cannot. My numbers are off the top of my head. I feel they are in a realistic range and too bad I cannot hand them to the CBO for a bit of analysis.

And I do not know if this is truly original, yet I feel comfortable supporting it.

Fall is coming which means the State Fair of Texas is about to start. If you get the chance, come on by. I will admit the fried food craze for the fair is out of hand, yet overall it is still a great event too attend.  

Finally on this Sunday of Repentance readings I need to ask forgiveness from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Congress, Putin, The media, The One percenters, the greedy, all the truly hard working people in Washington D.C, you the reader for my not keeping my goal of trying to be positive, and probably millions of others for some reason or another. Being critical is easy, accomplishing good is the goal.

Have a great week all.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The left-wing media is just as narcissistic as Donald Trump

We know that whether you support Donald Trump or don’t support Donald Trump you have very strong feelings about him. It is hard to find too many people that don’t have an opinion about him.

Some feel his narcissism is very dangerous for this country. Others feel this is the way he is and that his strong personality is why they like him. If you read this blog regularly you know I am far from a fan.  Yet, I am getting tired of certain left-wing media groups, organizations, or even individuals who have built up a cottage industry of sorts patting themselves on the back every time someone says something derogatory about Donald Trump.

You see the headlines such as so and so destroys Trump in one tweet. So and so has the perfect response to Donald Trump. And they are the most ridiculously inane statements. There is no real punch to the actual statement. They did not take down Donald Trump. They do not prove anything, nor do they offer any solutions or alternatives to what Donald Trump said, proposed for policy, or did. It is banal rhetoric. Still we get headlines that do nothing for anyone.

I do not want Donald Trump to be my President. I think he is the worst President in our history and this includes such luminaries as Coolidge, Hoover, Cleveland to name a few regularly bad Presidents. These same people living off this narcissistic criticism of him, though offer nothing in return. They lump all his supporters into Clinton’s infamous deplorables group not realizing most of the people that voted for him were/are angry at the Washington establishment. There are racists and alt right fanatics that support Trump, yet they alone do not make up the tens of millions of people who voted for him.

I am borrowing this analogy. What all these self-righteous left-wing media fanatics do not seem to realize is that Donald Trump is the actual realization of the 1980’s movie where the newscaster tells everyone to go to their window and yell out into the night that I am not going to take it anymore and the movie shows people all over the nation screaming out their window. Solved nothing, but in the movie, it gave everyone the impression they did something.  Fast forward to 2016 and people couldn’t take it anymore and voted for Trump instead of yelling out their window.  Unfortunately, Trump is incapable of rational governance by himself. And he surrounded himself with others incapable of rational governance. A few people have since tried to bring about some rational attempt, but we are nowhere close to where we need to be.

The many people who voted for Trump that were basically yelling out their window though are not deplorable people. They are hardworking individuals who felt cheated by what has happened in Washington D. C for the last few decades.  Republican leadership has been running policy that benefits what is now known as the one percenters. Many working and middle-class people who are basically moderately conservative saw their lively hood slowly taken away. Their children suffered with weaker and weaker education levels decade after decade so the children as adults are easily swayed by the anger created by other elements in our society.  The Democrats have not done any better by playing to the far left and adopting social pathways that scare away these same moderate conservatives or create policies that benefit the country as a whole.

Take for example all the bathroom bills for transgenders. It sounds so wonderful to say everyone should be treated equally and we need to make sure all these disadvantaged groups need to go to the bathroom like the way they feel.  Simplified example yes, but what many on the far left do not realize that it is more than a bathroom bill, it is pushing envelopes this group of people are not ready to have shoved down their throat. And that is the way they feel. Many people just aren’t comfortable with the thought of a grown man because he thinks he is a woman walking into a bathroom with their 12-year-old daughter. That is much more than they can accept, partly because this is happening fast; partly because education levels have been diminishing and ignorance makes change harder; partly because some are intolerant people; and partly because this scenario scares the crap out of them. This does not give the right for the left-wing media though to talk down, berate, bully, etc. because they think they know more than everyone else. Quite frankly, they don’t.

