Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A bit of science fiction

After reading obsessively about the end of our planet because of the current Presidential campaign I thought I would talk about something more realistic, positive, and hopeful.

So apparently according to various sources there is a large mega structure being built around star KIC 8462852. First of all, how many of us can actually pull up the star charts and actually point this out? Well for the rest of us, we are stuck reading the multitude of articles on this topic trying to figure out what all this means. So here is my guess

An actual civilization has past the stage we are in and actually evolved and began space exploration. Now it takes years just to get to Mars so it probably took them 10,000 years to fully colonize their own solar system. And as they did more and more they were able to improve on space travel so eventually they began interstellar exploration. By comparison we, as “civilized” humans have been around 12,000 years give or take so this alien civilization was around about 25,000 years when they took the first viable interstellar journeys. And at this point they still haven’t found how to travel at light speed, but they have their theories.

The next 25,000 years were spent colonizing the closest solar system to their own. Just like we discovered the idea of the Dyson sphere they also were very aware of the concept and were working on finding a star that was devoid of planets or large asteroid belts that would interfere with the building of one. Yet they also know that  some small planets etc that are uninhabited are needed for the raw materials.  Eventually they calculated that KIC 8462852, which took them only another 2-3000 years to reach was the appropriate star for their needs. They have determined that they can generate enough power to reach multiples of light speed space travel if they could build the structure large enough to generate the energy they need. They have learned that light is made up of particles so this structure will generate enough light power that they can use it to travel in any direction from the star which is the center point of the structure. Basically they determined that they can harness light from the star then concentrate it enough to get a critical mass level of light particles that can be used to propel a new type of space ship and since it is light the mass still travels at the speed of light. They are hypothesizing the structure can amplify the light particles to increase past light speed.

Currently we are seeing the unfinished product. Of course at this distance we cannot tell how fast they are working, but if all goes well we might actually see the equivalent of vapor trails as their space ships leave the Dyson sphere and reach light speed almost instantaneously.

So this took them anywhere from 60-80,000 years to reach the point where we see them now. All we have to do is survive this election and we might be headed in the right direction. Oops brought up that nasty subject again.   My apologies.

The dog days of summer are passing us by and recently I was reminded the phrase comes about because of humans following the stars. So it is about time to get excited about baseball season. And lo and behold so far so good, those little red shoe Texas Rangers are still in the hunt for the playoffs.  We are beginning to keep a closer eye on their progress and are hoping for great success.

Also with the end of summer, the beginning of school begins. Yes the malls and wal marts of the world have been full with the ever delightful sound of unruly crowds, long lines, and hungry kids wanting attention. I am ever so glad that I get to stay home.

Sometimes I get so bogged down in what is wrong with the world I forget what is right with the world. So lets keep taking care of our wonderful planet, ourselves, and our future. The hate always gets the noise and the press, what is done on a day to day basis that is the best of us seems to never makes a dent in the media. Celebrate your friends and family, acknowledge someone when they do something nice for you, and most important always remember that to show true respect to yourself because that is the best way to learn to respect others.

We have an unusual break here in North Texas this week as the average temperature is now in the low 90’s. And we are getting slight bouts of rain. The weather is wonderful here. Unfortunately we need to be mindful that just 6-800 miles southeast of here there is monstrous flooding. Please keep the people in the southeast in your thoughts and prayers.

For the rest of you I hope you have a great evening.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The “Other” Challenge

I will be glad to go to the Debates and represent “the other” vote. Yep just pay me $250,000 per debate* so I can take care of some debts, pay some tuitions, and hire some people to help me prepare. And the only conditions I have is to be treated fairly and given the same amount of time as everyone else.
I will be quite different from the hyperbolic and mudslinging potential that the two current candidates may devolve. I have my 2012 platform** I wrote for a fictitious party for that election plus my other single posts on a variety of topics I have written over the years. I am very verbose and do not edit myself so yes the writings are a bit lengthy. There is really good content mixed in with philosophical ramblings, however, I am ultimately confident that whatever input I have will be much more substantive than what either of the two major party candidates will offer.
And I will work to be just as entertaining as I continually throw down a gauntlet for them to actually express any manner of detail for their ideas. I will not be negative or name calling. I will stick to facts, yet in forcing the issue with them; the show will contain a completely different type of fireworks than the potential as it now stands.  