For all their criticisms, what have they given us to help us move forward. They no more have any ideas than Donald Trump. Trump at least spits out inconsequential rhetoric that appeals to his larger base. He made promises. He is not or can not keep them, but he made them. He spoke to their anger. The left-wing media fuels this exact same anger. Middle America, or what some call the fly over states care, they care deeply. Many have deep rooted value systems they see Washington has lost.  They see the left-wing media enhancing this loss of values by supporting issues that make no sense to them.

I am not talking about every media outlet. I am talking about a significant amount of verbiage coming from a segment of what might be called the establishment media, a certain one percenters of elitism that is based on their own self-importance. This is not all of the liberal media.

It is enough to anger people who truly believe in family values and hard work. The people who have believed in the American Dream their whole lives and have watched it slip away for their children are angry. These are not deplorable people. They are angry people. There are some deplorables who do support Trump, but they are fringe and dangerous elements of our country. The angry are middle America who went to the voting booth and voted I am not going to take it anymore.

The quasi-intellectualism from certain aspects (one percenters) of the liberal media is doing just as much harm to this country with their self-righteous denunciation of Trump supporters. They are fueling their anger, pushing them further into the arms of the dangerous fringes of our country; and making it more difficult to bring this country together if and when Trump may be impeached or at the very least charged with crimes he must answer.  Their narcissistic attitude of we know more than everyone else and we are going to flaunt it in your face is just as dangerous as Trump’s self-absorbed narcissism running this country into the ground and ignoring that he is President of something very special; our country and our constitution.

If we are to move forward, we need to focus on finding solutions to our problems and proposing these solutions to the whole country and get to work. The current leadership of Republicans and Democrats have not been able to do this for decades. They have created a monster of electoral survival that created the Trump monster people believed was going to drain the swamp of this same establishment. No amount of Trump bashing will turn this tide. The more we ignore the real work facing us, the faster our demise will approach us. Russia didn’t win because Trump won, Russia is winning because we are infighting. So, my named one percenters of left wing media need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why are they better than Trump. They haven’t done anything more than Donald.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I know Irma is hitting Florida, yet got distracted

First I want to recognize that what is happening in Florida, happened in Houston, the wildfires out west , and the earthquake in Mexico are much more important that trite political comments so I hope people understand I understand the gravity of the situation happening to many people, yet I have been working on my reference page for this blog while watching the cable news on Irma and also reading other news and one story just got to me.

There was a story on a member of the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives saying the Republican leadership didn’t give Trump a better choice or better options so he had to make a deal with the Democrats.

My apologies to the victims of all these natural disasters that I am not keeping them first in my thoughts today and my sincere apologies to the Eurythmics for this, but it came into my head while reading the story:

                                Here comes the blame again
                                Falling on my head like a p p rain
                                Falling on my head like a new bowel movement
                                I want to walk in public discourse
                                I want to talk like people do
                                I want to talk governance
                                Is it raining with you

                                So baby talk to me
                                Like people do
                                Work with me
                                Like adults do
                                Talk to me
                                Like people do

                                Here comes the blame again
                                Raining in my head like a tragedy
                                Tearing us apart like they want to do
                                I want to hear rational
                                I want to hear reasonable
                                I want to dive into common sense

                                Is it raining with you

                                So baby talk to me
                                Like people do

Yes my apologies to the Eurythmics, but the finger pointing in Washington is doing as much damage to the country as the natural disasters, unfortunately it is just not as visible.

Can we get Representatives and Senators and Presidents and citizens to realize we should govern as well as we help each other in these natural disasters? America is great, we prove it in times like these, why can’t we take this same attitude and do the daily work of governance?

Hang tight Florida, everyone wants you to get through this.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cowboys and more Dallas Sports

Well football season is upon us and the Cowboy mania is going full tilt. Everyone here is championship this, championship that….