I feel my history of not voting for Dems and Reps for decades, my 2012 written platform, and a wide variety of other posts prove that I am the longest running independent non candidate around so sign me up.  I am “other”

*And for the same amount of money I will get someone to go to the VP debates. I know more than a few people including some of you I bet that would love to tear it up on stage with the disaster facing our country.

**for my readers on Wordpress and Tumblr you may have to go back to Blogger or blogspot to read the platform. There were many political ideas written before, during, and right after the 2012 election season.

It is a shame for baseball, the Texas Rangers, and of course for the player that Prince Fielder has to leave the game early. You never want to see any player have to leave the game under any similar circumstances.  As a player he will be missed, I hope as a person he continues to stay involved in the game.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I was going to trick you

Yes originally I was going to title this post "those damn emails"hoping you would click onto it thinking it was something about Hillary Clinton. Instead it was about you.

Yes you

And this has been discussed before and probably from your work. I am talking about what you write in your emails. I bring this up as a warning from a friend or whatever you may consider me.

Once again we need to be reminded what we send in an email can end up in places we have no desire of the outcome.  I recently was forwarded (and this is the problem) yes forwarded an email I had no business seeing. Not that I would care normally, but it was just completely out of whack for me to see. And of course it ends up being very applicable to my world professionally even though why it was forwarded to me was for personal reasons from someone else.

A bit confusing yes and I am keeping it that way because I have to protect a whole host of innocent or guilty people depending on your perspective.  Anyway be very careful what you write in an email. You never know who may read it and why. If I didn’t know the whole story in advance and there is a very large story I might have let it go to the people I know the author of the original email would not have wanted it to go. Yes there is a large group of very lucky people both on the sending side and the talked about side who will never know this email existed. Strange but true I saw an email that had nothing to do with me, but much to do with my work and some of my colleagues in the larger sense. It was a wow moment for me.

So please take this warning seriously and always always always remember, you never know where your emails may land. It is quite scary and normally completely unrelated as to the sender and how it ended up in my world. Yet it would be a tragic embarrassment for many people if I let this one through. And what it is worth I like many people that are involved. It took a very large circle and it was a circle and I got caught in the middle. I am repetitive because I hope I convey this message strongly enough so you do not make the mistake others did. What can I say, I would never want you to think you are just conveying a simple complaint and lo and behold …… wow…… Emails are permanent beyond belief and you better hope you have a friend like me or …. Oops     There are people on this planet that have no idea that I know some things that were written and will never know yet I will talk to them sometime in the next week or month just by chance of my professional world. It amazes me because I guess you can say it is a small world after all.  And yes this was huge,, very very huge.

Now to more fun thoughts..

The band Yes, in my opinion reached their zenith in 1974 with Yessongs. It never got any better than that in my opinion and I saw other tours

Talking Heads in 1984 with the Stop Making Sense tour.

The Rolling Stones can be debated between Sticky Fingers or Exile on Main Street albums

U2, was it The Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum or the tour for Vertigo? Your thoughts?

ELP was it the California Jam 1974?? Or ?

I saw the O’Jays on Late Night with Steve Colbert and they still sounded good. Strange but true, since it is hard to sing at their age. Yes I said their age.  I still like the Temptations better though. And you?

The Armadillo in Austin… well nuff said  … or Austin City limits… there was a time where Austin was the Third Coast and the alternative to New York and Los Angeles,   And at times much better, more real and down to Earth.

And without a doubt Merle Haggard, he is the ultimate Country music legend…Mama Tried, if you do not cry when you hear that song, you have no heart

Everyone goes Dark Side of the Moon, but what about that Crazy Diamond,,, the whole album says more to me

And well Sgt Pepper or Abbey Road? Be bold and make the decision

And finally is it Michael Jackson or Elvis the King of Pop?  Or both; well because…

And who gives a flip about grammar unless you are George Will?

What say you?

Monday, August 1, 2016

I don’t know what to say anymore…….…yet

The conventions are over, the balloons are probably all popped except one for Bill, the candidates are back on the campaign trail, the media is being the media, Steve Colbert cannot be Steve Colbert, Matt and Jimmy are feuding, and in just over three months this country will pick a President to lead us over the next four years.

Not much left to say so I decided to check out each of the respective nominees’ websites.  I am not going to break down all the issues or get into their details. You can read them yourselves and probably get a better idea than what I would tell you since I do not like either. I will be so bold as to offer some review. I have bragged for decades that I do not vote democrat or republican and this year I am especially proud I don’t, yet let us be fair.

I always try to post I will be positive so here goes:

Both websites have homepages that reflect the recently ended conventions. Donald has a picture and Hillary has her video. Both homepages let you make donations, you can click right there and contribute small amounts,   I wonder if that is pandering to the idea they are for the little guy…oops I said be positive….and you can sign up to receive all the news and information they want you to receive.

On Hillary’s site you can ACT and sign up to volunteer in your state. On Donald’s site you can GET INVOLVED and sign up to receive emails and texts along with a small box to check to volunteer.

Donald has a positions page and Hillary has an issues page. This is where we can learn more about what they would do as President. Like Hillary’s acceptance speech that included a litany of if you are for… join us, there is a litany of issues you can read about and what she is going to do. Donald has 7 positions you can read about. I briefly glanced at both pages.

Some of Donald’s positions are standard Republican talking points to a small degree such as he wants to lower taxes on American corporations to keep businesses and jobs here. And this is not on the tax reform page, but deep down the page on the US China issue page. And for tax reform he does claim revenue neutral and gives some ideas on keeping middle class Americans’ taxes down and actually it is a pretty strong populist simplified tax reform idea. Actually a fair read. And he does have a policy on compelling Mexico to the build the wall. That is an “interesting” read. I am presuming that day one to day two etc is metaphorical.

Hillary, even though her home page says most progressive Democratic platform in history, I do not know. Like I mentioned earlier the issue page is a litany of issues, most are just breakdowns on a few general topics. Of course with the Democrats wide range of social issues covered, none really on Donald’s which is a slight break from Republican history especially right to life and other faith based initiatives. Hillary covers education, social security, she has tax reform also under the topic name a fair tax system. The policy wonk aspect of her comes through in her proposals compared to Donald’s. She definitely has much more verbiage. I would say detail, but overall if you match it up with Donald’s she gets deeper in description, yet I am not sure how much more actual depth of program she has compared to his.

She talks about social security which I am going to read more about later to compare to what I wrote a few months ago about trying to help social security survive and thrive. The little I read compared to my ideas shows me there are considerable differences in approach between hers and mine. Donald doesn’t have as much detail on anything I have written before so hard to make comparisons. The one topic the three of us covered is discussions of healthcare coverage. There are some differences there and I have not directly addressed healthcare like I did social security except as part of my social security series. I think much further back I talked about it briefly.  I never liked Obamacare and Donald is taking up the we need to repeal it from day one mantra, however, his ideas are too generalist and even some of the ideas seem to lack understanding of what is already in place such as HSAs or I may be missing something

Some of you may remember I actually proposed a platform for a fictitious party back in 2012. Of course my usual verbose and philosophy driven rhetoric made it much longer than either of these two websites, but if you are bored I wouldn’t mind you searching back to compare their ideas currently to what I was suggesting years ago. I can honestly say I have just as much or more to what can be done for our country than either of these two sets of programs.