And we still do not know if we are going to have Zeke for half the season or so… and even before all his drama started we had suspended defensive lineman left and right so I had figured that we were going to have to have 15-20 onside kick off plays in the playbook.

The defense is still under construction so I was thinking to win games the Cowboys need to win the toss, receive the kickoff, score, then do an onside kick, score, repeat a few times and then play out the game. Basically, try to get ahead 14-21 points before giving the other team the ball.  I know they can score. The Boys have a great offensive line. We got weapons without Zeke. He seals the deal, but we can compete while he is suspended. What no one knows is how the defense is going to perform. The defensive coordinator can work miracles, but he needs at least the one bucket of fish to get started.

This will be an interesting season. Dak will have some up and down games. It is his second year, most QBs struggle a bit. I think he will do well, just have to sit through a few moments every now and then as he settles into a real career. It wouldn’t be a concern if we knew the defense can handle it.

The Patriots are playing the Chiefs tonight and I could care less. Sunday can’t come fast enough and it will be a good read for the whole season. We will see.

And I am trying to avoid the Rangers. Every time I pay attention to them, they lose a few games. I quit paying attention and they win a few games. How can you be a fan in these circumstances? Anyway, I am still hoping they put together a good win streak these last couple of weeks and sneak in. Anything can happen once you make the playoffs. I am not putting any money on it, but some emotion….yeah!

I am a casual fan of the Stars so I have no idea what to expect. The people I know who are super fans seem to have a guarded optimism in their eyes when talking about them. I am fortunate enough to get to see some home games so hopefully I can get a better feel by the middle of November. Last year just didn’t work at all. Some blame injuries, some blame the goalies, all I know was about mid-November the Stars were in OT and the other team scored in less than a minute to end the game. And you knew it was bad when the whole crowd groaned before the opposing team crossed the blue line. The Stars were struggling and everyone knew it. Stars fans are very supportive and it took them a long time to give up on the season, but you could tell they were only hoping by this point in the season.

And then someone asked me, what is the Mavs plan. I can get excited he said if I knew the plan. So, I gave him this one. Dirk doesn’t start every game. In fact, there may be a few different starting line ups based on who the Mavs are playing. And in my plan, this is not a bad thing. The general starting lineup will probably be Nerlens, Dirk, Harrison, Wesley, and Dennis. Yet this is not set in stone and in my plan, don’t expect it to be. Other potential starting line ups can be Nerlens, Harrison, Finney-Smith, Wesley, and Dennis; or Nerlens, Harrison, Wesley, Curry, Dennis; or Dirk, Harrison Finney-Smith, Curry, Dennis.

And then bench options are still great, imagine Dirk and JJ coming off the bench. You could have a ten-point run in three minutes realistically against many opposing benches. Quite frankly not starting Dirk some, keeping him limited to about 20 minutes many games allows him to play more games, rest a few and he can manage his health through the season.  You could start Nerlens, Harrison, Wesley, Curry, and Dennis and play them a full 8 minutes to start the game. Completely switch out the team and have Dirk, Finney-Smith, Devin Harris, JJ and Yogi come on for 4-5 minutes. Your starters stay even with most other teams’ starters and your bench outscores teams 40-20 throughout the game very easily.  You cannot do this every game, but there will be many opportunities throughout the season. And for the last five minutes of the game you basically pick and choose the hot hands for the game. So, Dirk could be well rested for end of game or you have any of Curry, Barnes, Yogi, Smith, Jr, Wesley with Nerlens and Finney-Smith playing full speed to close out games.  I do not think they will win the West, yet they can win their fair share.

And speaking of the West, I am of the opinion there are going to be some disappointed fans after all the moves made over the summer. There is going to be some major changes in playoff order this year. Obviously, Utah is going to be hurt by the loss of Gordon. The Clippers will probably slip significantly and I do not think it will be Beverly’s fault. In fact, he may be who holds them together. Blake is just too much of a sore loser and hot head to be a team leader. DeAndre will still be a beast, but he cannot lead a team by himself. He will play well, everything will be different though.

The Spurs are going to struggle. They will win 50+ because of KL, yet after him there is a drop off now. Pop is still a great coach, but age on that team is going to show and with half the West younger and developing some teams will just outplay the Spurs.

Houston and OKC are the real wild cards and here is where the fans might be disappointed. Either team can have monster year or have a monstrous let down.  This will be interesting.

Minnesota is the real wild card. They have an interesting make up and it wouldn’t take much for them to take two or three steps forward from last year. Denver, New Orleans, and Sacramento will be interesting to see if something pans out. Mavericks probably fall into this category.

Outside of GS, the rest of the West is wide open. Spots 2-4 will probably be Spurs, Rockets, and Thunder, with no guarantees. The race for places 5-10 will be very fun to watch with the 9 and 10 teams just missing the playoffs and may go to place 12 being close.

As for the East, both Boston and/or Washington can beat the Cavs this year. And this isn’t because of IT’s hip injury. Boston and Washington are getting better with experience and Cleveland has had a run because of weaker competition. LeBron is older and he needed Kyrie. Yes, he made Kyrie better, but he needed him.  LeBron’s age is going to show this year and there is no one who can run the team for extended minutes without him. One nagging injury and Cleveland could drop fast until he gets better or gets help.

And back to the Cowboys. They have a good chance of making the playoffs, however, the NFC East is going to be tough. Not too many teams are going to want to head East so to speak this year. The Cowboys may win it or be the wild card, but they should make the playoffs. The real question is can they become as good as Atlanta last year. There is some if to that question.

Fall is fast approaching here in North Texas as we enjoyed cooler air (mid 80’s is cooler for us) so get excited, pigskins are flying everywhere over the skies of the USA.

Finally, prayers and anything else we can send to large portions of the country is needed. Houston is an ongoing disaster, yet The Caribbean and Florida, Georgia or South Carolina may not have it any better. This country needs to rethink much of who we are as a people and how we govern ourselves so we can better plan to manage natural disasters. There are also major fires out west. This is a very rough year and let us hope we can learn something. We must start treating these events like the military prepares for battle. Long term strategies must be developed. For now, let’s do our best to send what we can to help the people affected in these terrible calamities.  For certain areas of our country it will be years before the cities are rebuilt. For example, see New Orleans and Katrina. Hopefully we will learn better this time.

There is a story running around in my head and more will come. We have been away for a bit so just now getting back into the swing of things.  And is it just my work mates and myself or are many of you ready to quit ATT? Or the whole cable territorial monopolies in general? Too much control over us, the customers, who keep them in business. We need better options. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

A bit more of the story…… and a bit of a table of contents sort of

Before I add a bit to the story I thought I would help you remember which posts have parts of the story.
07/05 Read me a Story Grandpa .. started it off
07/12 Comments then more story    (2nd part)
07/24 A comment then more story   part 3
08/10 Back to the story……finally       (part 4)
08/19 The Story goes on                      (part 5)

So on to part 6

Sheriff Daniel and FBI agent Anthony were in the Sheriff’s office talking to Anthony’s supervisor. So far, the press had been contained in one area of town where Anthony had held the first press conference. At this point, no real information was given to the press. Anthony was reporting this like an unsolved hunting accident. And for every question asked, the answer was Greg was the local Representative and we are just making sure since the actual shooter had not come forward. No reward, possibly no criminal charges; just wanting someone to come forward and admit the mistake. For now, that was what the press was being fed.

The conversation with Anthony’s supervisor was much different because all three of them were trying to wrap their heads around the very real fact there were two separate shooters and one of the shooters may have been the group that the Sheriff met at the hospital. And even this was conjecture.