So here is one complaint and I am not being negative. Neither one addresses macro-economic development ideas and I have been big on those throughout my writings on my blog. Both candidates talk big about how they are going to bring jobs and help the middle class, yet I do not see much in true details as to how. Much talk, not much substance by either. I can robustly say I have tackled that much more in depth and have much more to add. I feel strongly there are many projects our country can implement to bring about economic health in our country, job and wage growth, and continuing to help our country be a leader in technological advancement. And I support this by using govt. to be the facilitator with guidance versus FDR’s new deal where the government was the source. Real quick, think about Hoover dam project or the TVA etc, but with the private sector supplying the investment capital and having the government manage the overall goals on how this benefits society. I am real big on using this type of project to meld people self-governing (best interests of the country) and capitalism to bring out the best for our country. Much more to this I have written and will continue to write going forward. It bothers me that neither candidate or for that matter neither party or even our so called economic elites can be innovative enough to use forward thinking to benefit us.  We have built the interstate highway system for one purpose, yet it created so much more for our country. At this point in our history we should be able govern with forward thinking. We have the examples of the past; why can’t we create for our future?  Oops too much about me, when this was suppose to be about the websites

Finally both websites have lots of pictures and articles you can click on. Donald has negative stories on Hillary and Hillary has positive stories on Hillary so much more Hillary coverage between the two sites than Donald coverage. I think he needs to get a few positive stories about him going otherwise he is doing for her what the media does for him, free coverage.

Also both sites allow you to shop. Yep shop! You can buy all sorts of attire, buttons, etc for either candidate just in case you cannot get enough crap on the website you can now have it sent to you.

Have a great evening everyone. We are now headed into the extreme dog days of summer so those of you feeling overburdened by the heat, relief is now a bit of light at the end of a tunnel. Or you can look forward to this fall’s drop in temperatures just like the fall of the United States,,,,,oh darn thought I could keep it positive,,,,,, too hard when the choice is Donald or Hillary I guess.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

That damn lottery ticket (part 4)

Bill had done much reading in his life. If things were different he may have worked for a doctorate, maybe in history, maybe in political science. Bill was also a fair writer and his tweets and now his website showed a bit of his skill. People were fascinated with what he had to say. He was melding large parts of the struggle of mankind into a blended manifesto of the middle and working class. He was not a Marxist by all means yet some socialism did creep into his writings. And he wanted a chance. He felt his life had been taken away by the very people everyone had just revolted against so he wrote towards a more promising future.

One thing he remembered from his readings had stuck in his head from many years ago and it played a big part in keeping Bill a bit convoluted on what future he did want. He remembered somebody had once discussed:
                [ the “ruling aristocracy of money,” he suggested, exercised “more and more control every day over the rudder of the state”: “Soon those people will constitute not only the supervisory board of the ___________________ company, but also the supervisory board of our entire society.” } *

Bill couldn’t remember if this was from a socialist writer or a different source, but it had been affecting what he had been writing before the revolution and played a major role in his thoughts going forward. He could not though completely give over to a socialist revolution. He still felt strongly for opportunity and reward for effort. He just was caught up like everyone else of his time that this had been lost by the very people who made it their political campaigns to say they were there to reinstitute the opportunity all longed for except that the other side had taken away from them. This major political dichotomy played back and forth between the two parties had been exposed. Bill was trying to rectify the “what next”.

Well as you can imagine once the US went headlong over the cliff, the world’s economy collapsed. The first two years after the eventful night teetered on the verge of complete anarchy.  The European countries held on, but socialism did prevail at first just so the countries could manage day to day economies and governance. The Middle East went into full scale war. There were multiple competing major factions. There were the peasants uprising against the oil royalty and the established countries; there was the historic religious clash between to the factions of Islam; and there was the explosion of terrorist groups who probably would have done terrible damage to the world, yet there were no resources. They basically created hundreds of small fiefdoms or self-proclaimed caliphates all vying to control the same territories with no one group able to consolidate any power. It was an absolute disaster with Israel fighting multiple wars, yet none of them significant since the different Arab groups were too busy fighting amongst themselves.