The investigation had gone well, really well which caused the absolute fear in them of how much of a crime or conspiracy they may have on their hands.  The metal detectors found 12 rounds fired into the trees and ground past where Greg was found. This was what they found. They were not close to sure if this was all. Once they started finding each bullet they expanded their search. Then the trick was to find the original location of the shooters hoping to find any shells.

They knew by the fact that one set of bullets was from a hunting rifle they might be able to find them if they could determine the angle of where the shots hit the body and work outwards. It was the second set of bullets that bothered them the most. And it looked like the first shooter hit Greg and he fell right as the second set of bullets splashed the area behind where he lay.

Best guesses proved to be right. They determined the angle of the first shooter fanned out in that direction and at about 100 yards they found the shell casings. They figured the other shooters were further out and at a different location which turned out to be true. The amazing what seemed to be fact was that both shooters or sets of shooters did not know each other was out there. The difference in when the shots were fired had to be just seconds apart, but how did the second group not hear the first person or group right before they started shooting. Yes, the woods were very thick here except for the trail the Congressman was on, but the noise alone should have attracted some attention. They did determine there were different hunting groups out that day after the sheriff had talked to some people he knew. Maybe just maybe everyone was shooting around the same time, which the second group may have picked up as the locals and were glad for the noise.

Anthony was sure the group that was further out were professionals especially based on Sheriff Daniel’s description of the men from the SUV. It was the first shooter that had everyone confused. Was this an amateur? Was this a real accidental shooting? And they were using the knowledge of the first shooter to give bits and pieces to the press to keep the accidental shooting story going. They also wanted this info out to confuse the second group. So, the press heard about the shell casings from the shooter that actually hit Greg. The team wasn’t going anywhere, Anthony just hoped some world breaking news would happen so they would accept this theory and move on so he could continue the investigation in private. He needed the team to really scour the woods in the areas of the shooters to find as much as they could. Luck was on his side. While he was talking to his supervisor, the team found some interesting tire tracks. They marked them and came back to their hotel since getting dark. They stopped by the office to give Anthony their report while Anthony was still on the phone

Right after Anthony finished his report verbally with his supervisor, he sent a rough written transcript via email he had worked on while talking. A copy of that report was acquired while in transit and made it to Paul’s contact on the phone. They were more disturbed than the FBI and extremely angry at the failure of their men to hit the target. And who else targeted the Congressman. They had their reasons for killing him. It was dangerous enough they had to take this path. They had no remorse in what they did, but saved killing for the very last resort. This shouldn’t have come to this, yet now, they had a potentially live Congressman who could come back to the House and keep working. And worse an unknown player with no known motive. Were there others with an agenda they didn’t know about? They always knew they were in charge. Now, deep deep down, a bit of apprehension filled the room.

The CIA agent met his counterpart in Saudi Arabia. He was there to confirm the report of American activity in Iran. The Saud was furious. Why would Americans try to make clandestine contact with Iranian officials? Now rumor had it some of those same officials were dead, but it was unknown if all potential contacts were dead or were there others still working with the Americans. The American agent was trying his best to reassure the Saud, however, there were big gaps in the American’s story. And that was because many on the American side had no idea what had happened, who had authorized contact with the Iranians, and why. Someone high up did, because reports of multiple contacts over months were starting to materialize.

Paul’s employers knew about the meeting between the CIA and the Sauds, they waited patiently for their response. Officially from the Palace and the White House there was no discussion, yet both leaders knew and trust was diminishing on one side.

And one small group in the CIA and NSA waited patiently to hear about Greg’s health. He knew much of their project and his role going forward was still very vital. They did not communicate. Their instructions were silence on all channels. They were smart. They had learned much from the old rouge agents running around the world. Paper works and paper burns, no trail at all. And in today’s electronic world, many people forget how simple it was to pass paper amongst all sorts of daily junk that went through offices.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Same song, who knows what verse

As we get closer to Trump no longer being President whether in 2020 or before and the 2018 midterms fast approaching, what options do we have.