Some regions and countries survived better than others. Some parts of South America became self-sufficient and managed to thrive. Other countries went to historical dictatorships, yet they survived by working with the newer democracies. Africa had some successful countries, but also fell into a similar pattern as the Middle East in some areas, and unfortunately some pretty hefty dictators ran other countries.

Japan, South Korea, Australia, parts of Southeast Asia came out relatively unscathed and became strong trading partners. Russia grew, but ran into trouble with corruption and their long standing competition with China. China did come close to flourishing at first then their economy hit headwinds they could not overcome and certain parts of the country were breaking off with Beijing’s government.

And what happened to the U. S.? Bill was actually taking care of this; his popularity had grown exponentially from the first day of the revolution. His tweets and website were read religiously. And along with just the fact the average middle American really just wanted to have a normal life that many of them settled back down rather quickly. Small businesses that could get basics back on the market thrived. Many of the bureaucrats of the government took up the same tasks they had before. Local governments picked the pieces up quickly and local tax revenue was re-written so basic services could continue. Bill was very instrumental in finding people to take on the tasks of elected officials and some basic law and order was restored. People who had worked for the large multi-nationals were finding some work in picking up and reconstructing infrastructure. Utilities were left unscathed so people had jobs there and the general populace were able to survive the heat and cold of the different seasons.

Bill immediately began talking about new elections to bring back the country as a whole. Certain sections fell to some territorial fighting and parts were being run by gangs and other parts by somewhat fascist militias. Yet since most people still had a pretty good idea of democracy, these were tenuous at best. Some abuse of power did reign for some time since Bill could not get the elections up and running. As said before, many people were working in the government for basic functions it just took some departments longer to get started than others yet eventually some of the people who worked in the local election departments started getting paid and began the work of preparing for a national election.

And yes folks, our good friend Bill became the first President under the New Republic of the United States which encompassed almost all of what was previously the 50 states of the United States of America. The remnants of the military took up the call and came back to serve and within a few years Bill had put back together a working country.

And after all this madness almost ten years to the day, Jack was given an exception to the time limit and cashed his lottery ticket on his way to his new job.  This was the first opening of the national lottery that was reinstituted to help raise funds for the government. And this may not have been Bill’s best idea, but hey, Jack was happy.

*I can give you the footnote info for the quote above, however, I ask you to sit back and try and figure out when this was written, by who might be a task, but try to think about this for a moment. I left the one part blank because it might be a dead giveaway as to the time which is part of your little scavenger hunt for now.

First on a side note, does Sheldon Adelson still support Donald Trump? And if so, why?

And this is a stand-alone question and nothing to do with anything else.

The real paranoid post.

Running out of time here, but think about this and this came screaming back into my head after the Wasserman Schulz resignation etc..

Suppose you are a group of economic and political oligarchs and the pressure of maintaining the sham of a democracy was getting to you. How do you circumvent the system so you can preserve your economic power while instituting the government you want? You know how it is, sooner or later buying Congress can be a burdensome expense

You already know you have dumbed down the general populace pretty well. Social strife has been building, but you want to control it to your advantage, not get out of hand and wreck up your holdings/wealth.  As with any country some forms of nationalism can get ugly and be manipulated. You have had a party in power that lives off spewing fear for votes for decades now. Hmmmm maybe something can be worked out.

And lo and behold you realize one candidate has such a horrible history when it comes to trust maybe something can be done. And then you hear, maybe this candidate has made some pretty horrible mistakes, some that can be exploited. Yet you know you would have to exploit them at the right moment.

And on the other hand,  you have that candidate that is driving up the ugly nationalists, sure they are only a minority, but they are a very vocal minority. You can add in their hate, a large portion of the populace that is more concerned with other matters than government, general ignorance, douse it with the usual fear mongering stepped up and well does an opportunity exist.

So now Donald Trump wants to be President, he has ramped up some of the fear and anger in our country, the fringe elements are feeling embolden by him, most people are angry at the establishment, and lo and behold he got some serious traction with his birther hyperbole, so you think can we strong arm him through the primaries, pretty much split the opposition into multiple little pieces and win enough of the far right to carry forward. Boom, that is done.

And our little politician who has made so many mistakes and is seen as infallible by way too many has now manipulated the system to that person’s favor and oops is she vulnerable to some back office wrangling? If not, then, why not let the people believe she isn’t going to be indicted for some treasonous action. Yes, you have many of the beaurcratic powers to be in law enforcement, NSA, the military on your payroll in unique ways so let her run till either she capitulates to what you want or at the last minute, oops maybe it is discovered that we should charge a certain candidate with serious crimes, right about a week or two before the election. Oops she gets kicked off the ballot, no one is sure about does the VP nominee automatically become the candidate and by default one so called populist candidate becomes President and well he never cared about anything but himself so whether he is in cahoots with the planners it doesn’t matter. He is going to go along to get along since he is President and then one day he just seems to die of natural causes and the next Presidential election is not really an election anymore.

And now you have one scandalous manipulative candidate (the email scandal at the DNC and the State Department just beg too many questions) being screwed over to cooperate with the oligarchs or she loses everything? Either way, we are screwed.

So fiction galore tonight on this wonderfully hot and humid summer eve here in North Texas.

And if for some reason the tone of this blog ever changes or if it goes away, well after reading the above you know why. Yet this is why I call it the paranoid posts,,,, too much for reality you know….? Great works of fiction all around this evening. 

A person could add more to the details, but got to run

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fighting another paranoid post

You know how it is.  A thought creeps into your brain, you hear something, then it finds a neuron to latch onto, a synopsis lights up, it finds another connection, the electrical impulses bouncing around gray matter find a path and the next thing you know your whole being is consumed by an ugly thought. One that won’t go away. It dominates every part of your brain, growing worse than weeds throughout every cortex it can find. You drink a glass of wine more like a shot of tequila and it is still racing within and throughout that part of your body you rely on for reasonable action.

Your eyes turn so white you belong in a Paul Ryan selfie, your heart races along at a clip to blow two or three valves, your nerves are so on edge just the slightest sound makes you jump; everything in your being is consumed.

Yeah, sure, the reality is happening: The Republicans are actually going to nominate Donald Trump for President. Surely this one fact alone can’t be causing all this anxiety. No, it isn’t. You hear things, read things and it just starts to add up in this hyper vigilant state your brain is functioning.

And all your worse fears start to play out at a rapid fire pace. You can’t keep up, but overall one theme dominates the process. All day long you fight it. Every waking moment is put to the effort to keep your worst fears pushed aside, yet they grow back stronger and stronger, now to the point where rational reflection of what you are thinking is buried under the rubble of too many brain cells fried from long ago. What you actually fear is coming true is more dynamic than any fiction you try to create.  The panting, the wide eyed stare at nothing is only some symptoms of the raging paranoia completely engulfing the space behind my eyes. Is there even a soul to look into at this point?

My God you scream, what are we doing? How on Earth can a rational well positioned country with the best well written idea of government ever devised by man be nominating, much less electing the most narcissistic, irrational, pseudo fascist, completely devoid of any idea of how he would run this country once elected individual for the highest office in the land? How did we come to this?

And oh by the way his competition is the biggest most dangerous corrupt politician ever conceived of in this country. She makes Richard Milhous Nixon look like a boy scout. Yes, she hides it well and the Democrats will be nominating her next week.

Oh, but, don’t let me stress you out. This is just a moment that the history books will never mention. Whomever wins will get to write their interpretation and all will be copasetic. So do not fret over me, once November comes and goes, people like me will disappear into the wild blue yonder never to be heard from again. Can’t be upsetting the apple cart now, can we?

And heck, this is the mild version of what I wanted to write. I glanced at a story this morning stating where one delegate from Virginia was in a situation with one of Mr. Trump’s campaign workers and had to ask: are you threatening me or my State?” Just who exactly is working for Mr. Trump?