Well not any new ones.

Once Trump leaves the White House, the Republican establishment will feel pretty comfortable passing their agenda that supports the one percenters. They will try to find some bone to throw to the Trump supporters, however, it will not be taken. We will get some sort of repeal of the ACA, what it does to the middle and working class for medical coverage and health care is anyone’s nightmare. Yet, the Trump supporters will not find anything enough. They will continue to be angry. And a bit chaotic. They are still angry at Washington. Trump was supposed to turn the tables on Washington and they bought into it hard. The alt right and possible Russian trolls will continue to fuel their anger. This won’t be a pretty site.

And the Democrats are still the party of Trump bad, we good. I have not seen nor heard any new ideas coming from the leadership or rank and file. They are in the same mind set they were going into November 2016. We should be elected because we are nicer??????? Really????????

The Democrats haven’t had a new idea since the wonderful concept of a war on poverty. Unfortunately, their tactics failed and now we have multi-generational poverty. And yet they are nicer, they think this counts for much. It still doesn’t solve the excessiveness of government handouts, nor make the ACA better, nor resolve Social Security’s upcoming debacle, nor encourage business investment in this country, nor help move the country forward with the transition to renewable energy, nor create better infrastructure, nor work to resolve the wealth divide, nor retrain the group of people who are mad at D.C. so they can feel they have a future, nor improve education overall, nor bring back some curbs the Republicans took away on the financial industry, nor improve air and water quality, nor plan ahead for water and food needs as resources get more scarce, nor re-instill the values that makes us great, and add whatever else you think this country needs to work on.

And believe or not, I am still optimistic. It may not sound like it based on the preceding paragraphs, however, we have done wonders in the past and we can still grab the 21st century by the horns so to speak and show the world that active engagement of a people does bode well.  Yes, some of our success was driven by people trying to make a buck, yet overall, we are educated enough to let a capitalist economy grow with what we have learned in making sure all prosper, not just a few.

Think of the great projects this country has accomplished. In the 1800’s we built the St. Lawrence Seaway and connected the continent with railroads. We overcame the horror of slavery. By the end of the century workers were standing up for their rights and the right to be treated with dignity as a member of the working class. This grew into the 1900’s.
Also in the 1900’s women achieved the right to vote. We developed a most excellent national park program. We built an interstate highway system.  We with others won another war where we overcame another horrible evil. We put a man on the moon. And we continued to put into practice the notion that all men are created equal. We still have much to go on this front, yet we have taken steps forward.

So why do we abdicate our responsibilities as citizens and let the one percenters try to run the country and hate try to run us into the ground? The clear majority of this country does not belong to either group. When we realize this, and force our leaders to respond to what is best overall for the country, the sky is truly the limit.

I have previously laid out some economic development plans, ideas to improve social security, a political platform that tries to generate economic growth through managing down the size of the government without taking away what it does to protect the people, new ways to improve education and much more. So, if I can type away in my living room and at least put forth new ideas, we should be able to get together and develop the future all of us want. And I am not saying my ideas are better than everyone else’s. I am saying the two major parties though have not even attempted to create a future.  I am saying there are thousands of good ideas, we just need to recruit better leaders using a broad approach to tackling many problems, and recreate how we are great.

This country is great because many people made it great. Time for many people to put into practice what we have preached for centuries now. All men are created equal. And the way to begin is to make sure equal opportunity exists for all.

I hope you are having a good evening. I hope you enjoyed the solar eclipse. And I hope you realize no one person should do everything. If we all contribute, we all benefit.

And I will get back to the story soon.  My imagination is slowly becoming enmeshed in it.

And on a side note I have some tweaks to add to my ideas about improving Social Security’s financial health. I will get to those sometime when I add to my policy ideas. I may do something similar to what I did in the 2012 election time frame and come up with a new and improved party platform just to show practical governance is not out of the realm of possibility heading into 2018.