And in the end, people like me are labeled the bad guys. Wake up America,     please.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

There is so much on so many levels..

..that suck

Where does a person start? I was pretty much in a foul mood before this weekend started and wow, talk about life putting so much into and normally I would say perspective, but I am to the point where I do not know where perspective is right now. So where is everything being put. Well hell in a handbasket again comes to mind.

I was going to write about Gov. Pence being chosen the presumptive VP and I will get to this in a moment.

First though I am glad I am not a citizen of Turkey. Normally this isn’t a country that is on my radar much, but from what I understood before Friday President Erdogan was consolidating power and certain freedoms such as speech, dissent, and the press were starting to disappear.  Now I am never in favor of a military coup even if it is ostensibly to bring back democratic processes as long as the country is still electing the political leaders. Yet one has to wonder were they ahead of the game or just another set of despots? Either way or no matter which side won (apparently Erdogan) the average citizen is going to be losing their political and general rights going forward. I think the general consensus his he will use this as an excuse to clamp down on any and all opposition.  Of course any military dictatorship would be doing the same thing. Just not a great time for the average Joe in Turkey.

And then this morning more police shootings. And in Baton Rouge of all places. Now do we know if this was a targeted attack on police officers I do not know. Honestly I have been so busy this afternoon I haven’t seen a news update since around 3. I definitely do not want to jump to conclusions and the last reports I saw were people trying not to jump to conclusions.  Could this be a real attack? That is one horror we will have to deal with; or is this like Dallas where a person with some serious issues uses the racial issues to relieve the inner demons tormenting their brain? First of all, there is still much to learn about the Dallas situation and we are over a week past the original night. And then there were some reports what happened in Baton Rouge was the police being called to a developing situation. I think those reports are incorrect, however, I am not 100% sure. Last I heard though they were determining it was just one person.

And on a side note and especially since this may have been one gunman with an unclear motive and going back to the Dallas situation. We have got to do more for mental illness in this country. I do not know if it is me, yet we study everything on and off this planet, but the one biological function on this planet that is the most complex we just don’t seem to study enough. In fact, it is the brain that studies everything except well itself. I do know there are scientists and physicians that do study the brain, yet there is more going on in our heads that we have yet to even begin to understand. So again why aren’t we addressing mental illness more in this country? And that is not a rhetorical question.

And so we gather together, pray for and console the families and the survivors and our wondrous leaders speak and say wonderful words and we are back to square one. This could all happen again tomorrow.

And now I come to a point I want to make, yet doing so I give away something I want to use in my next installment of the story I keep trying to write. So here goes the general statement, there is a danger when a government that is supposed to be self-governing by the people become disenfranchised by their own inaction and allow a small set of people that have only their concerns take over the general wellbeing of said government. Obviously I am talking about the infamous 1% and our little angst and suspicions that they buy off Congress for their own good. When the people relinquish their responsibility to others then we end up with what we have today. A very disjointed country with hatreds, prejudices, an ugly history all rearing its head and all off it against ourselves. It does no one any good for racial strife to continue in this country, yet it continues fed by ignorance and hate. And when the leadership is so inclined to pay attention only to the people paying attention to them, the needs of the people are forgotten.(and people mention this all the time and it still continues) Yes, many politicians will say we need action, yet it is their inaction over decades, their lack of leadership to move the country forward instead of being self-serving that is partly responsible for the downward cycle into this morass we see now. And yes it is our responsibility, too;, for not speaking up earlier against the continuation of the past and like I mentioned before us relinquishing our responsibilities and letting others have their way, we cannot complain. We are forced to act now, but we cannot complain. If we want to continue to be a self-governing people we need to start taking back our country.

And on another secondary note, I will be starting off my next installment with a quote. I will challenge you on this quote. I want to you to figure who said this and when. I will have to leave a few words out through the couple of sentences involved so as not to tip off the time frame too easily. I hope you read and research the quote. It will be interesting to note what was said and when and how it applies to today’s world. There will be more than what I quote that will not be directly discussed, but hopefully comes out in the story. The quote is not directly related to the story. It is only a partial relationship. And I am keeping to my word and only working on the story when I actually sit down to write. I just ran across this piece while reading the other night and thought it might fit. The actual story will move directly from the last post.

And back to why I originally became in a foul mood. Okay wait stop, also as part of my driving around today I saw a very horrible accident. I am trying to type my Pence thoughts so I didn’t see the ten o’clock news so I do not know if it was reported, but it was definitely an unsettling sight.  Again if you are going to pray for the people shot by the police and their families, the police and their families in Dallas and Baton Rouge and for the forgiveness of the souls of the two men who created the two tragedies, please add whoever was in this accident. There was a completely burnt car draped over the median wall of the highway, a light pole knocked over and some other vehicles on the other side of the highway I could not see over the median wall. All in all it was a horrible day for these families also.

And as you know I am outright against Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton being President of our fair country. I, as many of you, feel we just do not have a valid choice for leadership amongst the two. I have expressed here and on the message boards of the internet news sights my displeasure with this choice. We are not choosing the lesser of two evils with this election we are choosing the horror of the results of giving up our country. How can anyone honestly feel Mr. Trump can act rationally based on what we have seen in the primaries? How can anyone flat out believe anything Ms. Clinton says at any given point? They are both narcissistic egoistic people who only want to be President so they can be President. Let’s not get into the seriously flawed what pretends to be platform either one of them is espousing, just who they are is crazy. We are about to elect by popular vote someone who gets votes based on who the majority of this country decides which opponent they hate more. Really folks this is how it is shaking out.

Anyway you know my feelings there, sorry to bore you with them again. Like I said I am in a foul mood. And so you ask, why are you upset about the Pence choice? Well maybe you didn’t ask, but what the heck I am going to answer anyway. Yep I am in a foul mood.

So Mr. Trump capitulates a bit and chooses someone who seems a compromise candidate to the hard right Republican base. Is he giving in? Is he showing he can work with people? I really don’t care. What happens now is the possibility of a brokered convention is weakened. And yes I wanted a fight on the convention floor so to speak. Now we have to be careful, I am not talking about real violence, but a good hard core political fight. Lots of votes, lots of accusations, lots of finger pointing and a result that leaves Trump out of the race or at the very least a split party where only his hard core base is left supporting him. Anyway somehow some way we get back to even though I detest the thought of what is called a lesser or two evil choice type candidate as the Republican nominee.

Does this mean I want it to get so crazy that it lets Ms. Clinton get handed the election? NO! I want the Democrats to look at how bad of a choice Ms. Clinton is and that enough delegates take a good hard look at the Republican convention and decide that doing the right thing is the right thing and blow that convention up (metaphorically speaking of course) sheesh got to be careful in today’s environment, but I do want to say how strong of an action I would like to see. And it gets crazy, lots of floor votes, lots of political infighting and the Democrats produce a detestable, but salvageable lesser of two evils choice.

And as you know I hate the lesser of two evil choices, I feel us choosing this route is one of the reasons we arrived at where we are today politically, but hopefully this time we can slow down the ship before it falls off the cliff to maybe buy us the time to actually learn something from this year and do something better in 2020.

By choosing Pence the hope of last minute rationality creeping into both conventions is now weakened and we are now stuck with horror being elected President of this country in November. I did see one article today that mentioned how it may be still possible, still far fetched, but possible that a third party candidate could get on the ballet. Two problems, still no one anyone wants to vote FOR has materialized and two there would have to be much court action to override some of the State deadlines for getting on the ballet. If only, if only, if only………….

Well enough said, it is late, this has gone long and I always want to be positive and nothing about these past 72 hours even portends to be positive. And I didn’t even talk about Nice in France. WOW.

Long live the Constitution, the Constitution is dying.   Please let this be a nightmare from which I can wake!